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Chapter 522 – Upgrade to Noble House

Alright, Grandpa. Im going to bed then. Zhaolong knew that his message was successfully delivered.

In fact, he had been speaking from the heart on purpose. If House Kang became a noble house, Zhaoming would surely use all of his tricks to get to be head of the family, but since Zhaolong had confessed everything to Miracle Doctor Kang first and said that he would treat Zhaoming with care, Miracle Doctor Kang had no better choice but to pass the position to Zhaolong!

Since Zhaoming had been recognized as a womanizer by House Kang, he had no right to fight for the position as the head of House Kang! How was it possible for a womanizer to be the head of the family?

Zhaolong gave a cold smile the moment he left his grandpas room and headed back his own room.

A noble house was no longer what Zhaolong was aiming for. He was aiming for a higher purpose! Only a nobel house with a martial arts background could stand firm and wouldnt be eliminated from society.

The next morning, the enthusiastic Miracle Doctor Kang and Zhaolong rushed to the auction hall. It wasnt open yet in the morning, but they had a higher probability to contact the Yus there.

Chengtian panicked when he received a phone call from Zhaolong early in the morning. He thought that Zhaolong was harrying him to return the money, so he hesitated from answering the call.

His grandpa might be a mystic class master, but he had just woken up from his fainting. Although it wasnt a big deal, Chengtian didnt dare talk about that event. He didnt know if his grandpa would get angry and faint again, so he had decided to not mention it and put that event aside.

He really didnt want to answer Zhaolongs call! He wanted to save face from getting humiliated, but this was another rare occasion for him to train his bragging skills! How could he just let this slip away?

However, he still couldnt gather the courage to answer the call. What if Zhaolong was really asking for the money? What if he told him that he couldnt return it as of now? Wouldn’t that be a disgrace? He would be laughed for eternity!

But it was 15 million! This sum wasnt a small amount. Anyone would feel pain from spending it in one go. Especially as it was Zhaolong who lent him the money. Miracle Doctor Kang must have scolded him when he went home.

Chengtian grit his teeth and resolved to answer the call. He was a man with a sense of obligation and honor. He could not allow people to look down on him!

Hello? Bro Zhaolong? I was just about to give you a call! Chengtian was scared that Zhaolong would ask for the money, so he got straight to the subject. Im tell you, bro, I wanted to return the money to you yesterday, but I think I didnt bring my card here!

Oh, the money? Its fine, theres no rush! Zhaolong was startled. He knew that Chengtian was trying to bluff again! Zhaolong was a keen observer, although he only showed an unassuming face to make others think he was harmless. Were brothers! Would you try to swindle me of my money? I would never think of it! We can talk about that when you return!

Zhaolong was skilled at twisting his words. The way he put together words in a sentence made Chengtian feel good, making him even more grateful of him. The best part was he never said he didnt want the money back! You have to return the money; youre the boss, after all! Youre so powerful, you wouldnt think of not returning this small amount of money to your lackey, right? Zhaolong said respectfully.

Yeah! I knew that my bro Zhaolong would trust my character! So easy-going! Bro, youre a real friend! Chengtian was easily sucked into Zhaolongs flattery, very grateful to him. Chengtian felt that Zhaolong was a loyal friend, so he had decided to return the money even if it made him go broke. He couldnt disappoint this kind of brother!

Hehe, of course! Youre my boss, after all! Boss, you have to provide me support, OK? Zhaolong said.

Of course! It’s a must! Chengtian promised.

Oh yeah, Bro Chengtian, speaking of support, can you come and support us later? My grandfather and I are heading to the auction hall. Were going to discuss the upgrade of House Kang to a noble house. Although everything is almost finalized, wed like you to accompany us there so the Yus know that we have the support of the heir of House Wu! Zhaolong requested.

Not a problem! Chengtian instantly accepted. Chengtian didnt have to do anything but accompany and support them. Of course he was very pleased to join, and he got to display his power in front of his lackey. Why not?

OK, Boss Chengtian, well be waiting you in the auction hall then! That Zhaolong called him boss surprised and excited him.

Miracle Doctor Kang was standing next to Zhaolong the whole time, listening to Zhaolong and Chengtians conversation quitely, very impressed and pleased. His grandson was very talented and had top-notch communication skills. He made Chengtian very grateful of him and pointed out that the debt must be returned.

Miracle Doctor Kang sat up and took notice when Zhaolong said that the upgrade of House Kang was almost close to completion! He was just bragging!

They didnt even have a connection with House Yu yet. They were far from reaching the upgrade. Why was Zhaolong bragging? But Miracle Doctor Kang knew Zhaolongs objective. Chengtian would most likely chicken out if Zhaolong told him the truth, so instead, he asked Chengtian to accompany him. People would surely believe that House Wu was on their side!

In the eyes of the public, House Wu of the Iron Fist was in a special position. Gongao was a mystic class master. That title alone was enough for people to respect him! So if Chengtian was supporting House Kang, then it would most likely become a successful attempt for them to upgrade their house.

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Although House Yu was very overpowered, there was no need for them to go against House Wu. If House Kang was really a potential candidate, House Yu might as well go along with it and make them a noble house, and House Wu would owe the Yus a favor!

This plan was ambitious. In reality, Zhaolong wanted to put Miracle Doctor Kang at ease, which was why he put on a show. Now that hed achieved his goal, Miracle Doctor Kang looked at his grandson with eyes of pride and joy. He nodded and said, Zhaolong, at first, I wondered that because you studied medicine instead of administration who would inherit our House Kangs family business? But now Im relieved!

Hehe, Grandpa, dont worry. Ill bring glory to House Kang and make House Kang into not just a noble house, but a noble house with a martial arts background so that we wont fall so easily! Staying strong and proud from generation to generation! Zhaolong clenched his fists. Those who wish to block my path and hinder me will be trampled underfoot! I dont care if its Xuemin, Changyi, or that buffoon Lin Yi! Ill make them pay and show them that I, Kang Zhaolong, am the real victor!

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