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Chapter 505 – This Meal Was Worth Every Penny


The group went through the VIP-only hallway and came to the entrance of the top floor elevator. Every floor had its own private elevator to make customers feel valued and respected. The moment they stepped out of the elevator, one man and one woman, cutting a dashing couple, bowed to them, shocking Chengtian!

If the greeters were this impressive, then wouldnt the inside be even more upscale? Chengtian wasn’t sure if hed brought enough money, but it should probably be plenty? Chengtians credit card had a set limit of 100,000. He might be the leader of the youngest generation of House Wu, but House Wu wasn’t rich, so they had to limit his spending money.

Bro Chengtian, look at this gleaming and magnificent hallway, are you sure we should go in? Wangbas heart was pounding. What if Chengtian couldn’t pay the bill and ask to split it!

Can you shut up? We came all the way here! Chengtian frowned, disturbed, but he couldn’t go back his own words. I said Ill treat you guys, why are you worrying so much? Are you looking down on me, Chengtian?

Not at all. Wangba instantly felt embarrassed.

Bro Chengtian, Bro Wangba wasnt looking down on you, he was just being considerate. He was just afraid the you wouldnt have enough money! Xiaoxiao inserted herself into the argument. He’s being kind!

Chengtian was annoyed. What was Xiaoxiao talking? What did she mean not enough money? Chengtian turned to look, only to see the innocent face of Xiaoxiao, not a trace of disdain or ridicule showing. He became confused. Was Xiaoxiao really not mocking him and honestly explaining Wangbas meaning?

I know hes kind, but I’m Wu Chengtian from House Wu, the heir to the family! Why would I not have enough? That’s ridiculous! Chengtian explained gloomily, no hint of anger in his voice.

Lin Yi looked at Xiaoxiao curiously. It was a little funny, as he never expected Xiaoxiao would play the fool.

Yeah, it’s impossible for Bro Chengtian to have too little money! Its me whos never seen the world and projected onto Bro Chengtian! Wangba knew that his kindness had just caused trouble and quickly exclaimed, Im the frog in the well!

Thats not true. Wangbas words comforted Chengtian, so he waved his hand and said generously, Youve never been to the top floor before so its quite normal! Honestly, Ive only been to the top floor once, with my grandpa. Although its expensive, its for good reason! It was worth it!

Bro Chengtian, you sure know a lot! Haiz, Ive got a boyfriend already, or else I wouldve fallen for you! Xiaoxiao adored.

Pfffft. Lin Yi almost burst into laughter, but his willpower was strong so he only made a weird face and returned to normal.

Chengtian, however, was overjoyed to hear that from Xiaoxiao. Though Xiaoxiao was untouchable, getting a compliment from a pretty lady felt wonderful.

Your boyfriend isnt half bad! Chengtian laughed a bit. But gentlemen always fool around with other girls. You must be careful and stay on watch!

Chengtian was joking but at the same time warning Xiaoxiao. He felt that he was a born genius, shifting the flow of the conversation in his favor. With Xiaoxiao watching Lin Yi closely, see if he can get in contact with Jingyi!

Noted, Ill definitely be more careful! Xiaoxiao nodded seriously.

Chengtian was excited to see Xiaoxiao being so obedient. He would procure evidence to prove to Jingyi that Lin Yi was with another girl, and he had warned Xiaoxiao to watch over Lin Yi. Todays meal being on him was worth every penny!

Chengtian knew that Xiaoxiaos father wasnt the average person. He just needed to spread the news and wait for Tianlong to deal with Lin Yi. Even if he didnt want Xiaoxiao anymore, he wouldnt be able to do anything about it or have time to meet Jingyi!

Led by a woman far more beautiful than a movie star, the group arrived at a fancy suite. Chengtian seated himself at the head of the table, as was natural. Lin Yi sat next to Xiaoxiao, who sat next to Xinyan.

Just like Wangba said, the tableware on the dining table was made of pure gold, and in the middle of the table was a decorative vase with diamonds inlaid! If those diamonds were the real deal, then the vase would cost millions!

As a man of the world, Chengtians face shifted ever so slightly before returning to normal. These were just for decoration and dining with. They were costly, but they werent usable.

Excuse me, are you ready to order? asked the waitress of Chengtian, after coming in and seeing he was at the head of the table.

Yes, were ready. Go on and order, guys! Chengtian waved his hand. He said hed treat them, so he acted the part.

Ladies first. Wangba actually wanted to order, but he hesitated for a while and decided to pass the menu to Xiaoxiao and Xinyan. The price of the food on this floor was sure to be frightfully expensive, and if Chengtian couldnt pay the bill and forced him to pay for his own share, he would be done for! Something like this to happen is not rare anyway.

Let me, let me! Xiaoxiao took the menu and flipped through a few pages. She grimaced. Im good, I guess. The food here is way too expensive. A normal dish costs hundreds.

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Chengtians heart dropped when he heard Xiaoxiao say the food was expensive, but when she said it cost hundreds, he found it funny. Its just several hundred and youre calling it expensive? One dish costing hundreds was not at all pricey; ten dishes cost anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 for his people. It was nothing! So he waved his hand generously. Go on, order what you like! The food here might be a little more costly than other places, but its still fair! The last time I came here with my grandpa, even he said that their service was high-end. Such cheap food was a steal!

Hey! Bro Chengtian thinks food this expensive is cheap? You have super deep wallets! Her eyes twinkling, Xiaoxiao looked into Chengtians eyes and again made things difficult. Youre not my boyfriend, and itd be rude of me to make you treat me. Why dont we go Dutch?

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