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Chapter 516 – Could Have Been Worse

Elder Jiao, I think Im degraded. Lin Yi forced a smile as he looked at Elder Jiao.

Lin Yi never thought that hed be this unlucky. He was just trying to do the right thing and save Xiaoxiao. He didnt know was successful, whereas hed lost his golden class.

It seems the energy in your body is as empty as Xiaoxiaos body was. Elder Jiao had already sensed that something was wrong with Lin Yi, so he had reminded Lin Yi to check his condition.

Then have I lost all my skill? Lin Yi was saddened, but he was able to look to the future. It was too late to care or cry over his degradation. It was more productive and important to find a solution to his problems as fast as possible.

Hehe, yes, of course, Elder Jiao laughed. Your energy was used up, so naturally youll be degraded. Itd be unnatural not to.

Ah? Lin Yi became annoyed when he realized Elder Jiao was laughing. Elder Jiao, why do I feel like youre gloating?

Oh, Im not! Its just late phase golden class; its nothing much, just let it go. Elder Jiao waved his hand as he spoke nonchalantly.

Elder Jiao, its easy for you to say. Ive got a lot of enemies waiting. Lin Yi was speechless. Wont I have to return to hiding in the mountains?

I say, Lil Lin Yi, arent you a loser? Losing the power of a golden class is making you hide back in your old home? How are you supposed to do anything great with this loser attitude? Elder Jiao said sarcastically.

Ugh late phase Golden class is nothing to you, but it can at least protect me. Huh? Lin Yis eyes sparkled as he asked Elder Jiao excitedly, Elder Jiao, do you have solution?

A solution? You dont know? Elder Jiao wanted to laugh but held it in.

If I knew, would I ask you? Lin Yi was a little annoyed. Elder Jiao was too mischievous, especially for his age.

I thought you knew. Elder Jiao said, Its very simple. When you lose all your levels, all you have to do is retrain, right? Havent you played MMOs?

Ugh retrain? Lin Yi got dejected. Thats indeed a solution, but isnt that a bit too slow? Ive trained ten years for that.

You still have the Art of Dragon Mastery with you, fret not, Elder Jiao said calmly and looked at Lin Yi.

The Art of Dragon Mastery aha! Lin Yi got very excited, realizing he still had it, and channeled the Art of Dragon Mastery subconsciously. The energy within the jade quickly found its way to Lin Yi. He observed that his Art of Dragon Mastery was still at level two!

You get it now? The golden class division was just set by certain people. The main factor affecting the class is the amount of pure energy you have. As for you, you practice the Art of Dragon Mastery. The Art of Dragon Mastery at level one is only equivalent to a late phase golden class.

If I were to retrain, is it going to take me a good long time? Lin Yi asked curiously.

Have you played MMOs? Elder Jiao was pretty up to date to know about MMORPGs.

A little. Lin Yi noded but he didnt know MMOs and his training had to do with each other.

At this point, although you have no energy, your level is still the same! Elder Jiao explained. This is the same as playing an MMO: you have levels but not experience. Which do you think is faster: using a level thirty character to train a level one newbie, or using a level one character and grinding until level thirty?

Ah! Lin Yi understood. Although the example used was very common, it was very appropriate! Lin Yi had the Art of Dragon Mastery at level two. Obviously itd be a lot faster than last time! He had this jade with him to train. The time needed to get back to his full glory wouldnt take long!

Got it? Elder Jiao looked at Lin Yi, laughing, It was never a big deal. You were just overreacting!

Hehe, I didnt know that. Lin Yi was embarrassed. He had been overthinking things. Now that he took a good look at things, it made sense.

Lin Yi activated the Art of Dragon Mastery once again. The energy within the space was absorbed into his body. He felt the energy flow in ten times faster! In addition, the quality of the energy was incomparably pure.

Lin Yi felt safe in the knowledge that his problem was solved and turned his attention back to Xiaoxiao. He didnt know if she was alive or not. Lin Yi wanted to return to reality but discovered that he was blocked!

Normally, he could go in and out the space as he liked, but he felt that his connection with the outside world was completely cut off. Lin Yi was concerned about his own power and didnt notice the lost connection!

Elder Jiao, why cant I return? Lin Yi asked worriedly, but he remembered that Elder Jiao was very calm when he lost his power! So this probably was not a big deal.

Youre exhausted and passed out from fatigue! Its just like sleeping, Elder Jiao said evenly. Just absorb more energy in this space and you can go back.

Lin Yi started his training after getting the approval of Elder Jiao.

Time was slipping by, tick by tick. Slowly and gradually, Lin Yi regained his connection with the outside world. He felt the steady breathing of Xiaoxiao with energy flowing inside her. Lin Yi let out a sigh of relief as he learned that Xiaoxiao survived.

Knowing Xiaoxiao was safe made him calm down, and he stayed in the space longer, training quitely.

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The energy in the space was rushing into Lin Yis body with unimaginable speed and his recovery was rapid! Lin Yi knew that he could reach his full glory in no time, which put him at ease.

It seemed like Elder Jiao didnt lie to him. As long as he had his Art of Dragon Mastery, burning up all his energy at once wouldnt be a big problem.

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