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Chapter 498 – We Have Special Edition Too

Huh? Xiaoxiao stared wide-eyed at her father, utterly mesmerised. What did you say?

What I meant, Xiaoxiao, is that youre no longer a kid. Shouldnt you be finding yourself a boyfriend? Tianlong coughed a little. he felt that this topic wasnt too appropriate but he didnt have a choice now, did he?

Xiaoxiaos health wasn’t good in the first place. Tianlong couldnt stop himself from having a thought like this! Normally, other parents would hope that their children wouldnt involve themselves in a relationship this early, worse still getting pregnant before marriage, but things were different for Tianlong. He wished his daughter would give birth to a baby with haste!

In reality, Tianlong was well aware that his daughters condition was out of hand. He was running here and there for the sake of his daughter even though he knew that the chances were slim! Meeting a miracle doctor would only delay her death, not give her a full recovery. Looking for a full recovery was a far-fetched dream that had never crossed his mind in the slightest! This was the sole reason why Tianlong would hurry his daughter into a relationship as fast as possible. He didnt care about anything. He just wanted to see his daughter live as he started discussing this issue with his daughter.

Its not needed I guess? Xiaoxiao reddened. Why would I need a boyfriend?

Erm, I would leave this to you as long as you try your best! Tianlong smiled and drove away.

Xiaoxiao was left in the hotel after Tianlong bid farewell as he drove away. People were still waiting for him, so he had to leave.

Xiaoxiao stood still in front of the hotel while remembering what her dad said to her. What did he mean? Supporting me getting a boyfriend? Xiaoxiao felt weird. She wasnt the age to be someones wife, was she?

Xiaoxiao jolted as she remembered her health. Her mother gave birth to her when she was her age as well. Its so mysterious. Why is this hereditary disease only passing down to the girls, generation after generation. If i was a boy, I would be totally normal, thought Xiaoxiao to herself. It was her grandfather who arranged her father and mother together back then. They werent married, but her mother was already carrying her in the womb.

Her father was a loyal man. He was infatuated with his wife. Even after so many years, he still remained single. Daddys thought now wouldnt be the same as my grandfathers thought back then, right? Xiaoxiao shook her head. That time of the century had passed. She was a twelfth grader. Wouldnt it be strange if she found herself a boyfriend and started to make babies?

Xiaoxiao didnt want to have any relationships with anyone, not their sympathies, and of course, not with the sadness when death tore them apart! In her eighteen years, she didnt have any besties, just some lackeys following her around! Shed never once fallen for a guy because she ought not feel the indescribable suffering when they had to separate.

After Tianlong spoke up, it triggered Xiaoxiao to fall deep into thought. Finding myself a boyfriend? Can I? Even a person like me can fall for a guy? wondered Xiaoxiao.

Whod fall for me? Xiaoxiao shook her head with a bitter smile. Finding yourself a girlfriend on the verge of deaththat would be like getting rotten luck for eight full years.

Xiaoxiao suddenly thought of Lin Yi. It would be a great idea to have Lin Yi fall head over heels for her. Even though she might not be able to ditch him, he would still suffer significantly. Xiaoxiao made an even more firm decision deep down.


Uncle, Lai Changyi and the others have left, the young guy who bidded for the tattered goatskin scroll against Fatty Lai said softly into the earpiece he was wearing.

Kun, tail them and check which hotel theyre staying at as well as checking the young mans identity! said the middle-aged man seated next to Haitian.

Yes! Kun said as he nodded, leaving the auction and blending in with the crowd.

Fatty Lai didnt have a car in Yanjing. The three lived not far away from the auction, roughly one kilometer away so they decided to just walk back. Fatty Lai might have been fat but his stamina wasnt that bad. Meanwhile, Xuemin exercised regularly, so he had a healthy and strong body. As for Lin Yi, it wasnt even an issue for him from the beginning.

The trio started walking back to the hotel as exercise without stopping a taxi so they could eat supper in the caf after working out a little.

Boss, have you made up your mind on what to bid for during the auction? Fatty Lai reminded Lin Yi again just in case he had forgotten it just after witnessing the stunt.

Not at all. Lin Yi frowned as he fell deep into thought. Miracle Doctor Kang was putting out the limited edition Golden Creation medicine for the auction, if he were to bring out a similar special edition of the Golden Creation medicine, this would surely raise suspicions of it as a copycat.

Boss, as far as I can see, you dont have to stress over it! Just making a similar special edition of the Golden Creation is more than enoughas long as both parties have cards to play!  Fatty Lai suggested when he saw Lin Yi was having trouble deciding.

Isnt that the act of a copycat? Wouldnt we be disadvantaged at this stage? LinYi questioned back.

Argh, Boss! I didnt want that to happen either, but since were in the early stage of starting a company, I dont think we should announce too many products too suddenly. A Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing as the signature product is more than enough already. If we show a wide assortment of products, it will greatly diminish the good our painkiller and injury medicine can do. Besides, we should play our cards slowly, bit by bit. This is a rule in business, Fatty Lai said.

Special edition injury medicine it is then! Lin Yi nodded in agreement. Our special edition injury medicine would be different from Miracle Doctor Kangs one, since Ill be adding a few more herbs in it that will be effective even for old scars by increasing the regeneration and rejuvenation of skin cells!

Huh? Boss, is that for real?! That medicine would have such an overpowering effect? Fatty Lais eyes went wide in excitement. He stared at Lin Yi, disbelieving.

Thats not something overpowered, its just adding a few more herbs in it. Naturally, the cost of the medicine will be raised as well, Lin Yi said calmly.

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Then increasing the cost shouldnt be a problem since these are gonna be sold for auction and Miracle Doctor Kang always sells the limited edition Golden Creation for 500 thousand per box! said Fatty Lai.

Oh, thats pretty expensive for a medicine! The profit is more than enough to cover the cost! Lin Yi was shocked and taken aback a little. One box of Golden Creation for 500 thousand?

Thats nothing. 500 thousand is just a small figure to rich people. They earn tens of thousand every second. Having the papercut recover the next day would be much better for them to earn back more money! Fatty Lai chuckled, To be honest, I myself bought a box last year!

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