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Chapter 450 – Volunteering

Lin Yi pawed through the other bags before saying, Some of them have been on the shelves a bit too long, but everythings authentic.

Good, thats good! Fatty Lai was afraid that everything he brought to Lin Yi might be fake. All was good as long as they were genuine. Then please choose the good ones, Miracle Doctor Lin!

Okay. Grandpa Guan, do you have a medicine brewing kettle here? Lin Yi asked.

I do. Ill have Aunt Liu bring it over. Xuemin was a famed doctor in the medical field. He wouldnt be short of a basic Eastern medicinal tool like a brewing kettle.

Then do I have to leave? Fatty Lai was a conscientious man. He understood that it might be taboo to watch Lin Yi brew medicine, so itd be better for him to back off instead of trouble him.

Its fine, sit. Theres a couple of things about starting a company that Id like to learn from you! Lin YI gestured for Fatty Lai to sit.

Learn from me? Fatty Lai felt overwhelmed by the statement. He quickly waved his fat hands in front of him. No, no. Such words! Itll just be some of my opinions, but dont worry, Ill tell you everything I know! I wont hide anything! Its my honor that youre letting me speak, Miracle Doctor Lin!

Aunt Liu got the items ready for Lin Yi very quickly. He swiftly picked a couple of the fresher reagents and put them into the brewing kettle. It seemed like hed made some random choices, but the amount he picked up had been quickly and meticulously calculated.

Fatty Lai watched in wonder, but felt that this wasnt much. He was aware that Lin Yis medical prowess was far beyond that of small flourishes. This was nothing compared to the other things he was capable of.

Even Xuemin was a little taken aback by Lin Yis speed. It didnt seem like he was even looking at the reagents, and the initial process was completed in just a moments notice.

Fatty Lai, Im planning to have two types of medicine listed for the initial stage of the company. Ones a painkiller without any side effects, and the other ones a medicine for injuries. How do you think I should advertise them after getting them listed? Lin Yi asked.

Miracle Doctor Lin, the injury medicine, does it have effects similar to the Golden Creation Medicine Miracle Doctor Kang has? Fatty Lais face looked smart all of a sudden, talking business, the crybaby and wuss image completely wiped away.

Its similar. Ive never seen the Golden Creation Medicine before, but my injury medicine does heal wounds quickly as well, without leaving scars. Lin Yi nodded.

Then its likely very similar! Fatty Lai said after a sigh. My suggestion is to have this injury medicine listed first to gain it popularity!

Oh? Can you elaborate? Lin Yi and Xuemin had planned to promote the two medicines together, but Fatty Lai was suggesting a different route.

Heh, if we only put out one medicine with similar effects to the most famous Golden Creation Medicine out on the market, everybodys going to compare the two products, Fatty Lai said. At first therell be doubt, but if they realize that the medicine has the same effects as Miracle Doctor Kangs, theyll start leaning towards us!

Naturally, theres two prerequisites. First, well need to set the price lower than theirs, and well need to have an ample supply. According to what I know, Miracle Doctor Kangs Golden Creation Medicine has a low supply, and since they give priority to some special organizations and the military, normal people dont get to buy much at all! If they dont have access to Golden Creation, theyll definitely choose us.

Also, if our product is obviously better than theirs, we wont have to lower the price. If we cant increase the production rate of the medicine, however, then itll be the same the medicines will still be low in stock, and it doesnt matter if were fighting them for the market share.

Fatty Lai wiped his brow and exhaled after speaking that last line.

Lin Yi and Xuemin blinked, not expecting that from Fatty Lai. The guy was pretty good. He wasnt just a crybaby after all.

Then, the painkiller Lin Yi said modestly, inexperienced in the business field and all.

After the uproar we cause with the injury medicine, it shouldnt be a problem for the painkiller to do well! Fatty Lai said. After the consumers accept our first listed product, we dont even need to promote the second one! Although, we could host a launch conference for it.

I see! Lin Yi nodded, enlightened. Then do we still do the auction I was thinking about? I wanted to auction off a couple Pills of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing, but

Lin Yi hesitated. He wasnt too close with Fatty Lai, so he couldn’t just let him know how insanely easy it was to make that pill. If he made Fatty Lai feel like hed paid an entire skyscraper for half a jellybean, Lin Yi was sure he wouldnt be pleased. Even though hed offered the building, Lin Yi still didnt want Fatty Lai pissed off at him.

So he lied, But the pills really hard to make, and a lot of the reagent providers have stopped production, too. Its a limited number, so we cant mass produce it. Would it seem like the pill isnt associated with the company if we do the auction?

No, not at all! Its a nice gimmick! Fatty Lai waved his hands, thinking to himself that his decision to scoop out the pill from the dog poop was a genius one. Lin Yi probably didnt have a lot of them anymore. This was what a priceless treasure was! The Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing must be an insane rarity.

I thought of it as a gimmick too, but I feel like youre saying that it doesnt really do much? Lin Yi asked.

How so? Fatty Lai waved his hands. We can tell the public that the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing is a limited edition medicine because of its low synthesis success rate, plus the rarity of its reagents. Yes, we might as well say that its an ultimate medicine from the master providing us with our recipes! The rarer something is, the more expensive, right? With this Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing as an opener, its effects would definitely make the process with the injury medicine that much smoother!

Lin Yi nodded. He liked Fatty Lais ideas. Do you know where we can hire a manager to handle the company?

Uh Fatty Lais eyes lit up with excitement and anticipation, along with the reddening of his face. What do you think about me?

You? Li Yi had to pause a bit before understanding what Fatty Lai was saying. Youre saying you wanna be the manager?

Yeah, what do you think? Ive been fighting in the business industry for more than ten years! I have experience! Fatty Lai said as he thumped his chest.

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But your trading and real estate companies Lin Yi looked at Fatty Lai in confusion.

The trading company will be used for medicine promotion from now on, and the real estate one will be for our chain companies! Fatty Lai said with a wave of his hand. I built and founded these two companies myself. I have full authority!

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