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Chapter 440 – Feng Xiaoxiao’s Suspicious Movements

The students who had finished with the planting went back to class for study hall- they didnt need the teachers to be telling them to study anymore, not in the twelfth grade. Those who wanted to study would naturally study, and those who didnt, like Ruomings kind, wouldnt, no matter how you forced him.

Mengyao and Yushu spent a while on their MP4 upon returning to the classroom before starting doing some revisions. The hard road of the Gaokao wouldnt cut them any slack for being pretty, and since both of them didnt want to rely on their families, theyd set out to get good grades by themselves.

Tang Yin and Lin Yi had finished as well, and Tang Yin went back to class to get to the books. Shed been busy with her fathers operation recently, and there was her relationship with Lin Yi, too- she hadnt had much time to spend on studying. Her grades would probably start dropping if she didnt start working hard again.

Tang Yin wanted to stay a little longer with Lin Yi, but what if she couldnt make it into university?

The two finished lunch at the cafeteria and paid Mrs. Tang a visit at her food stand before going back to their respective classrooms.

Xiaoxiao was sitting at her desk alone, eating a lunchbox quietly. She raised her head to look at Lin Yi as he walked over only to lower it back down again, focusing on her meal.

Those lunchboxes from there arent clean- I had one before, found a fly in it. Lin Yi said with a smile after looking at the logo on the lunchbox.

Pfft-! Xiaoxiao spit out the piece of meat shed been chewing on before glaring right at Lin Yi. Youre doing this on purpose, arent you?

Ah, Im just kindly reminding you. Lin Yi shrugged. Sitting next to Xiaoxiao was rather unsettling- he needed to get rid of her soon.

Xiaoxiao eyed Lin Yi angrily, thinking that if this was how Lin Yi wanted to play shed gladly entertain him! Shed been feeling rather bad for the upcoming ass-blasting later, but since Lin Yi was being an ass she decided that itd be fine humiliating him tonight. Hmph! 

It was around study hall at night when Pinliang finished the preparations- he sent Xiaoxiao a text to tell her that they could carry out the next stage of the operation. 

Xiaoxiao wasnt worried that Lin Yi wouldnt go join the performance- since Yushu and Mengyao were going, it wasnt possible that Lin Yi wouldnt be there as the bodyguard and all.

Pinliang had also sent a text to Yushu as well. Yao Yao, lets go breathe some fresh air? Its so boring in here!

Right now? Mengyao frowned. Shed just started some math problems for practice, and was in the middle of solving the first one! It wasnt very good timing.

Yeah! I heard therell be fireworks on the field, lets go see, okay? Yushu said.

Fireworks? Its not that Zhong Pinliang again, is it? Mengyao wasnt stupid- shed managed to guess what this whole thing might be about.

Hehe, yeah! You coming, Yao Yao? Yushu didnt try hiding it now that Mengyao had figured it out.

Dont want to. Mengyao shook her head.

Well I cant go alone if you dont, can I Its dark outside already, what if I get scared! Yushu started pulling at Mengyao, intending to force her out with her.

You? Scared? Mengyao didnt believe it. Werent you the one beating ghosts to death in that theme park haunted house?

But Yushu was insisting- helpless, Mengyao stood up and walked with her.

Zhong Pinliang wants to use fireworks to confess to Chu Mengyao- arent you going to watch? Xiaoxiao had to explain to Lin Yi- it didnt seem like he was getting up.

Fireworks? Lin Yi had thought the girls were going to the bathroom, so he didnt really think about it- now that Xiaoxiao told her what was going on he needed to go take a look himself.

As for why Xiaoxiao knew something like this, Lin Yi wasnt surprised at all. The girl was always with Pinliang, so it was only natural that shed be aware of his plans and schemes.

But Lin Yi found it a bit odd- why was Xiaoxiao being so nice, reminding him and everything? Could she have some other plan in mind?

Lin Yi stepped out the bathroom and Xiaoxiao followed- it didnt go unnoticed by Lin Yi, who saw Xiaoxiaos figure in the window as he turned the corner at the stairs.

Lin Yi smiled- so she was coming too. He didnt think it was likely that Xiaoxiao would just let yesterdays events go like that. She was just waiting for the correct moment to explode on him.

In the forest behind the school was a very huge crowd of students whod received the news- there were highschoolers from different grades and even some middle schoolers whod been attracted over after school ended for them.

It seemed that Pinliang had spread the news about his Firetree Silverflower plan beforehand to attract an audience.

Pinliang stood with Xiaofu beside a tree covered in fireworks and paper notes, full of extreme hate for Yushu at this point. The girl almost disabled his butt with that needle! It was still painfully swollen.

A needle for trees was simply not meant for insertion into the human body. As furious as Pinliang was, he needed to maintain his smile for Yushu- after all, he needed her to get Mengyao to attend the fireworks confession performance he was about to put on.

Liang Bro, Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushus here! Lin Yis not far away behind them, too! Xiaofu whispered to Pinliang.

Yeah, I saw. You go bring Chu Mengyao and Chen Yushu over, also Lin Yi and Feng Xiaoxiao. Ive told Feng Xiaoxiao about the procedure already; shell just need to wait until Lin Yi gets screwed! Pinliang instructed quietly.

Alright, Liang Bro! Xiaofu nodded and opened up a path in the crowd of students. Stay away, everyone! Let our female lead tonight through!

Xiaofu had a pretty strong influence over the regular students in the school.

Chu Mengyao, Chen Yushu- Liang Bro has everything prepared, all thats left is you girls! Xiaofu made an invitational gesture.

Well watch here, no need to go over. Mengyao didnt want to get any closer- she wasnt very interested in the whole Firetree Silverflower thing in the first place.

Yao Yao, lets go Its not a very good view from here Yushu pulled at Yao Yao, a little upset. I still want to give Zhong Pinliang an injection!

… Mengyao didnt have a choice and let Yushu pull her over. She knew how this best friend of hers was like- she just liked being entertained. It wasnt like she was trying to help Pinliang out or anything.

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Lin Yi followed from afar, as did Xiaoxiao, except this time she walked past Lin Yi right away to start helping Pinliang with the work.

Lin Yi didnt quite understand why Xiaoxiao was going out of her way to help Pinliang like that. From what hed seen, Xiaoxiao was the dominant one even though she had the same Big Four title like Pinliang. Since Pinliang was the inferior one, why would Xiaoxiao go help Pinliang with stuff like that?

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Chapter 440