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Chapter 475 – Some Adjustments

Oh? What news? Lin Yi blinked, thinking that it should be about the medicine company.

Boss, Im at Professor Guans. Are you free? I can talk to you in detail if you could come over. Its about the auction, Fatty Lai said.

Alright then, Ill go there now. Lin Yi looked at the time. Hed skipped half the morning classes already, might as well skip a few more.

Then Ill be waiting here! Fatty Lai hung up excitedly.

So I have something to do later. Feng Xiaoxiao, you wanna get Kang Xiaobo and Fen to school? Lin Yi looked at Xiaoxiao in the front passenger seat.

Sure, you go attend to your affairs! Xiaoxiao said, absolutely delighted that Lin Yi wasnt going back to school yet. Tang Yin would definitely get more and more pissed off if she couldnt see Lin Yi, to the point where theyd break up!

Lin Yi, on the other hand, didnt have those concerns, unaware of what Xiaoxiao was thinking. He drove to Songshans School of Medicine and got out of the car.

The school didnt allow just any car into the residential area, and all foreign cars had to go through registration. Lin Yi didnt want to deal with the trouble of registering Xiaoxiaos car, so he stopped at the school gates and walked in himself.

Xiaoxiao happily got into the driver seat and drove Xiaobo and Fen back to the slums. She wanted to drop Fen off first, so that she could get some info on Lin Yi from Xiaobo.

Xiaobo, wont you tell me a little about Lin Yi? Xiaoxiao asked as she drove.

Boss, huh? Xiaobo didnt see anything wrong with that, so he started chatting away.


Lingshan waited until Lin Yi left before she called the team over. Dunmeng 7th Street was soon completely surrounded.

Liu Wangli hopped out of the police car and looked at the three dead and one injured in surprise. He saw the two rescued victims as well, and gave a thumbs up to Lingshan. Captain Song, youre amazing! You found the organ trafficker base in no time at all!

Uh Lingshans face reddened a little upon hearing the praise. She cleared her throat. According to my initial observations and assessment, this isnt the actual nest of the criminal organization, just an exchange point. Its used to keep the beggars, the homeless, and the disabled locked up before they carry out the next step.

Thats still really impressive! The whole teams been searching without sleep, and we didnt even find anything! Youre really something, Captain Song! A veteran captain in a different police team was really impressed as well.

The other captains werent pleased at all when Lingshan was assigned the new head of the detective branch, but the constant solving of multiple big name cases, along with Lingshans extraordinary martial arts skills that placed her first in the police force, proved to them that the girl was very much worthy of admiration and respect.

Lingshans face only reddened more. She felt like shed bought her success by paying Lin Yi with cuteness and girliness, and it shamed her. Getting credit like this it made her feel like she was cheating.

Facing everyones praise, Lingshan couldnt really say much. She turned to Wangli. Liu Wangli, you take these two victims back first, and the rest of you, get the suspect to the hospital.

Lingshan sighed as she watched her colleagues work. Should her life be considered a failure? She didnt rely on Huaijun now, but Lin Yi instead.

However, when thinking about it, this was also due to her own ability! Other people didnt know Lin Yi, so she was the only one who could get Lin Yi to help! The process didnt matter, the results did. And that was enough.

As for the things she did to Lin Yi, how she called herself Miss Braindead, among other things That could just be the sort of nickname teasing between friends! She didnt have to think too much about it. It was just like the nicknames between her and her colleagues. The nicknames might not necessarily sound nice, like Tough Bull or Metal Bullet, but the nickname Lin Yi called her was exclusive to just Lin Yi and her.

Lingshan didnt know if this counted as comforting herself, but she did feel a lot better.


Lin Yi walked into Xuemins house to see Fatty Lai on a sofa talking to Xuemin, who simply nodded, smiling without interrupting him.

Xuemin had to be aware that he was no businessman, so he was probably just listening to Fatty Lais points without butting in.

As the saying went, different specializations were like different mountains. He might be famous in the medical industry, but it didnt mean he was good in other fields. Hed come off as rather irritating if he poked holes and gave orders in other specializations.

Boss, youre here! Fatty Lai leapt up in excitement upon seeing Lin Yi enter.

Youre rather agile! Lin Yi was quite troubled. Fatty Lai just bounced up like hed been sitting on a spring! It wouldnt be anything too special if his body wasnt big like that, but him being so agile despite his bulk was really rare.

Heh, I actually work out, you know! Fatty Lai said. But my genes arent very good, so even drinking cold water makes me fat. Ive always been trying to lose weight! It just didnt work!

Oh, so its your genes? Ill make some adjustments for you sometime, Lin Yi said placidly.

Oh-kay? Fatty Lai trailed off as he looked at Lin Yi in disbelief. Boss, are you saying genes can be adjusted?

Yeah. Lin Yi nodded. But your chubbiness is actually quite pleasing to my eyes.

Then no need for adjustments! Im fine like this! Fatty Lai changed his mind instantly now that Lin Yi was pleased by his body.

Maybe we can make you a little skinnier. Lin Yi smiled. After the company gets on track, Ill do some acupuncture on you when I have the time.

In fact, Lin Yi could very well do the acupuncture whenever he wanted. It was nothing more than a gesture, and he could even do it while speaking!

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The problem was, he wasnt too trusting of Fatty Lai, and he wasnt treating him like a genuinely close friend. There was no need to rush to giving him benefits, so he decided to observe him a little longer.

Okay, Boss! Youre really so nice to me Waah Fatty Lais heightened emotions prompted him to cry again.

Lin Yi really didnt know what to say. It seemed that the crying problem wasnt fixable; it wasnt something he could cure. It was a personality problem.

Heh, dont get angry, Boss! I was just getting a little emotional. Its alright now, Ill stop crying! Fatty Lai hit the brakes when he remembered what Lin Yi said about crying.

Lin Yi waved his hand. Hed gotten used to Fatty Lais behavior. Being with him, he had to adapt to his dam burstings. Hed grown numb to them over time.

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