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Chapter 527 – Swindling People

Although the auction was going on, there wasnt any pandemonium like the previous day. The auction items werent cheap, but it wasnt chaotic or heated. They gave up instantly after learning that many were fighting for that item.

Because there was no point in making another enemy by fighting for the auction items.

These people are filthy rich! As Xiaoxiao listened to the exorbitant bids, she clicked her tongue. If they could spare me some money, I could buy a Ferrari!

Didnt you get enough from Chengtian yesterday? Lin Yi replied and smirked.

Hehe, he deserved it! Xiaoxiao said with a straight face. I haven’t gotten enough from him! Not beating him up was a mercy! Eh? Right, Lin Yi, why are you here? You and them

Xiaoxiao didn’t give it much thought earlier, but she just realized that Fatty Lai was calling Lin Yi boss. She raised her eyebrows and widened her eyes. Youre that fattys boss?

Lin Yi sweated a little as he went speechless. He forgot that Xiaoxiao was around and didn’t have Fatty Lai refrain from calling him boss in public.

This fatty is the CEO of a medicine company. He knows that I’m a good fighter, so he wants to be my lackey, Lin Yi said.

Oh, is that so? Is he rich? Xiaoxiao grinned at Fatty Lai like a Cheshire cat. Hey, fatty, I’m your bosss girlfriend, shouldn’t you be giving me some gifts?

Eh? Fatty Lais eyes went wide and he looked at Lin Yi in uncertainty.

Ignore her, she’s crazy. Lin Yi waved his hand to tell him to ignore Xiaoxiao.

Fatty Lai laughed dryly and turned back. Fatty Lai was wondering who this Xiaoxiao was and their relationship was.

Really? He seems to listen to your every word. Do you have shares in that medicine company? Xiaoxiao wasn’t stupid. She knew that Fatty Lai wouldn’t follow Lin Yi around just because he was a good fighter. That was impossible.

Lin Yi didn’t bother replying to her and turned his attention to the auction, because the next auction item was the millenium snow lotus. However, his focus wasn’t on the herb, it was on the box containing the herb.

Tsk! Fine! Xiaoxiao was resentful and wondered why Lin Yi was treating her so badly. She didn’t think that she was inferior to Tang Yin in the slightest.

The next item is the millenium snow lotus! The auctioneer brought out a delicate box and spoke, I believe that most of our friends here have a good idea on how to use the millenium snow lotus. Not much of an introduction is needed! This is an ultra rare herb; a century is already very rare, but this is a millenium snow lotus! It was found in a cavern with this box containing it. Experts have proved that this is the real deal, passed down for at least a thousand years.

The auctioneer was trying hard to sell the item. Although it was written in the description of the item, the auctioneer still had to introduce the item.

We shall start with 5 million! the auctioneer announced.

The auction hall went silent. No response was given, because most of them had heard of the herb but none of them would actually spend 5 million without knowing the actual use of the herb.

The crowd was just watching until someone made a bid.

6 million! Guifeng raised his paddle. The price wasn’t too high or low because he knew that no one would actually fight for it.

When Fatty Lai was about to raise his paddle, he saw Guifengs hand and froze. But he understood that House Kang was also operating a medicine company. It was completely normal for them to buy that herb. It was just that he wasn’t sure if House Kang was out to win at all costs.

8 million. Fatty Lai raised his paddle.

The crowd focused on Fatty Lai right after he raised his paddle. They werent fascinated by the amount of money he was bidding but the fight between Guifeng and him.

They were fighting for the Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing yesterday, and today they battled again, this time for the millenium snow lotus. No one was interested in joining the fight!

The crowd knew they shouldn’t cross either of the houses, especially Fatty Lai. He was standing right in front of Xuemin, and who had the balls to cross Xuemin? Only an idiot would look for trouble.

In addition, they didn’t know how to use the millenium snow lotus properly, so there was no point in joining the fight.

10 million! Guifeng looked gloomy. He had thought that he could bid six million to purchase the herb, but Fatty Lai came and sabotaged his plan. He had no choice but to bid ten million!

15 million! Fatty Lai didn’t wait for Guifengs echo to render and started shouting a higher bid.

Fucker! Guifengs face went as red as a pigs liver and he cursed under his breath. Dad, Fatty Lai is obviously opposing us! They swindled us dry yesterday; it might be the same today!

For Guifeng to have that thought was inevitable. They were in the same business, after all. They were born to become enemies.

We must get this herb at all costs! I don’t care if he’s trolling us or not, we mustnt give up. Miracle Doctor Kang looked sullen too. They had to obtain the herb or else the upgrade would be fruitless.

20 million! Guifeng wanted to make Fatty Lai give up.

25 million! Fatty Lai didn’t seem to get any damage from the increase as he escalated to a higher bid.

30 million! Guifeng snapped.

50 million! Fatty Lai said nonchalantly.

Guifeng exploded. What was the deal with Fatty Lai? There’s only two of us fighting for it, and you suddenly increased your bid by 20 million. Are you too rich or are you trying to make me give up?

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55 million! Guifeng said after looking at his father, who gave him a nod.

80 million. Fatty Lai remembered that Lin Yi had given him a maximum price for this item, and he didn’t want to mess around with Guifeng any longer, so he offered the highest price for Guifeng to decide what he wanted to do.

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