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Chapter 482 – On the Doorstep

Doesnt matter either way, you dont need him! Mrs. Tang said with a wave of her hand. Alright, lets put this behind us and forget about it. Well go with Wei to his boss in just a minute!

Tang Yin didnt find it very appropriate that they were using this money, but there wasnt much she could do. This was what they got for being unlucky. Everything was just crashing down on them at once.

Sis, cheer up, the jerks blind! Dont worry, Im a man. Ill pay this money back to you, I promise! Wei said as he tried to console his sister. I wont make things hard for you!

Okay. Tang Yin nodded, feeling better. At least Wei wasnt the type of person whod force her into borrowing money. Just knowing that was enough for her.

The debit card was under Tang Yins name, and it was required for her to be there personally if they were to withdraw a sum as large as 500,000.

Mrs. Tang, Tang Yin, Wei, and Dan went to a twenty-four hour bank, and after Tang Yin made the withdrawal, they got in a taxi and made their way to where the boss lived.

Does he live here? It looks so grand! Mrs. Tang exclaimed as she looked at the luxurious neighborhood filled with beautiful houses and high-end facilities. She couldnt help but feel a little envious. I wonder when we can live in a house like that.

Aunt, were in Lead Shore! This is one of the highest class neighborhoods in the city, everybody heres rich! Just one house costs up to tens of millions! Wei was more familiar with the place. Hed been here a couple of times, after all.

Tens of millions? Thats ridiculously expensive! Mrs. Tang said in shock before turning to her daughter, sympathy and regret in her eyes. And I thought Yin had found a nice and influential husband. I thought your uncle and I could live in places like these, but thats impossible now.

Mom, whatre you saying! Tang Yin frowned. This wasnt something she wanted brought up. Shed rather not hear about the whole thing.

Ill stop, Ill stop! Mrs. Tang said.

But Mrs. Tang didnt stop. She started thinking if she could go talk to Lin Yi if she had the chance, see if she could get the two back together. Rich young masters like Lin Yi usually already had a partner prepared for him by his family. Why else would he break up with Tang Yin all of a sudden for no reason? There had to be a reason.

Mrs. Tang was a seasoned woman, and she looked further than Tang Yin did. It was only natural for her to be more scheming.

She didnt know about Xiaoxiao, so she felt like there had to be something up on the inside.

So Mrs. Tang wondered if Lin Yi could possibly be engaged? He might not be able to marry her daughter, but couldnt he bring her home as a mistress? Yes, they were not a family who wanted much, just letting them live in this Lead Shore neighborhood was enough! If not, they needed to get a lump sum from Lin Yi. They couldnt just let him go like that!

He may not have done anything to her daughter, but he did hurt her feelings!

Tang Yin, on the other hand, wasnt aware of the things her mother was plotting. She was still rather innocent, and not capable of imagining the sorts of embarrassing thoughts running through her mothers mind. Shed be quite angry if she found out.

But one couldnt blame her mother for her mindset. Shed really had too much of a share of this cold, cruel world. Her years of suffering and poverty resulted in an urge to keep her own daughter out of that poverty, to the point where she was even satisfied with her daughter being a mistress. It wasnt her fault that she thought this way.

This is it! Wei said as he pointed at a solitary villa. Mr. Zou lives here.

Mom, dont say anything after we go in! We cant just give them the money this time. There needs to be some sort of written agreement! Tang Yin said as she calmed herself down, breathing deeply as she regained her composure and put the events of today behind her.

Tang Yin had no experience in society, but she did attend a prestigious private high school. Shed interacted with many people and understood that there needed to be contracts to guarantee their safety.

Her father couldnt get the compensation precisely because of a vague contract. She needed to have him write down a number this time. As long as they could make sure that Dan could get off the hook, paying up wasnt a problem.

Alright, Ill listen to you. Mrs. Tang nooded in response. She understood that her daughter was more experienced in these matters than she was.

Wei walked up and rang the doorbell.

Zou Tiandi was feeling quite troubled these past two days. Hed pissed off both Lin Yi and Li Cihua! These were men who could wipe him off this planet instantly! He didnt even think of resisting them!

His opponents were simply too strong. Lin Yi himself was a master above the golden class, while Cihua had with him many golden class masters.

Tiandi used to have Uncle Yan backing him up, and that allowed some tyranny in Songshan, but there just wasnt much he dared do now that Lin Yi had disabled his trump card.

Fuck! Im Zou Tiandi, a damned big shot in Songshan! How have I fallen this far? Tiandi poured himself a glass of red wine and gulped it down, depressed.

As troubled as he was, Tiandi was actually feeling rather relieved. He mightve pissed Cihua off, but this wasnt something that Cihua would want to kill him over. All he did was refuse to work with him, and that was it. Cihua wouldnt come and cause him trouble for something like that. Lin Yi had promised to let him off the hook too.

He couldve had it way worse, and he was having trouble eating and sleeping. Fortunately for him, a charming, pretty girl would be coming to his doorstep soon, something he was quite looking forward too. It would ease his troubles a little.

The doorbell rang, and Tiandi adjusted his shirt, sure that Dan had arrived. After all, hed given Dan the final word: either she came with the money tonight or her body!

The housekeeper had gone to the door already, and Tiandi walked out his study and towards the living room, full of confidence.

Mrs. Tang, Tang Yin, Wei, and Dan were in the living room, sitting on a couch and feeling a little uncomfortable. Wei and Dan had been here a couple of times and had gotten somewhat used to it, but this was Tang Yin and Mrs. Tangs first time in a place so luxurious. They werent quite sure what to do.

Thats you, isnt it, Dan? Is it money or your body tonight? Tiandi said as he walked down the stairs. He looked into the living room and was slightly taken aback. The couch faced away from the stairs, so he couldnt see the faces on those bodies.

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Mr. Zou, w-weve brought the money! Wei said, standing up and turning to face Tiandi.

What? Money? Tiandi was shocked, so enraged steam shot out of his ears. Never would he have expected for Wei to get his hands on 500,000! How was this even possible! These guys were farmers! Even if theyd borrowed from the entire village, they couldnt have gotten that much!

Hed made his calculations in advance, planning on drugging Dan and relieving himself from all the trouble Lin Yi had caused him these past two days. He didnt dare do anything to Lin Yi, but Dan? Heh heh

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