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Chapter 479 – Kang’s Marriage Proposal (Second Half)

Under normal circumstances, they wouldnt even care about a mere ten million yuan.

But as they were now, it was something that got them excited.

Youre Kang Zhaolong, arent you, kid? Youre quite the young man! Xiao Qi said as he received the gift, a bright smile on his face.

I am, Uncle Xiao! Zhaolong replied politely.

Yes, youd go quite well with our Xinyan. Xiao Ben was nodding himself as he contemplated how troublesome his niece was being. Didnt she understand how big of a family the Kangs were? Why wasnt she in the least bit interested?

Theyd been trying to persuade her for the last couple days, too, to no avail. Xiao Qi and Xiao Ben were feeling rather helpless about her. At the end of the day, Wang Xinyan was still a distant relative, not part of the main Xiao line. They werent in a position to be making decisions for her.

Locking her up in her room wasnt the best plan either. They had to let her go sooner or later.

As for Xinyans parents, they were resistant to the marriage at first, but even they went silent upon learning that it was the eldest grandson of Miracle Doctor Kang.

Xiao Qilin never had much of an opinion herself, and she usually took after what her husband wanted. She didnt have much to say after he agreed to the marriage.

The point was that theyd be rid of all the trouble with shares mentioned in the will if they agreed to wed Xinyan to Zhaolong. Xiao Ben and Xiao Qi said it themselves.

But theyd have a part of their company taken away if they were to refuse. The Xiao brothers even went as far as to blatantly threaten them, saying that theyd ally themselves with the Kang and attack their medicine company!

What relieved Xiao Ji and Xiao Ben was the fact that Xiyan was the only one still resisting. She was the final obstacle they needed to get through.

Where is this Wang Xinyan? You guys havent called her out yet; I was hoping to see my future granddaughter-in-law! Miracle Doctor Kang asked pleasantly as he seated himself on the sofa. This was the first marriage hed been involved with as a grandfather, after all. Plus, he was quite satisfied with the girl.

Ill get her right now! Xiao Ben made eye contact with his elder brother before heading to the inner living room.

I say, Lil Sis, Brother-in-law, have you guys gotten through to that niece of mine yet? Miracle Doctor Kangs come himself, hes here personally! He doesnt just do that for anyone, Xiao Ben said to Xuben and Qilin, who stood outside Xinyans room.

Yans not willing. I think we should let this go Qilin didnt have many opinions, but she still loved her daughter very much. Shed rather have the marriage fall through than see her daughter unhappy.

Thats why they say girls have long hair and limited vision! Xiao Ben said angrily after a brief pause. Do you understand the sort of family Miracle Doctor Kangs is? His eldest son Kang Zhaolong is the prime inheritor to House Kang! Theres no way this would go wrong for Xinyan!

Qilin, Ive heard about this Kang Zhaolong myself. Hes an honor student and not someone with bad habits! Ive done some research too; he hasnt even had a girlfriend before! I think hell treat Xinyan well! Xuben spoke up.

He didnt want anything bad happening to the company, but he didnt want his daughter getting into an unhappy marriage either. Hed gotten someone to investigate Zhaolong in private, and it yielded rather shocking results.

Was this even a young master? Hed grown up studying and was now a PhD student, striving for a double PhD! The decisive factor was that he didnt mess around with girls, which was extremely typical of young masters nowadays. Hed never had a girlfriend in his life!

He was the absolute opposite of his cousin, Kang Zhaoming!

The investigation convinced him that there was no reason to not accept this marriage proposal. Where were they supposed to find a son-in-law of a quality like this? A young man with good grades, class, and a powerful family! With Miracle Doctor Kangs support, the only thing he had to worry about was how quickly the company would grow!

Is that so? But Yan doesnt want this. Shes never even met him before, theres nothing between them! Qilin understood that Zhaolong had character, which was also why she wasnt resisting the idea of Xinyan marrying her.

But the troubling thing was that Xinyan had no feelings for him. It made Qilin hesitate.

Feelings will naturally emerge. Plus, this is just an engagement. We can always call off the wedding if things really don’t turn out well! Xiao Ben said. Were just using this marriage in name first, for the mutual benefits of our family. Let the two kids spend time with each other. Who knows, they might just hit it off right from the get-go!

I see Qilin thought that her second brother was making a lot of sense. It was just an engagement; she wasnt marrying him yet. They should let the kids interact with each other before anything else! They could stay together if it worked and very well cancel everything if it didnt!

Yeah, Miracle Doctor Kangs waiting right outside with his family! Quick, tell Xinyan to come greet them, Xiao Ben urged, worried that he was keeping the Doctor waiting.

Alright then! Qilin said as she walked into the room. A moment later she was pushing out an emotionless Xinyan.

Xinyan didnt understand. Why were her parents so easily persuaded by her uncle and second uncle? Did they really want her marrying a total stranger?

Her father was listing plenty of reasons why Zhaolong was a good person, but Xinyan just didnt like him. It was that simple.

How was she supposed to fall in love with a person she didn’t even know?

Dad, is your company really that important? Xinyan looked up at her father, hoping that she could change his mind.

I Xuben uttered awkwardly. The company was his lifes work, after all. He didnt want it to go to ruin.

I understand, Xinyan sighed. Fine, Ill go out there with you guys, but Im not promising anything.

Alright, lets just go out there first; you dont have to talk. Who knows, it might just be love at first sight after you meet him! Xiao Ben said. Kang Zhaolong really is an excellent young man!

Xinyan didnt add anything else. Saying anything was meaningless at this point. How was she supposed to resist and change anything when even her parents said yes?

But she had no intention of marrying a stranger. It was just an engagement; they werent marrying yet. All she had to do was find a way to get out of the whole thing before they get married.

Shed never accept a marriage arranged by her family.

This was the modern age. What kind of family even did this anymore?

Xinyan was brought into the Xiao house living room by Xiao Ben, and Zhaolong found himself instantly attracted to the clean and pretty figure. Hed never had a girlfriend before, and while he may put forth a good image to impress his grandfather, the fact was that he was feeling extremely horny. Hed actually been longing for a woman for a long time.

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And now, Wang Xinyan was his soon-to-be, official wife! Zhaolong didnt need to hide anything anymore. Nobody would say anything if he did anything to her.

Xinyan frowned in disgust. That lustful longing in Zhaolongs eyes was making her really uncomfortable. This was an excellent young man? She felt instant disdain. Things werent looking too good if this was the standard for excellent young men.

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