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Chapter 517 – Xiaoxiao’s Silly Idea


Lin Yi was pulled back to reality by Xiaoxiaos scream. Xiaoxiao had finally woke up, and Lin Yis hands were still holding onto hers.

Youre awake. Lin Yi let out a sigh of relief after seeing Xiaoxiao safe and sound.

You What have you done to me? Xiaoxiao was terrified to find out that she was lying on the bed naked with Lin Yi sleeping next to her. The most horrific thing was that the bed sheets and the space between her thighs were tainted with blood!

She thought that she wasnt clean and pure anymore as she screamed.

Me? What have I done? Lin Yi was confused, staring at Xiaoxiao in bewilderment.

Me you Xiaoxiao was enraged. Lin Yi was trying to deny it? She was lying on the bed naked with him. He even asked her what had happened? Wasn’t that frustrating?

Although Xiaoxiao didnt have much time left in this world, she was never an easy girl whod sleep with strangers so she couldnt just let this go!

What are you talking about! Lin Yi got a little worked up. This girl was thinking of the wrong thing even though hed lost his golden class to save her! If it wasnt me, youd have been a goner!

Ahh! Xiaoxiao was taken aback. She remembered what had happened! Xiaoxiaos eyes went wide after realizing she wasnt thinking things through. She was lying on the bed naked and there was blood between her thighs, so she assumed that they had done that! She remembered she was in the bathroom and didnt feel so good and fainted.

By this logic, Lin Yi entered the bathroom and saved her? But how did he do that? Xiaoxiao might not have experienced it before, but she had read her mothers diary. She knew that when the symptoms of her disease came up, it was when she had to say goodbye to the world. Even the mightiest miracle doctors couldnt stop her from dying!

Xiaoxiao asking for help was out of pure instinct. Whod want to die? But right now, Xiaoxiao felt her condition was stable, no side effects or any symptoms. Could it be that Lin Yi really did save her life?

You saved me? Xiaoxiao asked hesitantly.

Can you not ask stupid questions? Lin Yi smiled wryly.

You how did you do that? Xiaoxiao was curious. Her disease was incurable. Even though she was feeling healthy, she still didnt believe Lin Yi.

No comment, Lin Yi said calmly.

Oh Xiaoxiao didnt pursue an answer. Remembering the bloodstain, she asked, What about the blood on my body? You really didnt

When I was carrying you out of the bathroom, I accidentally cut myself. Lin Yi raised his arm to show her but saw that his wound was almost done healing. There was just a faint scar left.

Really? Xiaoxiao was suspicious when she saw the faint scar. It doesn’t seem like a new cut though?

Heh Lin Yi shrugged and stood up. He didn’t care if Xiaoxiao believed him. Get dressed, or else Ill be in big trouble when your dad returns.

Ah! Xiaoxiao returned to her senses and realized that she was still naked! Lin Yi must have seen everything! You turn around! Xiaoxiao said in embarrassment.

Ive seen everything. Nice body. Lin Yi didnt like or hate her, so he felt that there wasnt anything to hold back.

You! Xiaoxiao took offence at those words and glared daggers at Lin Yi. But she knew that she wasnt Lin Yis equal, and she was naked. She was on the losing side! Lin Yi turned away, which didnt even allow her glare to deter him as her eyes nearly popped out of their sockets.

Xiaoxiao got pissed off. But in the blink of an eye, she got a brave and silly idea! She grit her teeth, picked up her phone from off the bed, and opened the camera app. She jumped off the bed, ran at Lin Yi, hugged him from behind, and took a selfie.

Xiaoxiaos actions were unpredictable. Lin Yi didnt expect this, so he didnt try to defend against her. Besides, Lin Yi had lost his power. He hadnt realized what she was doing until she got close.

What are you doing? Lin Yi found Xiaoxiaos action to be absurd! But the softness of Xiaoxiaos body got Lin Yi a little worked up.

Nothing! Xiaoxiao jumped away from Lin Yi in panic and hid her phone.

Whyd you take a picture of me? Although Lin Yi didnt look back, he saw Xiaoxiaos hand, the one holding the phone.

Im telling my dad you had sex with me! Xiaoxiao said, smirking.

Lin Yi frowned, staying silent. Lin Yi had gotten used to the randomness of Xiaoxiao, so he didnt find this odd in the slightest.

Xiaoxiao found it boring because Lin Yi didnt seem to care at all. Hey, you really didnt do anything naughty, right?

Cant you feel it yourself? Lin Yi asked back.

How am I supposed feel it? I fainted, how do I know what you did? Xiaoxiao harrumphed.

Youre not a virgin? Lin Yi asked.

Youre not! Of course Im a virgin! Xiaoxiao was unhappy to hear that from Lin Yi. She might act like a gangster, but she was pure and never had a boyfriend before.

Im a virgin too. Lin Yi pursed his lips. If youre a virgin, wouldnt the first time be painful? Go to the hospital and check for yourself.

You! Xiaoxiao realized the truth. She really didnt feel anything odd or wrong with her. There was no pain, no suffering, all was good! Xiaoxiao felt sad. She didnt have any evidence to threaten Lin Yi with anymore!

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Going to the hospital and getting a doctor to check would be the best evidence to reveal the truth. In fact, Lin Yi really wanted to drag Xiaoxiao to the hospital to prove his innocence if Xiaoxiao used that to threaten him or if Tianlong came looking for him.

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