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Chapter 502 – My Dad Wants to Meet You!

Lin Yi stuffed all the remaining injury medicine into Fatty Lais arms, only to see that Fatty Lai was about to cry again. Frightened, he pushed the meatball out of his room and slammed the door shut.

Lin Yi stretched his back and called Tang Yin, but her phone was still off. He helplessly shook his head and wondered if Tang Yin read his text.

After splashing his face with water, his phone rang from on the bed. Lin Yi thought that it was Tang Yins reply only to find out it was Xiaoxiao.

LinYi frowned and ignored her calls but Xiaoxiao never knew when to give up, calling time and again. Lin Yi couldnt take it anymore and answered the phone annoyed, What do you want?

Why are you so irritated! Xiaoxiao heard the annoyance in his voice and felt wronged. Why was he so polite to others and so rude to her!

What do you want? Lin Yi ignored her question. If theres nothing, Ill be hanging up!

Dont! Im looking for you, really! Xiaoxiao was afraid that Lin Yi would hang up and hurriedly stopped him, trying to squeeze out any reason for her to call him.

What is it? Lin Yi resisted his urge to hang up.

Where are you? Xiaoxiao asked.

At a hotel. Anything else? Lin Yi replied.

Yes, and. Xiaoxiao started sweating from the anxiety. Which hotel are you staying at?

Its none of your business. Is there anything else? Lin Yi questioned.

Yes! Erm my dad wants to meet you! The man you met during the auction, you guys have met before. Xiaoxiao couldnt think of any reasons but was able to blurt something out.

Your dad? Meet me? Lin Yi was startled. However, he didnt suspect Xiaoxiao because they knew, and even carried out a mission together, so it made complete sense. Tianlong wanted to meet him, but why have Xiaoxiao call? Why wasnt Tianlong himself calling?

Besides, he made eye contact with Tianlong and signaled to him. As an expert agent, couldnt he see Lin Yi didnt want his identity to be exposed? Why was he still looking for him?

Calling him privately was fine, but Tianlong wasnt so careless as to have Xiaoxiao look for him, right?

Yeah Xiaoxiao couldnt go back on her own words after blurting out this reason! Why would her dad wanted to meet Lin Yi? Xiaoxiao began brainstorming. Finally, she thought of something!

I said youre my boyfriend, so he wants to meet you now, Xiaoxiao replied shyly.

Eh? LinYi almost threw his phone. Food can be eaten without thinking, but words cant be spoken so lightly, right? Lin Yi finally understood why Tianlong wanted to meet him. Any father would want to meet the boyfriend of his daughter. Particularly in his case, as they knew each other. Tianlong was probably wondering how Xiaoxiao and he had gotten together!

Lin Yi, which hotel are you staying at? Xiaoxiao asked softly. Should I come over?

Ugh Never mind, where are you? Should I come over? LinYi was a little speechless. This had to be settled and explained right in front of Tianlong or else it would be game over!

Heehee, Im at Songjiang International Hotel; Im standing right at the entrance! Xiaoxiao hadnt expected Lin Yi to buy it. She thought that it was indeed a great idea to use her dad as the reason! Little did she know that Lin Yi would be coming for a different reason.

OK. Lin Yi smiled wryly and hung up. He had to explain this to Tianlong face to face.

After telling Xuemin and Fatty Lai he was going out, he left the hotel. The trio had planned to eat a midnight meal together, but Lin Yi couldnt join them anymore.

Lin Yi hailed a taxi near the entrance of his hotel and told the driver the location. Songjiang International Hotel wasnt far from Lin Yis hotel, but it was on the other side of the auction hall.

Lin Yi paid the fare after the car stopped at the entrance of the hotel. Xiaoxiao was standing there and waving at him spiritedly, which made Lin Yi frown. Why was Xiaoxiao acting so warmly? Was she trying to make Tianlong misunderstand?

Lin Yi, over here! Xiaoxiao called to Lin Yi excitedly, waving her small hand.

Wheres your dad? Lin Yi walked to Xiaoxiao while ignoring her enthusiasm.

Erm my dad Xiaoxiao sorted everything out while waiting for Lin Yis arrival. My dad just got a phone call: he has to attend a meeting, but will be back soon, so he asked me to entertain you in the meantime!

If this wasnt Xiaoxiao, Lin Yi wouldnt believe her one bit. Calling him to come over just a minute ago and saying that her dad left for work? How could there be such a coincidence?

But Lin Yi took the bait anyway! Lin Yi knew that Tianlong had more freedom than him, but not much. When Tianlong got a call for a mission, no matter midnight or early morning, he had to go. Lin Yi did not suspect Xiaoxiao and nodded. Where should we wait?

I havent eaten yet. My dad asked me to treat you to dinner! Xiaoxiao was surprised. She never expected Lin Yi to be this easy! Logically, Lin Yi shouldnt be this easy to trick. At school, he never believed anything she said. What was different today? She was suspicious, but she wasnt so stupid to ask him directly, so she kept her questions to herself and waited.

Oh, then lets eat. Lin Yi had eaten dinner early and planned to eat a midnight meal with Fatty Lai and Xuemin, but Xiaoxiaos call forced him away.

Ah? Sure, let’s find some good food nearby! XIaoxiao didnt expect Lin Yi to agree so willingly, getting more and more suspicious.

Cant we eat in there? Lin Yi pointed at Songjiang International Hotel, behind Xiaoxiao. Its an international hotel. How cant they have something eat?

Um Xiaoxiao hesitated, then said, This place is super expensive I dont have enough money.

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The food here wasnt cheap, and Xiaoxiao was staying in an economy room paid for by her dad. Xiaoxiao had brought only a few thousand RMB to Yanjing and didnt want to spend it all at once.

Geez, Ill treat then. Lin Yi blinked and smiled. He never knew Xiaoxiao had such a cute side.

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