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Chapter 481 – How Am I Supposed To Pay It Back?

Sis, now that you have a powerful partner you need to help me! Wei said carefully. Its that boss from last time, hes still not letting me and Dan go.

That boss? Didnt you guys give them the 150,000? Tang Yin asked curiously after a pause.

We did, but he said that 150,000 is what wed pay ten years ago. Now that prices have multiplied so much there needs to be interest for just the 150,000! Wei was evidently quite furious as he spoke. They said that either we give him 500,000, or Dan continues working in the company.

500,000? Tang Yin said, her eyes widening. Thats just being unreasonable! Theyre changing 150,000 to 500,000 all of a sudden, is this even in the contract? Should we file a lawsuit?

What contract? Wei smiled bitterly. Things wouldnt be like this if there was a contract! The only contract is the one we signed, the one stating that we have to work for him. It says that Dan has to compensate for the loss if she breaks the contract, but its never said how much the compensation actually is. He could pretty much just say anything he wants! Plus, if we really do file a lawsuit, theres no way we can sustain the legal battle. Theres still Uncle Tangs problem to deal with, isnt there?

Tang Yin sighed. Wei was right. Her family was marginalized in the first place. Of course they couldnt fight a legal battle against a big boss. Even if they did somehow win, theyd still do things thatd harm Wei! The enemies wouldnt be the ones losing.

But tell me, what can I even do? Tang Yin lowered her head. Wei was saying it loud and clear. He wanted her to go borrow money from Lin Yi.

But how was she supposed to do something like that now?

Yin, I do have 500,000 from Lin Yi, but isnt this money for our new place? We wouldnt be able to get the house-restaurant if we give it away! Mrs. Tang interrupted. Here, try and see if you can ask Lin Yi if he can give us another 500,000.

Another 500,000! Do you think hes a money tree?! Tang Yin stood up all of a sudden, panicking.

A money tree? Hes rich, this money isnt worth much to him, Mrs. Tang said as she looked at her daughter, a little irritated. Now that youre allowed to ask him for money, you need to do it more! Hed definitely agree if you ask!

Yeah, Sis! Please, Im begging you! Only Brother-in-law can help us now! What would happen to Dan if you dont do this? You dont wanna see her get eaten up, do you! Wei chimed in.

You guys dont understand at all! You dont even know whats going on between Lin Yi and me, whyre you always forcing me to borrow from him?! Why do you always force me?! Tang Yin was so furious tears threatened to fall as she screamed at the top of her lungs. Do you know how much money I already owe him? How am I supposed to pay it back? How? Its me borrowing the money, not you two! How do you think Im supposed to pay it back?!

Mrs. Tang looked helplessly at the raging Tang Yin. Do still not get it, Yin? Lin Yi likes you! You being pretty is your advantage, and if you dont use it properly, youll regret it when he breaks up with you!

Break up! Yes! He broke up with me! Tang Yin spat out. She didnt want to humiliate herself like this, but these two were forcing her into a corner! He doesnt want me anymore, now are you guys satisfied? That money he gave you this morning, thats the break up fee!

Ah?! Mrs. Tang froze along with Mr. Tang and Wei. Yin you, what are you saying? Lin Yi broke up with you? Youre kidding right?

Kidding? Kidding? Does this face look like Im kidding? Tang Yin had been upset the whole day. All the pain and sadness overflowed, and her tears flowed.

I Mrs. Tang didnt quite know what to do as she watched her daughter cry. She may have been a materialistic woman, but she was always on Tang Yins side. She hugged her and tried to comfort her. Alright, Yin, dont cry, its just a break up. Mom said that the guy was no good in the first place, right? Hes just a young master tyrant, a jerk.

What Mrs. Tang was saying actually amused Tang Yin a little. She couldnt help but chuckle. Mom, didnt you say he was good?

Huh? I Mrs. Tang was a little embarrassed. Yin, he didnt take advantage of you, did he?

No. Tang Yin shook her head. I told him that it wasnt okay before I meet his parents.

Good, then! Thats good, Mrs. Tang said happily. So youre still untouched, alls good then. We even got 700,000 out of the whole thing, its a great deal!

Mom, whatre you saying? That moneys a loan! Tang Yin panicked. Her mother wanted to just take LIn Yis money without paying him back! I cant just owe him that much money!

Whatre you talking about? He dumped you, it wasnt you breaking up with him! Plus, the moneys a break up fee, of course were supposed to take it! Mrs. Tang said, unwavering.

Wei, on the other hand, was at a loss. He never expected that Lin Yi would break up with Tang Yin all of a sudden. Hed wanted her to help him borrow money, too, but now

Sis, what about me? Wei lowered his head, upset. Dan looked to be in despair.

Wei, calm down. Ill cancel the plans for the house-restaurant! Ill let you use the money! Mrs. Tang was a materialistic woman, but she wasnt cold-hearted. She was still very generous when it came to family. I cant let you and Dan suffer, no matter what! Here, take this money and pay them!

Mom! Youre still thinking of using that money? I told you its Lin Yis, I need to give it back! Tang Yin said, panicking. Didnt she just tell her that it was Lin Yis money? What was she even thinking?

Its a break up fee, of course its yours! Or do you want to see your brother sell his kidney? Mrs. Tang glared. Were being nice enough by not asking for more! Of course were not gonna give this back to him!

I Tang Yin was at a loss for words. It was true. She had to pay the money back, but she couldnt just ignore Weis situation.

What should she do? If she freely accepted this money, what would Lin Yi think?

Hed most likely look down on her. Xiaoxiao would mock her for her greed, too. Shed say that she was a gold digger with no class.

Tang Yin found herself in an awkward position, unsure of what she should do.

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Tang Yin, whyre you such a dummy? He played you, its normal for him to give you money! Mrs. Tang harrumphed.

Played me? Mom, your choice of words Tang Yin blushed.

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