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Chapter 483 – Shaken to the Bone

But what Wei said shattered all of Tiandis fantasies. It left him with only his fury.

Thats right, we brought 500,000! Please, Mr. Zou, we hope you can let Dan go! Wei nodded. Hed rather not just lose 500,000 like this, but it was money to save Dan. It was worth it.

Hmph. Wheres the money? Tiandi said coldly. As furious as he was, he couldnt really go back on what hed said. He decided that hed try and cause the group trouble.

Its with my sister, Wei said. Sis, can you show him the money?

Tang Yin found the voice extremely familiar, and abruptly realized who this Mr. Zou was after Wei addressed him as such. This was Ruomings father, Zou Tiandi!

The thought that Tiandi was with them right now froze Tang Yin in her tracks. Tiandi didnt scare her one bit when she was with Lin Yi, but now that theyd broken up, she no longer had his protection. Did this mean that the Zous would be bullying her again? The thought made Tang Yin regret coming here in the first place. She was worried that Ruoming would go overboard with her again.

Sis? Wei called again, not sure why Tang Yin was spacing out.

Tiandi was rather pleased with what he was seeing. Tang Yins tender figure moved him, and he started itching with a bit of lust, evident from the slimy smile he was wearing. Oh? Your sister came as well?

Tang Yin was even more terrified after hearing that lustful and repulsive voice. She grit her teeth and stood up now that Wei had called her. Turning around, she tried to look as composed as possible as she opened her bag. Mr. Zou, heres the money. I hope you can keep your promise and let my brother and Dan go.

Wha?! Tiandi froze as he looked at who this was. Never would he have thought that the girl Wei called Sis would be Tang Yin! How lucky was he going to get! He was always fucking bumping into Lin Yis associates the more he tried to avoid him! Was there some sort of curse on him? His luck was absolute shit!

He even thought that Tang Yin was just mocking him with what she said! He blanched as fear hit him, and words started slipping out his mouth. I dont want it. I dont want the money anymore.

Tang Yin frowned. She looked at Tiandis changing expression and wondered if he was going to go back on his word.

Wei was in shock as well, along with Dan.

Mister Zou, didnt you say youd let Dan go for 500,000? Whyre you going back on your word? Wei said nervously.

Mr. Zou, are you going back on your word? Tang Yin was shaken as well but tried her best to maintain her composure. She couldnt let the man see her true emotions. Thatd only worsen things!

I say, Ms. Tang no, ah, Sister Tang, Ill call you sister. Stop messing with me, I didnt mean it, I really didnt, I didnt know Dan was with you, Id never dream of doing anything if Id known! Tiandi said, on the verge of tears, convinced that Tang Yin was being sarcastic and mocking. After all, the most powerful people usually liked to say stuff like that when they wanted to look strong. It was the sort of thing he himself did when he preyed on the weak. It was only natural to assume that Tang YIn was doing the same.

Tiandis outburst took everyone aback. Wei and Dan stared at Tiandi, as well as Mrs. Tang. The mans personality underwent a 180 right after seeing Tang Yins face!

Tang Yin frowned. In her hesitation she realized what was going on. Tiandi most likely was still unaware of her break up with Lin Yi! This was why he was all respectful towards her!

She could very well use this chance to just walk away, but Tang Yin was concerned that hed come cause Wei trouble again once he learned of the news.

From the looks of it, he wasnt going back on his word. He really was planning on not taking the money! It felt like it had come out of nowhere, but everyone was more than pleasantly surprised!

Tang Yin spoke after some thought, Mr. Zou, I think you should take this 500,000. This needs to have a conclusion, right?

Tiandi didnt really like how Tang Yin was mocking him and causing him trouble on purpose, but he was more overcome with fear than anything. Hed learned from Ruoming of just how precious Tang Yin was to Lin Yi. His son had gone through some shit after what he tried to do to her! There was no way Tiandi would piss this woman off.

Plus, Lin Yi had to be involved in some way with Tang Yins visit today! Everyone had a limit to how much shit they could take, and nobody would be pleased if they had to deal with trouble coming from the same people time after time, let alone a master like Lin Yi.

Masters usually didnt even bother with small fry, but being small fry didnt excuse them from smacking themselves into the masters face all the time! The master wouldnt mind slapping the nuisance away!

It was a situation similar to a barking dog. You wouldnt pay it much attention if it always barked at you when you walked by, and you might even get over it if the dog came and bit you just once. If this dog were to go after your family, biting them time and time again, it wouldnt be a surprise if you just went and cooked it for dinner.

Tiandi felt like he was that dog. After being a nuisance to Lin Yi time and time again, it was likely that he wasnt far from deaths door.

And so Tiandi was at the height of his fear. The thoughts sent him to his knees. He slammed down onto the floor as his tears fell. Sister Tang, please! Stop messing with me, Im really sorry, Ill never do it again! Please, tell Boss Lin Yi that Im really just a blind, blind man. Ill slap my own cheeks as an apology if you will it. Just think of me as a fart and release me.

With that, Tiandi lifted his arms and slapped his own cheeks, going harder and faster as the slaps rang out.

Tang Yins face reddened at what Tiandi said. Think of him as a fart and release him? She was a girl! What sort of vulgar thing was he even saying? She couldnt help but glare at the guy.

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Tiandis pitiful state did give Tang Yin courage. Since he didnt want money anymore she decided to have it written on paper in case he ever went back on his word. Tang Yin decided to use Lin Yis name to her advantage now that Tiandi was practically telling her to.

Mrs. Tang, Wei, and Dan, on the other hand, realized what was going on. Tiandi wasnt afraid of Tang Yin, he was afraid of Lin Yi! They didnt know just why he was so fearful of him, but from how he was kneeling and slapping his own face, it was apparent that it must be quite a traumatic fear for him.

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Chapter 483