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Chapter 523 – House Kang’s Last Resort

Zhaolongs scheme was undeniably good. House Yu didnt want to meet House Kang because they knew their motive for this meeting. It was impossible for House Yu to not notice.

House Kang had been growing larger and larger these years, and they even started networking with House Xiao. House Yu knew that House Kang couldnt wait for the upgrade any longer. When all was said and done, being a noble house really did bring a lot of benefits to the family, and not just reputation. More importantly, it brought connections with and resources from the other houses. The number of annual parties was uncountable as well!

According to House Kangs qualifications, they were fit to become the lowest tier of noble houses, but it wasnt easy to approve their upgrade. It involved the distribution and balance of various interests. The more noble houses there were, the more problems would surface!

House Yu were thinking of eliminating some of the no longer qualified noble houses. How could they allow House Kang to join? However, House Yu heard that House Kang was bringing the third generations heir with them. Things were getting complicated!

House Kang was coming for the upgrade and bringing an heir from House Kang with them. That was obvious. Could it be that House Wu was actually supporting House Kang in becoming a noble house?

Uncle, look there. Haitian was troubled. He couldnt make a decision, so he requested help from someone in House Yu who could make the decision.

Let them in, well hear them out. The middle-aged man went into deep thought and hesitated before nodding his head, agreeing to let them in. House Kang will do anything to get the title. Even if we stopped them, they would surely strive to achieve it. Since theyve gotten the support of House Wu, shall we allow them to present their last resort? If they really are capable and meet our minimum prerequisites, why not give House Kang and House Wu this favor? But if they cant present something worthy, the other noble houses might reject them. You must know that the agreement from five strongest nobles houses are needed. House Wu is just one of the five!

Do the four lower tier noble houses not have to care? Haitian asked in surprise. He was an minor character in House Yu, so he had no idea how things were operated.

Its not that they dont care, its that they wont oppose the decisions of House Yu, the middle-aged man said calmly, but his tone carried confidence.

Ok, Ill bring them in. How about you, Uncle? Haitian asked cautiously.

Ill remain here. Dont accept or reject them first. We shall decide after hearing their conditions, the middle-aged man ordered. If its a yes, Ill text you.

Understood, Uncle! Haitian nodded as he walked out of the room. Let them in! he ordered to the servant in the drawing room.

Not long after, three men entered the parlor where Haitian welcomed them enthusiastically. Miracle Doctor Kang, Mr. Wu, and Mr. Kang, welcome!

Mr. Yu, its an honor! Miracle Doctor Kang might have seniority here, but he had to be polite and show respect to people from House Yu. Although Haitian might be a minor contact in House Yu, he was pretty important in certain fields.

Miracle Doctor Kang, the auction starts at night. Is there anything that I can help you with at this hour? Or perhaps Miracle Doctor Kang has an item to add into the auction catalog? Haitian acted like he didnt have a clue about the upgrade.

Hehe, thats right! We came here to present an item! Miracle Doctor Kang pretended as well and nodded. However, this item is presale.

Presale? Haitian blinked. He was just asking and didnt expect them to have an item,much less a presale item. It was strange. Could it be that Miracle Doctor Kang wasnt actually coming for the upgrade?

Yes! After many failures and obstacles, my grandson and I managed to invent this new creation: Skin Beautifying Golden Creation! Miracle Doctor Kang boasted.

Skin Beautifying Golden Creation? Haitian repeated. The name was a little long and hard to pronounce, but that wasnt the point. The function mattered most!

Miracle Doctor gave a smile and explained it as he saw the confusion in Haitians eyes. The name of this medicine represents its effect! Skin Beautifying Golden Creation not only contains the effect of Golden Creation, but also beautifying effects! It heals old scars and replaces them with new tissue. The injuries recover without leaving scars, and even old scars can be removed completely! Needless to say, this is just one of the main effects. It also does skin whitening, dark spot removal, pore tightening, skin moisturizing, and more.

Yu Haitian, as the supervisor of the auction, had a sharp business sense. He knew that this medicine wasnt just normal medicine. He sensed that once the medicine was displayed, it would cause complete pandemonium during the auction!  

It was a killer for ladies who wanted to be pretty!

Miracle Doctor Kang, you really live up to your name. What a miraculous creation! Haitian complimented. Do you mean that this is the item you wish to add to the auction catalog?

Yes! But Ive just started developing it; its still in the processing stage, so the production and success rate is pretty low. I only have two for auction! Miracle Doctor Kang said as he nodded.

Two? That few? Haitian was startled. He thought this medicine could be produced in large batches and everyone would fight over it in the auction, but it seemed like it wasnt the case after all!

Yeah. Although we produced dozens of samples, but you know, we Kangs have a lot of friends, so most of the medicine was gifted out. Only two remained for auction! Miracle Doctor Kang exaggerated.

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Haitians expression shifted. He knew Miracle Doctor Kangs purpose right after those words. He wasnt stupid. He was the supervisor of the auction, after all. House Kang was presenting their last resort to House Yu. If they were accepted here and now, the medicine would be given to the other nobles houses for free.

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