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Chapter 460 – Spat Out and Eaten Again

Eavesdrop Mengyao hesitated, furrowing her brows. Then go listen, I guess.

Oh, okay! Yushu said with a smile.

But Yushu failed to hear anything after pricking her ears up for a long time. Were those two even talking? It didnt seem so.

Lin Yi had his eyes closed, and Xiaoxiao couldnt do anything about it after Lin Yi ignored the stuff she was saying to him. She decided to listen to her MP3 player.

Shield Bro? Yushu wasnt afraid Xiaoxiao would hear how she addressed Lin Yi. She knew her relationship with Lin Yi anyway, so she wouldve exposed it already if it were her intention.

Hm? Lin Yi opened his eyes and looked at Yushu with curiosity.

Its nothing. Yushu thought Lin Yi had fallen asleep and wanted to wake him so she could hear him chat with Xiaoxiao, but Lin Yi was still awake.

Lin Yi eyed Yushu before shaking his head.

Lin Yi, are you hungry? Xiaoxiao asked. I have some cookies. Lin Yi wasnt pretending to be asleep anymore.

Oh, you eat them, Lin Yi replied distantly before looking out the plane window.

Xiaoxiao scowled. Come on! So Chen Yushu calls out to you and you instantly respond? Why did Lin Yi ignore her when she spoke? Hey, how much do they pay you?

What? Pay me? Lin Yi blinked.

Arent you their bodyguard, or follower, or something? How much do they pay you a month? Xiaoxiao asked.

Tens of thousands, I guess, Lin Yi said vaguely.

Tens of thousands Xiaoxiao was taken aback by the amount. It sure was a lot of money. Her family was rich, but she only had an allowance of ten thousand a month. She thought she could double whatever Mengyao was paying and hire Lin Yi, but she couldnt do that anymore. Youre bluffing!

Heh. Lin Yi could guess what Xiaoxiao was thinking. I work for her father. The follower part just kinda comes with the job.

Oh. Xiaoxiao nodded, thinking that it wasnt impossible if it were Chu Pengzhan spending the money.

Feng Xiaoxiao, if you wanna learn how to drive, I currently dont have time, so you dont have to follow me around all the time. Its not gonna do anything. Now that Lin Yi was responding to her, he might as well make things clear.

No, its fine if you wont teach me. I just want your potential to rub off on me, Xiaoxiao said. Ill be more like you after that.

Lin Yi was rather stunned by that bullshit logic. Rubbing his potential off on her? He didnt know what to say to that. Do what you want then.

Lin Yi didnt bother arguing over this when Xiaoxiao clearly wasnt going to listen. He decided that the girl could follow him all she wanted. Shed probably get tired and stop out of annoyance after a couple of days.

Okay! Xiaoxiao said very happily now that Lin Yi had agreed. Her eyes were even turning into crescents from smiling so widely. Here, cookie.

Lin Yi took the cookie and put it on the small table in front of him.

So I heard it, Yushu whispered to Mengyao.

What were they talking about? Mengyao asked.

Feng Xiaoxiao wants Shield Bro to teach her how to drive. Thats why shes following him all the time, Yushu said.

Is that so. Then let her do what she wants. Mengyao, naturally, wasnt very interested after learning driving lessons were what XIaoxiao was after.


Xiaofus face was getting paler by the second. He couldn’t take it anymore. I cant anymore, Liang Bro! I feel like vomiting!

Hold it in! Well be there soon! Pinliang wanted to vomit as well, but he was in better shape than Xiaofu was since hed been in a lot of planes when he had traveled, including small planes like this one that were a little more turbulent.

I cant, I really cant! Xiaofu cried out all of a sudden. Flight attendant, open the window! I need to vomit!

Xiaofus voice made the students in the front turn around and look, and Pinliang felt his face heat up at the humiliation. What on earth was Xiaofu doing? This is a plane, not a car! The windows are sealed! They dont open!

Then what do I do? Im really gonna vomit! Xiaofu said.

Hold it in! Hold it in a little while longer! Pinliang raged.

Ugh Blergh Xiaofu seemed like he was about to vomit sometime soon. He covered his mouth with his hands. After a while passed, he finally breathed out. Phew.

Managed to hold it in? Pinliang relaxed. Xiaofu seemed fine now.

It came out into my mouth, but I swallowed it back down, Xiaofu said.

Huh? Blugh Pinliangs stomach churned. Swallowed it back down? How disgusting could Xiaofu get?! He couldve held it in, but what Xiaofu said really hit him hard. He was about to open his mouth and vomit when he saw everyone looking at Xiaofu in curiosity, Yushu included. Troubled, Pinliang felt the vomit reach his throat, and he decided that it wasnt going to stop. He steeled himself and did what Xiaofu did, swalloing it back down.

Pinliang burped before waving at Yushu, a wide smile on his face. See? Im still going strong. Gao Xiaofu just isnt strong enough!

Pinliang sighed in relief. No one seemed to have noticed. He sure was smart, actually swallowing what he vomited without letting people realize what was happening!

Liang Bro, Im not feeling so good. I need to take a dump, Xiaofu said awhile later.

You bastard. Whyre you so much trouble? Vomiting and now sh*tting? Pinliang said, irritated.

Liang Bro, you cant blame me! I didnt get to puke it out, so now it needs to go out from somewhere else, Xiaofu said weakly.

Theres a lavatory at the front. Go by yourself! Pinliang said helplessly.

Xiaofu fast walked into the lavatory. Pinliang started to regret letting Xiaofu sit at the back with him. Hed damaged his heroic image!

But why did his stomach feel so uncomfortable? Pinliangs eyes widened in shock. Did he need to shit as well after swallowing the vomit?

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The thought frightened him, and Pinliang ran to the lavatory, remembering that Xiaofu was still in there. He knocked. Xiaofu, hurry up!

Liang Bro, whats wrong? Xiaofu said weakly.

I need to use the lavatory! Hurry! Pinliang panicked.

Ah Im sh*tting right now, Xiaofu said.

Pinliang was starting to sweat from the pain at this point. All he could do was pound on the lavatory door.

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Chapter 460