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Chapter 44 – Lemme Tell You A Little Secret

It was eleven by the time the girls finished eating. There was still school tomorrow- they shouldve been asleep long ago.

Lin Yi stood up as he watched the girls walk upstairs, making his way to the table with a nice smile on his lips. He wasnt paying attention to them when they first started their meal, but he didnt miss anything that came after Yushus invitation.

They spoke softly, never expecting Lin Yi to be able to read lips- he caught every single word Mengyao spoke.

So the Miss was a bit of a softie inside, it seemed. Lin Yi smiled softly as he scraped the girls leftovers together, though they werent really leftovers. Both girls had small appetites, and theyd barely touched the braised chicken at all, evidently avoiding it for how fattening it was.

For many of the boys at Songshans First School, eating the food leftovers of Mengyao and Yushu was a blessing- someone like Zhong Pinliang, for example, would never get tired of it.

Lin Yi was indeed hungry, and he wasted no time in clearing every piece of food item on the table. He ended the meal with a burp, very satisfied.

Footsteps sounded from behind him, but Lin Yi didnt bother turning around- he could easily determine who the approaching person was judging by the footsteps alone, despite how slight the difference was between the twos walking patterns.

Woah, Shield Guy! Are you a pig?? Theres nothing left! It was Yushu, as expected. The girl had come down to quench her thirst when she saw the containers all cleaned up.

Lin Yi laughed. You guys are pretty wasteful, arent you? Do you leave this much food behind every time?

Well, theres you now, so its fine isnt it?! Yushu, naturally, didnt understand the virtue in finishing your food, not with the family conditions she was born into.

Lin Yi didnt add anything else; he understood the differences in their environments. Yushu and Mengyao would never comprehend the perspective of his kind of people. Not in regards to wasting food, at least.

Oh, thats right, lemme tell you a little secret! Yushu offered as she pulled out a bottle of red tea from the fridge, acting very mysterious.

What secret? Lin Yi asked, not knowing where this was going.

See, Yao Yao told me that she never said she doesnt like you, so you can eat with us next time. Yushu whispered.

Is that so? I see. Lin Yi nodded in response. Thanks, but Ill just wait until after you guys finish.

Why? Yushu asked, curious.

Thered be nothing left if I ate first. Lin Yi smiled, pointing at the empty containers on the table.

Hah! Yushu laughed. Im going up, you get some rest too. With that, Yushu made her way upstairs, waving goodbye to Lin Yi as she left.

Lin Yi watched as Yushu disappeared upstairs. He shook his head. He could never tell what the girl was thinking- she came off as a cutie, but was actually surprisingly smart.

Lin Yi didnt plan on showering due to his bullet wound. He settled with dabbing himself over with a wet towel before going to bed, thinking about how he never expected to get hurt in a place like this- he could have healed his leg faster if hed brought some of Old Lins herbs and medicine along.

He closed his eyes, and started training in the Art of Dragon Mastery. Hed always look forward to a breakthrough every night, but that expectation was never rewarded.

A lazy, warm sunlight shined its way into Lin Yis room and onto his back. He stretched, pushing the windows open as he took a whiff of the morning air.

It was a brand new day, full of possibilities, and a fresh school day to look forward to. He valued the opportunity well- waking up to a school day like this had always been his dream. He didnt know when the Miss would have him kicked out, but he might as well enjoy this life as long as he possibly could.

Song Lingshan sighed helplessly as she stared at the group of people in front of her in the interrogation room.

A whole night, and no progress at all- the information from these people were all useless!

They were the drivers of the decoy A74110 SUVs, but it was evident that none of them knew anything worthwhile.

Lingshan doubted the fact at first, but further research into their backgrounds revealed them to be public transportation drivers on break.

It was just a 500 kuai job they received: to drive a A74110 SUV to a designated location, at a designated time.

These drivers hadnt even reached the location when they got arrested- they even thought the officers to be the traffic police, since they hadnt gone through the legal procedures for the SUVs at all, accepting the assignment only due to the high price offered.

It wasnt until they were told of their connection to the bank robbery did they realize that theyd been had and manipulated by a criminal group. These suspects were no longer suspects, and were to be sent to the traffic police to deal with- Lingshan couldnt just vent her rage on these guys.

A whole night for nothing. It was the first time she was in charge of a case by herself, after all, and Lingshan couldnt help but be in dismay- there was a lot riding on her shoulders.

Vice-captain, do we expand our search radius? Liu Wangli of Team C1 asked.

They had been searching for a whole night, to no avail. Continuing the search even after daybreak would most certainly impede civilian movement- Lingshan wasnt very willing to go to that length. A large scale search would involve setting blockades up to halt passing cars, so that they could be investigated.

Ill consult Captain Yang. Lingshan had reached her limit- she needed the captains advice on this one.

She really felt like a failure sometimes- the guy transferred into the team from the military at the same time as her, but possessed observational and detective abilities a hundred times greater! Any case that found itself on Yang Huaijuns hands would undoubtedly break open under his analyses and deductions!

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But as for me Theres just too much I need to learn! Lin Yis right, this vice-captain position It really does look like money and family connections, doesnt it!!

Yet Lingshan understood that she was still deserving of the title, especially when her military rank of major and achievements were taken into account.

There was, however, a lot she had to work on.

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