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Chapter 509 – I Want a Box

After some hesitation, Lin Yi texted Xinyan, Dont get too close with House Kang, theyre doomed.

Xinyans jaw dropped into an o shape, so big that even an egg could fit inside. She didn’t think that Lin Yi would warn her all of a sudden!

House Kang was doomed? Despite the fact that Xinyan didn’t like them, House Kang was growing stronger day by day. How could House Kang be doomed suddenly. Was Lin Yi involved?

Xinyans heart tightened, pounding like the hooves of a deer. Why would Lin Yi tell her this? Was it because of trust? Wasn’t he afraid that she would confess to Zhaolong about this? Or was it because of himself? He didn’t want this marriage to happen? Or he

Xinyan blushed at the thought and inhaled sharply, looking around cautiously. Much to her surprise, Zhaolong didn’t notice anything at all. He was trying to please Chengtian by helping him take a photo of Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao.

At the dining table, everyone was holding their cell phones so even if Lin Yi and Xinyan were holding one it wouldnt seem off.

I don’t like him, don’t be reckless! Xinyan texted back after hesitating.

Xinyan instantly regretted her decision. Did she just admit that Lin Yi and her had an intimate relationship? She didn’t want Lin Yi to start a war but why was she suddenly explaining herself.

Heh Lin Yi smiled after reading the text. Don’t worry, I won’t touch them if they don’t mess with me.

Xinyan gave a sigh of relief after reading the message, but she found herself to be surprisingly pleased at how arrogant Lin Yi sounded. Xinyans curiosity went wild. Who exactly is Lin Yi?


From the first day they met on the train, then on the business street, on the airplane, and now at the same dining table, Lin Yis role had been changing in every different encounter.   

Bro Chengtian, they were calling you the Iron Fist of House Wu. Whats that about?  Xiaoxiao asked curiously as she recalled the earlier greeting.

Chengtian was very delighted to hear this from Xiaoxiao. It seemed this treat was really worth every penny. Xiaoxiao was indeed understanding and caring! Chengtian was a bit sad though. He couldnt find a way to practice his bullshitting, and Xiaoxiao here was giving him the opportunity!

But Chengtian was bored with the normal method of bullshitting. He wanted to seek a higher level of challenge!

So he made eye contact with Wangba to ask for cooperation. A successor couldnt go far without the cooperation of others. Only with the help from others could he achieve an unreachable feat!

Wangba understood Chengtians intention and asked Xiaoxiao, Did you know? Bro Chengtian is from a house of traditional martial arts. The martial arts they practice is called the Iron Fist. They can crush metal with one hand! Its super impressive!

Wow! Thats insane! Xiaoxiaos eyes went wide. Superman?!

Superman is nothing compared to our Bro Chengtian! Wangba said.

Bro Chengtian, why dont you show us your strength? Let me see your manliness! Xiaoxiao said excitedly. Heres a vase, lemme see you crush it!

Xiaoxiao pointed at the golden vase with inlaid diamonds.

Eh? This? Chengtian flinched. This golden vase seemed pretty expensive. How much would he have to pay if the vase was crushed?

Ah is this too expensive? My bad, should we look for some cheaper things to crush? Xiaoxiao said, a little embarrassed.

Expensive? Not at all! Gold is just too soft. Im afraid that the gold will fail to show my true strength! Chengtian waved his hand.

Wah! Is that so! Lets get started then, I want to witness it! Xiaoxiao nodded. Bro Chengtian is truly a big shot; the price of the vase isnt something that concerns him in the slightest! Of course! Chengtian said as he held the vase and started crushing it. The vase instantly deformed and the inlaid diamonds fell out.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Thats so cool! Xiaoxiao clapped her hands in excitement. Bro Chengtian, youre so cool! Youre the top one manliest men I’ve ever seen!

Easy! Chengtian said proudly. He then realized that bullshitting could get him anything, not just joy and pleasure. It was also very effective against girls!

Bro Chengtian, can you give me the vase as souvenir? When I look at the vase, Ill remember your manliness! Xiaoxiao asked eagerly.


No problem! Chengtian handed the vase to Xiaoxiao.

Xiaoxiao took the vase excitedly and even collected the diamonds that had fallen on the table.

Wangba wanted to speak up, but seeing Chengtians overjoyed face, he chose to keep quiet instead. Thank you, Bro Chengtian! I think that you can get any girls you want with your Iron Fist! If I were single, Id sure follow you, Bro Chengtian! said Xiaoxiao as she flushed with happiness.    

Chengtian was very proud. He almost blurted, Even if you have a boyfriend already, you can sleep with me tonight! However, he quickly dismissed the thought after remembering that Xiaoxiao was Lin Yis girlfriend and Xiaoxiao had a complicated background. Feng Tianlong wouldnt let him go easily if that happened.

I don’t normally show this to girls so not many girls have fallen for me, Chengtian said shamelessly.

Bro Chengtian, youre so humble! Xiaoxiao praised and continued polishing off the food on the table.

After thirty minutes

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Phew, Im full! Xiaoxiao put her utensils on the table and let out a long breath, patting her food baby. Its so delicious, can I get a box?

Eh? Chengtian hesitated and thought to himself, We are not done eating yet, but you want to box up this soon? But after considering it, he had accomplished his goal. He got a photo of Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao together and even mastered the ability of hitting on girls. What a day!

He raised his hand and shouted for the waiter. Waiter, get some boxes!

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