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Chapter 50 – Basketball Murder Case

G-GAH-!!! Zuo Ruoming yelled- his wrists dislocated themselves from the impact, and the basketball shot off from his destroyed wrists and into his face.

Ruoming couldnt even call out in shock as blood gushed out his nostrils, forming an arch of rainbow red as he was blasted off his feet.

He lost consciousness instantly, and Ruomings lackeys stared in utter shock- basketball? It was a fucking cannonball!

They then lifted their gazes to Lin Yi, who had just finished patting the dust off his hands, making his way to class as if nothing happened.

Lin Yi didnt so much as glance back at the casualty. Asshole. Ill let you go with a light warning this time- Ill put you in a coma if you pull something like this again.

That kid hit Ming Bro- we cant let him get away! One of the lackeys spoke up after the silence, waking the others from their shock. They were just about to start walking at Lin Yi when he turned around impatiently.

Lin Yi looked at the group in its entirety, his eyes dead cold. He smiled before continuing on into the school building.

The gaze froze them in their tracks- it was a glorious dream to avenge Ming Bro, but Lin Yi had just demonstrated the monstrosity of his strength Ming Bros hands were deformed at this point, his face smeared with blood.

Everyone was still trying to comprehend how a basketball could cause damage to this degree- no one was stupid enough to take on someone who put out their boss in one move; they were nowhere as strong as Ruoming in the first place!

The group lowered their heads, and the lackey who called Lin Yi out kept his mouth shut. Defeated, they picked Ruoming up and headed for the school hospital.

Zhong Pinliang was absent during study hall that morning- hed been busy calling a Heibao Bro, who worked for his father. The guy was quite a big shot in Songshans streets, managing his boss Glory Years nightclub.

Heibao Bro was not very interested in fucking Lin Yi up- the kid was a student, and there was no reason for a man like him to go after him. Itd be overkill. Sending his lackeys would be more than enough, after all.

Heibao also treated the whole incident with a bit of disdain- Zhong Pinliang and his group couldnt even deal with a student themselves. It was disgraceful, but Heibao kept silent about it.

There was no point in giving his boss son a reason to hate him- thatd just be plain idiocy. The kid would one day inherit the business, and he might very well be working for him in the future.

Yet Heibao wasnt pleased about having to handle a matter this trivial- it was a little humiliating.

Zhong Pinliangs nagging got to him, however, emphasizing how strong the transfer student was. Heibao could only sigh, agreeing to bring a couple of his men over for a look.

Pinliang was pleased- hed finally gotten Heibao Bro to help him. The guy was famous for how strong he was, and everyone knew about that time where he destroyed a boxing champion who decided to thrash the nightclub on a drunken impulse. Pinliang couldnt help but admire him.

As a result, Pinliang had the most absolute of confidence that there was nothing Lin Yi could in face of Heibao Bro. Hed sworn never to stop until he got Lin Yi to kneel down and address him as Liang Bro.

Yet Lin Yi was nowhere to be seen! Was the kid so scared that he decided not to come?

Then whatd he call Heibao Bro for? With a wave of his hand, Zhong Pinliang left the classroom with Zhang Naipao and Gao Xiaofu following behind him- there was no reason for him to stay with Lin Yi absent.

Liang Bro, you think Lin Yi got scared for fucking with us yesterday? Xiaofu analysed.

Theres that possibility. Zhong Pinliang said with a frown- this was what he had feared most!

Seriously? He cant run forever, unless hes planning on not attending this school anymore But hed just transferred in yesterday! Naipao was feeling pretty helpless himself- Was Lin Yi really going to quit school after just one day?

Fuck, this is bad. Heibao Bros pretty busy- he still needs to manage my dads businesses! Im fucked if my dad finds out about me pulling him out, for a school fight, no less!! Pinliang said, getting worried at the development.

Yeah though if your dads willing to let you take the gangster life, and assign Heibao Bro as your bodyguard, youll be even more of a big shot than Zou Ruoming- he just has like one gangster brother. Gao Xiaobo commented.

Yeah right. My dad wants me to get in a good college! Pinliang sighed. Its gonna be really annoying if Lin Yi decides to skip the whole day- this opportunity wont come so easily the second time around!

Kang Xiaobos here though, should we let Heibao Bro fuck him up? Naipao suggested, still salty about getting kicked by Xiaobo yesterday.

You fucking idiot, we dont need fucking Heibao Bro to deal with Kang Xiaobo! Just us three is more than enough to kick his ass open!! Xiaofu said as he rolled his eyes at Naipao. Cant you think of any better ideas?

Why dont you think of an idea then? Naipao replied, irritated.

Stop it you two, shut up! Pinliang snapped, very impatient. He searched for somewhere to sit, and pulled out a cigarette.

Naipao wasted no time in lighting Pinliangs cigarette up, smiling awkwardly as he did it.

Wasnt Zou Ruoming playing basketball with his friends? Liang Bro, maybe we can join them for a bit? Xiaofu suggested, pointing at the students playing basketball on the field.

Not interested. Pinliang said after one look at Zou Ruomings group. He shook his head. If Lin Yi still doesnt come, Ill have to ask Heibao Bro to come some other day, dammit.

Liang Bro! Liang Bro! Look!!! Naipao started screaming all of a sudden.

Fucking- what are you yelling for? Pinliang jumped in surprise, very pissed off as he glared at Naipao.

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No, Liang Bro, no, Lin Yi Naipao was stuttering at that point.

What the fuck are you on about, Liang Bro? Lin Yi? Fuck, Id rather fucking die than change my name to Lin Yi!! Pinliang cursed as he frowned at Naipao, very dissatisfied.

Liang Bro, Im telling you that Lin Yis here! Hes here! Naipao said with a burst, finally getting the words out.

A beautiful number- 50

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Chapter 50