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Chapter 455 – The Start of a Nightmare

Whatre you following me for? Lin Yi frowned at Xiaoxiao as she walked beside him.

They say you become who youre always with, right? Xiaoxiao said with a smile. Its fine if you dont want to teach me how to race. Ill just be by your side and youll rub off on me. Ill become like you and well both be racers!

Lin Yi was so overcome with shock at Xiaoxiaos logic that he couldnt even say anything. Do whatever you want then. Im going home.

With that, Lin Yi turned and went to the food street behind the school where his car was parked. Xiaoxiao kept pace with him.

Lin Yi frowned, worried that Mrs. Tang and Tang Yin might misunderstand things. Can you at least follow me tomorrow?

Isnt it nice if you let me go home with you? Xiaoxiao had made up her mind to follow Lin Yi, so no matter what he said shed maintain a soft tone and gentle attitude.

You dont want your car anymore? Lin Yi didnt know how to react to Xiaoxiaos attitude. He couldnt get angry the way he could have if Xiaoxiao was like before. One kick and he could end it all.

Kicking a girl trying to be sweet with him, however, was something Lin Yi couldnt bring himself to do.

Ill go home with you and take the bus back for my car! Xiaoxaio said.

Feng Xiaoxiao, can you please be a little bit more normal? Lin Yi couldnt take this anymore. If you keep up this insanity, Im not coming to school tomorrow!

I wont follow you home then. Please dont skip class! I still wanna be with you every day. Xiaoxiao quickly shook her head in response. Ill leave, alright? Bye.

Lin Yi breathed a sigh of relief as he watched Xiaoxiao leave, finally rid of her. What the hell was wrong with her, anyway? That twisted logic of becoming who she was with too. Lin Yi didnt buy that excuse one bit. She must be planning something shady.

But what Lin Yi didnt expect was that it was the start of a nightmare

Who was that girl? Lin Yi got Xiaoxiao to leave, but Tang Yin saw him with her all the same as she helped her mother out.

Tang Yin had seen him the moment Lin Yi arrived at the food street, but she refrained from calling out to him after seeing a girl beside him, acting as if she didnt see anything, her heart thumping all the while.

She couldnt prevent herself from asking that question now that the girl was gone.

She sits next to me in class. Transfer student, Lin Yi said.

Whys she following you though? Tang Yin felt that itd seem petty for her to be asking Lin Yi stuff like this, but she decided it was fine. The more perfect Lin Yi was, the more afraid and insecure about losing him Tang Yin got.

Shes new here. Didnt know where her car was parked, Lin Yi said offhandedly.

I see. She drives to school too? Her family has to be rich, right? Tang Yin paused, thinking that she probably wouldnt stand a chance against Xiaoxiao if they were to contend for Lin Yi.

Who knows. She did see me drive on the street once, and now she wants me to teach her because she thinks Im good. I dont really have time to bother with her, Lin Yi said.

Oh, I see. Tang Yin started getting nervous again. So Feng Xiaoxiao was here aiming straight for Lin Yi? Tang Yin felt a slight sense of danger at the thought.

Lets not talk about her. Hows Auntys business been recently? Lin Yi didnt want to dwell on Xiaoxiao any longer in front of Tang YIn.

Its alright, around three or four times the old income. If this goes on, itll be ten thousand plus per month! Tang Yin was evidently really happy that her family was able to earn this much now.

Nice. Save up and get a place. You guys can open a barbecue shop. Thingsll be much easier from that point on. Lin Yi nodded. He could always give Tang Yins family a little more funding to help them open a restaurant, but knowing Tang Yin she probably wouldnt accept it if he offered.

I was thinking that too. I dont want Mom to be under the sun all the time, but she said that its a huge risk to open a shop. She said she doesnt want to lose any money there. Tang Yins face reddened a little. She said, she said she wanted to save the money up for a dowry.

A dowry? Lin Yi blinked before he started laughing oddly. Ill go talk with Aunty. Its not like I need that anyway, so theres no point for her to save up for it.

You? Tang Yin paused before her face reddened in realization. She started to lightly hit Lin Yi. Whatre you talking about! Who said anything about marrying you?!

Hahaha! Lin Yi stopped Tang Yins attacks. Auntys agreed to it already.

He helped out Tang Yin and Mrs. Tang for a bit until the students buying from the place started to lessen. He helped push the barbecue cart into the nearby storage area before driving the two back home to the slums.

Yi, theyre relocating the slums district soon. Do you think we should take the money compensation or a new place? Mrs. Tang had been troubled these past few days. From what shed heard, the compensation money was a couple hundred thousand, but taking the other compensation got them a nice apartment place. It was a good deal.

A new place is good. Im not too sure about stuff like this, but Ill ask someone for you. Lin Yi was thinking about Fatty Lai. Wasnt that guy a real estate veteran? Hed get a good answer from him.

Although, knowing Fatty Lai, hed probably gift Tang Yin an entire villa the next day if he learned she was Lin Yis girlfriend. Lin Yi didnt think Tang Yin would accept it though.

Alright. These are just rumors, so were not sure if a relocations really happening. Mrs. Tang sighed. People were talking about it earlier, but nothings been settled yet because the compensation we were offered didnt match what the community wanted.

Its fine. Just remember to tell me if you need anything. I have a friend in real estate, so hell be able to help, Lin Yi said.

Lin Yi didnt get out of the car after taking Mrs. Tang and Tang Yin home. He drove back to Mengyaos villa right away.

Mengyao had gotten used to Lin Yi leaving early and returning late at this point, so she did nothing more than eye him icily before continuing to watch TV with Yushu.


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The next day, it took until noon for Lin Yi to finally escape from Xiaoxiaos torture. He asked Tang Yin out for a meal at the cafeteria, but Xiaoxiao actually started following him out the classroom, much to his surprise.

Whatre you following me for? Im going to lunch with Tang Yin. Lin Yi didnt think Xiaoxiao would be coming with him again. She was like his shadow.

Im going for lunch too! Xiaoxiao blinked. I want to get to know your girlfriend, too, since well be seeing each other pretty often in the future.

What do you mean? Youre not saying youll be there every time Im on a date with her, are you? Lin Yis face went green.

Yeah! Xiaoxiao nodded very seriously.

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