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Chapter 469 – Fen in Trouble

Feng Xiaoxiao decided to take the initiative and cause him some trouble.

Lin Yi looked at Xiaoxiao, confused. As clichd as the damsel in distress scenario seemed, it was true that it was an effective way to move someones heart.

Except, Lin Yi hadnt felt Xiaoxiaos heart being moved at all yesterday!

If they were talking about saving a damsel in distress, hed saved Tang Yin a couple of times. She never did anything like pledging herself to him! His current relationship with her had formed only through experiences and a long amount of time.

It was the same for the Miss as well. Hed saved her many times too, but you didnt see her expressing anything.

So Xiaoxiao confessing to Lin Yi after he saved her that one time was very unbelievable.

Lin Yi, out of all the men Ive met, youre the only one whos moved my heart! Xiaoxiao looked at Lin Yi longingly, her face red as she spoke.

Lin Yi was about to say something when a ringtone sounded. It was Lin Yis phone.

Excuse me, gotta take this phone call. Lin Yi gestured to Xiaoxiao to wait before answering his phone.

Xiaoxiao was at her boiling point. When had she ever stooped so low, speaking like this to a boy? She was Feng Xiaoxiao! Shed sworn to never lower her head to anyone in this short life of hers, that shed find a way to stay true to herself and not waste her life!

But was Lin Yi seriously answering his phone in the middle of her confession, a confession shed barely managed to gather enough courage for? 

Maybe the uncle could endure this bullshit, but not the aunt! In a frustrated rage, Xiaoxiao raised her foot to step on Lin Yis.1

Lin Yi wondered to himself why this girl liked to step on peoples feet so much. He instinctively moved back, and Xiaoxiao broke her high heel from the intense force shed put into the stomp.

Ah! Xiaoxiao was starting to panic as she glared at Lin Yi with all her might. Let me step on you! Or youre not taking that phone call!

With that, she tried to snatch Lin Yis phone away.

Lin Yi frowned. He thought that Xiaoxiao was being a little ridiculous, but that frantic, maddened look on her face made him feel like she was ready to sacrifice her life to drag him down with her. 

So he decided to let her do what she wanted, and extended his foot for her as he picked the phone up. Hello?

Die! Die, die! Die, die, die! Xiaoxiao sent a barrage of frenzied stomps onto Lin Yis foot. It wasnt really painful for Lin Yi, but it sure was taking a toll on Xiaoxiao.

Boss, Fens gotten kidnapped! Xiaobos panicked voice sounded right after Lin Yi answered the phone.

Kidnapped? What happened? Lin Yi paused, knitting his brows as he listened carefully, not paying Xiaoxiao any attention.

Boss, I woke up this morning to go to Fens house. We said wed take a morning walk and eat breakfast together. Xiaobo got a little shy as he spoke. I go every morning.

Alright, get to the point. Whos the kidnapper? Lin Yi understood Xiaobos actions. Boys and girls in love were very passionate, after all, so Lin YI wouldnt disregard Xiaobos daily efforts Didnt he himself go to Tang Yins house early in the morning today?

So this morning, Fen was waiting for me at a bench near the breakfast stall, like usual, but normally its me that gets there first. Today, the traffic was bad, so I was late, Xiaobo said. I was just getting off the bus when I saw two men drag Fen into a white van with no license plate! I panicked and quickly got in a taxi to follow them, to the entrance of a compound. The taxi driver parked nearby, but Im not brave enough to go in.

Lin Yi sighed quietly after hearing the story, not quite understanding why those men kidnapped Fen. Were they sent by Zhaoming, perhaps?

Where are you? Ill be there right away, Lin Yi asked.

Theres a road sign here. It says Dunmeng 7th Street, but it looks like nobody passes by. Should be in the outskirts, Xiaobo said. The taxi fare was over three hundred bucks, so its probably really far out!

Alright, dont do anything rash! You have to wait for me! Lin Yi said. Keep in touch.

Alright, boss! Hurry, Im worried what they might do to Fen! Xiaobo said.

Ah, dont worry. With me there, itll be fine, Lin Yi said. 

He hung up on Xiaobo and turned away from Xiaoxiao. He was about to get on his van when he saw Xiaoxiaos Audi TT beside it. He hesitated. Lend me your car for a bit.

His van was obviously nowhere near as fast as Xiaoxiaos sports car. With the limited engine in his van, he could break the gas pedal and wouldnt be speeding anywhere. The location Xiaobo told him wasnt one hed heard of before either, and the fact that the fare was more than three hundred yuan also canceled out the possibility of the bad guys van taking the long way. This much money was more than a hundred kilometers!

Ah? Xiaoxiao paused, still not calm. So now that he needed her car he finally remembered her existence? Xiaoxiao harrumphed in response. Sure, but I need to be in the car too!

Ill tell you its dangerous first, so come along if you insist. Lin Yi didnt have time to bullshit with Xiaoxiao. He didnt know what was going on over there, so the longer it took him to get there, the more dangerous it got. He didnt have time to try and persuade Xiaoxiao.

I insist! Xiaoxiao nodded. The more dangerous and thrilling, the better!

Youre pretty special, arent you? No wonder you like street racing. Lin Yi shook his head. Keys.

Xiaoxiao took her keys out, but didnt hand them to Lin Yi directly. She remotely unlocked the car first. Ill give them to you when we get in the car. What if you ditch me here?

Hah. Lin Yi smiled wryly. Im not someone who lies to my friends.

So Im a friend? Xiaoxiao was a little excited hearing that.

An acquaintance, I guess. Dont hate you or like you. Lin Yi simply told the truth. He didnt feel anything on either end for Xiaoxiao. To him, Xiaoxiao was just a thrill seeker whod been spoiled by her family, so of course he wouldnt concern himself with her.

Carry me there. Youre short on time, arent you? One of her high heels heels had broken off, so limping over there would take quite a bit of time.

Lin Yi looked at her and swooped her up with one arm before placing her in the front passenger seat.

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Xiaoxiao was a little taken aback. She wasnt expecting this kind of strength from Lin Yis slim frame. He carried her with one arm!

Lin Yi got in the car and took the keys from Xiaoxiao before starting the car. Set the GPS for Dunmeng 7th Street.

Okay. Xiaoxiao started the GPS, extremely excited. It seemed like Lin Yi was about to drive like a pro! Shed been waiting for this.

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