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Chapter 471 – Car Ramming

In the center tile-roofed house of the three in the yard was a ferocious looking one-eyed man. He kicked Xiaobos ass, sending him tumbling to the ground. Sneaking around, whatre you up to, kid? Youre not a reporter, are you?

Luck wasnt on Xiaobos side. Hed climbed into the yard from the side so that he wouldnt get caught by the two guards at the entrance. It was a decent plan, but the one-eyed man was right in the middle of peeing when Xiaobo climbed the wall. His sudden appearance frightened the man and he even stopped urinating.

Needless to say, the one-eyed man was so furious he dragged Xiaobo into the tile-roofed house without another word.

Wheres Fen! Where did you guys take her? Who are you people? Now that hed been captured, Xiaobo went all out, looking as if he was here to deliver justice as he manned up.

Fen? The one-eyed man blinked. What Fen? What the fuck are you here for?

You kidnapped my girlfriend and youre asking me what Im here for? Xiaobo raged. Whatre you here for!

Girlfriend? Youre not talking about that limper we just got, are you? The one-eyed man did remember one girl with a limp whod come in earlier.

Where is she?! Let her go right now! Xiaobo had nothing to fear now that he was going all out. If you dont let us go, youll regret it when my boss comes!

What? The man started roaring with laughter as if Xiaobo had just told him a joke. Your boss? Who do you think your boss is? We wont regret it, dont you worry. Well, since youre with that limper, fine, well lock you two together. Since you wanna forsake heavens path and charge through hells door, well make you two a disabled couple! Well cut both your organs out and let you two help each other out in times of trouble, heh heh.

The man had just finished speaking when two loud crashes boomed from outside. Silenced ensued.

Whats going on? The one-eyed man was on alert instantly. He turned to one of his lackeys. Er, you lock this kid in the basement first. Its not the cops outside, is it?

Its my boss! You guys are dead! Xiaobo had an absurd sort of confidence in Lin Yi. If he was here, it meant both Fen and he were safe!

Your boss? The man breathed a sigh of relief. Everything was fine if it wasnt the cops. Biao and Fei shouldve taken care of him already. Well go take a look.

Then, the kid Er pointed at Xiaobo.

Leave him here for now. He wont be able to run out with the door locked, the one-eyed man said nonchalantly. Take the bastard with you. Lets go see the idiot delivering us new organs!

Alright! Er took out a shotgun from a drawer and exited the tile-roofed house with the one-eyed man. The sight before their eyes stunned them.

Biao and Fei were both lying on the ground, their faces covered with blood. There was no hope for them in that gory state. They then saw an Audi TT. Evidently the car had rammed into Biao and Fei.

Fuck! Kill them! The man was panicking. It was usually just the four of them brothers guarding the place, and now two were dead, killed by a car! 

Th-They have a gun! Xiaoxiao said nervously as Er and the one-eyed man came out.

Hah. Told you itd be dangerous. If youre scared, you can take the car and go back right now, Lin Yi said calmly as he glanced at Xiaoxiaos pale face. I promise nobodys gonna chase you.

N-No way! Xiaoxiao was too scared to drive off on her own. She understood that being with Lin Yi was the safest option. Plus, she wasnt just afraid. There was excitement mixed in as well.

Lin Yi was like one of those lone heroes you see in the movies, charging into the HQ of a crime syndicate by himself before destroying everyone and capturing the bad guys!

Lin Yi didnt say anything. He floored the gas pedal the instant Er raised his gun, driving in a serpentine fashion before slamming into Er, sending him flying along with the gun, nowhere to be found.

Lin Yi didnt want to expose too much of his skill in front of Xiaoxiao, so using the car to end these people was the best option.

The one-eyed man had thought that the people in the car would just surrender if they pulled a gun on them. After all, normal people felt an instinctive fear at the sight of a gun and what it entailed. Only those with a death wish would do anything rash.

So Lin Yi using his car to attack and get rid of Er was nowhere within his expectations! 

He felt the peril of the situation and decided he had to run. He was only getting paid to guard the place for someone else, so putting his life on the line wasnt something he was keen on doing. The money wasnt worth it! He needed to make an escape immediately.

But his vision went black the next instant, unconscious and clueless as he fell to the ground.

Lin Yi took the one-eyed mans belt off and bound his arms together before using Ers to tie his legs together. He put the guy aside for now.

Hed already killed three, so naturally he wouldnt leave any alive. This one-eyed man was evidently a leader figure, so Lin Yi got out of the car to put him down without killing him first as the guy tried to run.

Lin Yis complete lack of hesitance during this whole infiltration filled Xiaoxiaos wide eyes with excitement and admiration. If Xiaoxiao admired Lin Yis driving skills previously, then she now admired Lin Yi as a person, as a whole!

Xiaoxiao knew that even the bodyguards protecting her father wouldnt be able to do what Lin Yi did so cleanly and swiftly! Hed taken care of everyone in the yard without any trouble at all!

Lin Yi walked to the front of the tile-roofed house and kicked the door to pieces.

The windows of the tile-roofed house werent transparent, so Xiaobo couldnt tell what was going on outside. The door being shattered made him jump before he saw who it was. Excitement overwhelmed him. Boss, youre here!

You Couldnt you have waited? What if something had happened to you? Lin Yi asked, Wheres Fen?

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I dont know! From what Ive heard, I think they locked her in the basement, Xiaobo said.

Oh. Did they say why they kidnapped her? Lin Yi said as he kicked open the other door in the room. It seemed to lead down to a basement.

Lin Yi smiled wryly. Hed made the whole thing more complicated than it actually was, assuming that the basement would be well hidden. It was right here.

Not really a surprise, to be honest, considering the skill those thugs and the one-eyed man had.

They were the weakest tier of thugs. How far could they get in the first place?

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