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Chapter 497 – He’s Your Boyfriend?

His focus on a phone call could very well have cost Tianlong his daughter. That short moment was enough for Xiaoxiao to cause trouble.

Okay. Xiaoxiao wasnt so stupid as to not understand the situation. The old man wouldve attacked her if it werent for her father!

But the old man was evidently wary of her father. Not aware of the details, she simply assumed that he was afraid of Tianlong. It made her a little happy.

Professor Guan, its been a while. Ive been thinking of paying you a visit these past few days! Tianlong said happily when he saw Xuemin standing there. Hed been planning to visit him and ask about the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing too.

Tianlong and Xuemin knew each other, but even Xuemin had nothing to offer after going through Xiaoxaios medical history. He felt especially helpless when hed heard that the legendary Lin Dongfang couldnt do anything for the girl.

But that didnt mean that things would be the same as a couple of years ago. As long as a sliver of hope existed, Tianlong would latch on to it.

Lil Feng! Its been so long! Xuemin smiled. Im always free, just give me a call!

Xuemin was clearly quite friendly with Tianlong, which displeased Gonggao quite a bit. He gave a harrumph before leaving, pulling Chentian with him.

Alright, you must be busy, Professor. Ill take my leave! Tianlong had just received a phone call. Something had come up, and he had to go back to deal with it. Hed have to pay Xuemin that visit some other day.

Alright. Xuemin nodded.

Tianlong was about to leave with Xiaoxiao when he saw Lin Yi out of the corner of his eye, his face instantly changing.

Ah. Lin Yi smiled wryly. So Tianlong saw him after all. He was pretty stunned himself when he saw Tianlong, actually. He didnt expect him to be Xiaoxiaos dad. He tried his best to hide at the back because of that, but to no avail. He made a slight gesture with his hand, telling Tianlong not to cause a commotion.

Tianlong was an understanding man. He pretended not to see anything when he saw that Lin Yi wanted his identity hidden.

With that, he left with Xiaoxiao.

After he calmed down, Tianlong realized how funny his earlier tension was. There was no need to panic. He didnt miss Lin Yis quick movement before he intervened, but he didnt think much of it, assuming that it was just an accident. The thought that Lin Yi was about to take a hit for Xiaoxiao didnt cross his mind at all.

Now that he knew who exactly that person was, however, he understood that his motive was to protect Xiaoxiao. With his protection, Xiaoxiao would be perfectly fine!

After all, he was aware of Lin Yis strength. He wasnt on Gonggaos level, but he was quite capable of fending him off for a while.

You know them, Xiaoxiao? Tianlong asked as he thought about it. He didnt understand why Xiaoxiao would know Lin Yi. They looked pretty close too.

Yeah, Lin Yi sits next to me in class. Xiaoxiao nodded, finding it a little odd. Why was her dad paying so much attention to her life all of a sudden?

What?! Tianlongs eyes shot wide open as he stared at Xiaoxiao. Youre saying hes one of your classmates? He even sits next to you?

Yeah, why? Xiaoxiao looked at her dad puzzled. What was he freaking out for?

I-Its nothing! Tianlong shook his head. Lin Yi might not be part of the mystery investigation department, but theyd been on a couple missions together. But what was Lin Yi doing in a place like school? Knowing his background, it was an extremely odd thing hed just learned.

Not only was he a twelfth grader now, he was even sitting next to his daughter in class. Wasnt that too much of a coincidence?

But he couldnt really let Xiaoxiao know too much about Lin Yi. He could only hide his suspicions. He didnt quite understand just who Lin Yi was in the first place either. Hed been assigned to those missions by his superiors.

Xiaoxiao, Dad has an emergency to take care of, so you get back to the hotel first. I might not be able to come back tonight, I have stuff to do tomorrow too, Tianlong said a little awkwardly. Hed promised to go out with his daughter for a couple of days.

Its alright, Ill be fine. Ill go to the auction with my friend tomorrow! Xiaoxiao said, not angry at all as she waved her hand softly.

Tianlong paused a little at his daughters attitude. Remembering how she spoke up for Lin Yi, a thought came to mind. Did his daughter have a crush on Lin Yi? Was she starting to like boys now, and was that boy Lin Yi?

The thought gave Tianlong a fright! He wasnt the type of parent to discourage his children from getting into early relationships, especially because of his daughters special circumstances. He actually wanted her to quickly get herself a boyfriend, maybe get him a grandson or granddaughter. He wouldnt have to be alone if something really did happen to his daughter then!

And if this boy was Lin Yi then Tianlong would only be even more supportive. After all, hed witnessed Lin Yis excellence firsthand! Tianlong wouldnt say no to a different person, but wouldnt it be better if her partner was someone he was satisfied with and approved of?

He didnt want his daughter to be running around on her own, but if she really was going to be with Lin Yi tomorrow, shed be more than safe. There was nothing to worry about.

Youre talking about Lin Yi, right? Tianlong said as they reached the parking lot. He asked the question as he opened the car door.

Yeah, Xiaoxiao said, suddenly embarrassed. There was something in her fathers  tone! But that little embarrassment was it. She wasnt afraid or anything. She wouldnt care even if she actually ended up with Lin Yi, let alone just messing around with him! Shed gotten used to causing trouble since she was a kid anyway, regardless of whether it made her father angry.

Xiaoxiao, is he your boyfriend? Tianlong said all of a sudden as he drove.

Ah?! Xiaoxiao didnt expect such a direct question. It made her pause a little before she stuttered. Th-Thats not it!

No? Tianlong asked again. You seemed rather protective back there.

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Ugh. Were classmates, okay? Of course I have to be protective! Xiaoxiao said weakly. She wasnt afraid of anything, but even she got shy at the topic of boys.

Hah. Xiaoxiao, Dads fine with you getting a boyfriend. If theres someone you like, just bring him home for me to see. Tianlong smiled, not asking any more questions and making his stance clear after seeing his daughter turn shy.

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