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Chapter 492 – Last Bid

Looks like this Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing is quite the popular item this auction! Well now start the bidding for the final pill! Now, fellow bidders, dont hold back this time around, its the final pill! The last pill! the auctioneer said passionately as he put the final pill on display, hoping that the winning bid would beat the previous two pills and create history.

The bidding began and Fatty Lai was the first to jump out, shaking his ass in the process as he raised his bid board. 200 million!!

The crowd erupted into an uproar, not expecting Fatty Lai to start the bidding war with 200  million right from the get-go!

But it made sense as they thought about it. Fatty Lai had lost two pills in a row, and this was his last chance. There would be no more opportunities after this one.

Yu Haitian, on the other hand, didnt quite understand Faty Lais bid. Haitian might have gotten a pill earlier, but his instincts told him that this pill had to be something good. Uncle, should we make another bid?

No. The middle-aged man shook his head. You bought the previous one at a low price. Fatty Lai didnt make another bid out of respect for House Yu, and the same goes for the other bidders. It isnt sightly for our family to fight for this final pill; its not our way.

Huh? Low price? Haitian blinked.

Youll see, the middle-aged man said evenly. This final pill would sell for more than 300 million, Im afraid.

Haitian felt regretful upon hearing the words. He was still young and didnt consider all the consequences. He assumed that buying the pill at the price of the last bid was high enough. He wasnt expecting that to be a low price!

After all, when the same items were auctioned off, the first ones would usually sell for a higher price, with the later items being sold for gradually lower prices, since the people interested in competing had participated already.

In other words, the bids would only get cheaper. But todays item was an exception.

Liu Tianyi had been planning on taking part in the fun for a bit, but hearing 200 million discouraged him from doing so. As rich as House Liu was, there were a lot of assets and investment securities he couldnt sell or move. Plus, even if he had plenty of usable resources he couldnt just blow it all on buying pills, could he?

210 million. A son of a house raised a bid board after receiving permission from his elders, much to everybody elses disdain as they shot him a look. People were adding tens of millions with each increasing bids. Wasnt 10 million too small a number?

250 million! Fatty Lai said grandly.

Miracle Doctor Kang frowned. Hed wanted to join in the bidding during the second round but didnt expect for the Yu Family to butt in. He didnt dare fight the Yus for the pill, so he had to resort to joining the third round. But Fatty Lai was making it pretty clear that he had no intention of holding back this time around. It was quite worrying for the doctor.

Lin Yi and Xuemin were sitting quietly, and the only one standing and raising his board was Fatty Lai. As a result, nobody could see Lin Yi and Xuemin. Miracle Doctor Kang wasnt thinking too much either.

280 million! Miracle Doctor Kang said after some consideration, offering the high price that the last pill had sold for. He thought that Fatty Lai would give up after that bid, but life was indeed full of surprises.

300 million! Fatty Lai raised his board without even hesitating.

After a brief pause, everyone in the crowd understood why Fatty Lai was going so far. Hed given up on the first pill because there were more chances to come, and hed backed out of the bidding the second time because of the Yu Familys involvement. He didnt want to fight House Yu and had to give up.

This third pill, however, was his final chance. He had no other choice.

With all that in mind, 300 million really wasnt that high a price.

Miracle Doctor Kang was quite pissed at Fatty Lai. This was bullying! He never made any higher bids when Tianyi was fighting him or when Haitian was making bids! He just had to bid 300 million when it came to him!

With the precedents from earlier, Miracle Doctor Kang had assumed that 280 million would probably guarantee him the pill, but things were much less simple than hed thought.

What should we do, Father? Guifeng frowned. This is the last Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing, and that damn fattys not holding back!

Xiao Ji and Xiao Ben, sitting beside them, found it odd. Elder Kang, is this Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing really that valuable?

Miracle Doctor Kang didnt answer them, turning to Guifeng instead. It doesnt matter if hes hellbent on getting the pill; we need to be the highest bidder! This pill is highly important to our family!

I understand! Guifeng evidently knew what his father was thinking. If they could analyze the constituents making up the pill, then the Kangs would be able to count the days until their greatest glory!

This might be a long-lost ancient medicine, Miracle Doctor Kang said to the Xiao brothers after speaking to Guifeng. Im planning on researching it after purchasing the pill.

Oh? I see! Its no surprise that the bids are this high, then. So its an ancient medicine? Xiao Ji said, understanding what was going on. Then itll really be worth the buy. With your knowledge, Elder Kang, the research is sure to go smoothly.

Haha, thats not for certain. After all, arent the ones who discovered this pill some Miracle Doctor company as well? Even they havent managed to finish the research. Well just have to try and see, Miracle Doctor Kang said, extremely pleased by what Xiao Ji said.

Guifeng, on the other hand, was making another bid. 320 million!

350 million! Fatty Lai shouted before the auctioneer even said anything.

Guifeng paused as a layer of sweat covered his brow. This Fatty Lai sure was rich. He wasnt holding back one bit!

Keep going. It hurt Miracle Doctor Kang to be spending this much money, but the entire medicine company had nearly 500 million yuans worth of movable resources he could use for this bid.

380 million! Guifeng raised his board once more.

Fatty Lai clearly hesitated for a bit, but raised his board again before the auctioneer said anything.

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400 million! Fatty Lai announced.

The crowd burst into a heated uproar, while all the rich people and billionaires kept their mouths shut. While Tianyi and Haitian had made their acknowledgement of the pill clear, this was still an item none of them really knew about. Paying this much for a mystery pill was not something theyd do.

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Chapter 492