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Chapter 510 – Fainted

After they boxed up, Chengtian went to pay for the bill but he was stunned when he looked at it.

This how much is this? Chengtians eyes went wide, not believing the price.

Sir, its 15,037,000 in total. We will remove the 37,000 as a discount, so itll be 15 million, the waiter said as he smiled politely.

15 million? Chengtian couldn’t believe he had spent more than 5 million on this treat but looking through the list, the dishes were all at least 100,000. The expensive ones were 3-400,000 and the seafood wasnt cheap either, but he found out that the 1982 Lafite he ordered was the cheapest among all!

After calculating one by one, he found it odd and asked, Did you guys calculated it wrong? The total should be only around 5 million, wheres the 10 million coming from?

Sir, the vase you crushed, its worth 10 million, the waiter explained evenly.

Eh? One vase is 10 million? Chengtian was scandalized.

Yes, sir, the vase had six four-carat diamonds inlaid, and the vase was made of pure gold. 10 million was just the original price. The waiter smiled. Weve got the authoritative certificate, do you wish to take a look at it?

Chengtian felt like crying. Isnt this a little too much? But he understood quite well. Top-tier hotels wouldnt do things like cheating or blackmailing him. The price written there was really the original price.

Besides, each four-carat diamond was worth over 1 million, so for a pure gold vase inlaid with six four-carat diamonds, 10 million wasnt that expensive!

He did crush the vase and gifted it to Xiaoxiao! He was about to go insane! The cost was too much for him to handle. Looked like he could not act rich and brag anymore!

His face returned to normal when he spotted the Xiao brothers, Lin Yi, and the rest walking over. It seems like we didnt eat a lot actually. Weve only spent 15 million, thats all! This restaurant is so cheap, indeed cheap! Chengtian said loudly.

The Xiao brothers were amazed by Chengtian. The difference between their family and House Wu was huge. 15 million was nothing to them! Impressive!

Ah, Bro Chengtian, youre so rich! Xiaoxiao praised. A lot of people cant even earn 15 million in their whole life and youre saying that 15 million for a meal is too cheap. Youre so cool!!

Of course! This money is nothing to House Wu! Chengtian had gotten used to bragging, so he naturally blurted this out without even thinking.

Can I get braised shark fin in brown sauce then? I wanted to order it just now but was afraid that Id spent too much so I didnt Xiaoxiao looked at Chengtian with pitiful eyes. I really want to try shark fin!

Uh OK, no problem! Chengtian sweated. House Wu wasnt a business family. They only earned tens of millions annually, sometimes over 100 million in good years. The income was needed to support the whole of House Wus spending, so the youngest generation like Chengtian only had hundreds of thousands to spare each year. If his grandpa were to find out that hed spent 15 million for a dinner, hed definitely be furious!

However, if he didnt ask for the money from his grandpa, he wouldnt able to pull off a kings ransom. First and foremost, he had to order the braised shark fin for Xiaoxiao and get them to leave so he could settle this himself without losing face.

After the Xiao brothers and the rest went downstairs, Chengtian asked for help from his grandpa.

Hello? Grandpa, its Chengtian! Chengtian spoke carefully.

Whats wrong? Im busy, make it quick! Gonggao was still a little pissed at losing face in front of Tianlong. He went to find his son-in-law, Tianyi, hoping that he would offer him the Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing but was rejected instantly. Tianyi said that the pill was meant for Liu Zhenhus illness. He got even more pissed at that and had no place to vent his frustration and anger.   

So even his favorite grandson was calling, he couldnt be in the right mood when answering the call.

Grandpa, we were having dinner at a hotel, and I didnt have enough money with me, Chengtian said softly, his voice as quiet as possible.

What were you thinking before going in the hotel without bringing enough money? Gonggao snorted. Didnt you bring your card with you? Why doesnt that place accept cards?

Thats not the case. The card has limits and its insufficient. Chengtian said guiltily.

Insufficient? How much did you spent? The credit card has a 200,000 yuan limit. Gonggao raised his voice.

Fif-Fifteen Chengtian was afraid. This was the first time his grandpa had raised his voice when talking to him.

15,000? Your credit card doesnt have enough credit for that?!  Do you even use your money wisely? Gonggao was infuriated. He thought that Chengtian overcharged his card so it wasnt functioning.

Not 15,000. Chengtian lost his composure and was very frightened. His grandpa was already this exasperated with him spending more than 200,000. What would happen if he tells him that he had spent 15 million?!

How much is it then? Gonggao hmphed. Youre such a disgrace to the family! You cant even pay for the 15,000 you spent!

Its actually 15 million, Grandpa. Ive spent 15 million. Chengtian gritted his teeth and confessed. There was no point in dragging it out.

What? What did you say? Gonggao was surprised. How much did you spend again?

15 million. Chengtian repeated.

The other end of the line went silent.

Grandpa? Are you there? Chengtian asked but there wasnt any response coming from the other end.

After a while, some noise came from the other end of the line and Tianyi said, Dad, What happened to you? Why did you faint?

Chengtian was surprised. Grandpa had fainted? He shouted into the phone, Grandpa? Grandpa!

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There was no sound but static.

Chengtian helplessly hung up. He anxiously asked the cashier, Can you put it on my tab? I dont have enough cash on me, and my grandpa has fainted. I have to go back right now.

My apologies, sir, but we dont provide such service here, the cashier replied respectfully.

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