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Chapter 439 – Test

This was something serious, and would be responsible for the Kangs future strength. As such, it was an important priority to Miracle Doctor Kang, who dialed the hotel owner up after Zhaolong talked with him.

He seemed to recall the hotel owner bring a dog with him to the feast that day, but since he wasnt particularly on the lookout for dogs, he didnt know if it was a german shepherd.

Mister Zhang? Im Kang Laicai. Miracle Doctor Kang had a good relationship with this hotel owner- he got along well with all business families other than the strongest houses. The Kangs were considered extremely successful businessmen compared to them, despite not being on the same level as the top-tier families.

Good day, Miracle Doctor Kang. Did you need anything? The hotel owner found it odd- why had Miracle Doctor Kang called personally all of a sudden? Even when they contacted each other it was with Miracle Doctor Kangs eldest son, Kang Guifeng.

Yes- I heard you have a german shepherd? Miracle Doctor Kang asked.

Oh? I do have one Mister Zhang didnt know where this was coming from. My wife doesnt have much to do at home, and she likes dogs- I think I brought the german shepherd to your birthday feast that other day.

Mister Zhang, my grandson Zhaolong likes german shepherds, but we couldnt find any after looking through many pet stores I wouldnt be asking if it could be helped Miracle Doctor Kang hesitated a little. Asking for a dog from Mister Zhang like this might arouse his suspicion, but time was of the essence here- he couldnt be beating around the bush. Even if Mister Zhang did suspect him of something, it wouldnt even cross his mind that it was dog shit he was after

Oh? So your grandson likes german shepherds, Miracle Doctor Kang? I see, I see- Ill have someone send you the german shepherd in a bit! Mister Zhang said after a brief pause, not expecting Miracle Doctor Kang to have called for a dog. Hed thought that it was something serious, too. What dog would the Kangs have no access to, anyway, with the power and money they now had?

Calling him for a dog only meant that he valued him, so Mister Zhang didnt think much about it before saying yes. Although, there were a couple of things he needed to inform Miracle Doctor Kang. Miracle Doctor Kang, this dog is a little bit special My wife pampers it a lot, and it always steals food from the cupboards sand everything, also pooping and peeing everywhere often I was actually prepared to sell the dog or gift it to someone if you hadnt come to me, but now that Im giving it to you these are things I have to remind you- I wouldnt want to hide them from you

Miracle Doctor Kang, naturally, was glad that pooping was good- the dog not pooping was the only thing he was afraid of! Thats a small issue, its alright. Thank you a lot, Mister Zhong- Ill have Zhaolong come visit you to give you thanks one day!

Haha, its no big deal. If you say its fine, Miracle Doctor Kang, Ill have the german shepherd sent to you in a while! Mister Zhang said.

Mister Zhang wanted to please the Kangs, so he quickly delivered the dog to the Kang household in almost no time at all.

Upon receiving the german shepherd, Zhaolong quickly fed it a lot of dog food and got in return a warm portion of dog poop.

Its the same! Its completely identical! After our lab analysis we found that the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansings dog poop ingredient fully matches the dog poop here! We were right, the pills ingredient was a german shepherd’s dog poop! Zhaolong reported the analysis report to Miracle Doctor Kang excitedly as soon as he got his hands on it.

Its actually the same?? Miracle Doctor Kang found it hard to contain his excitement as well- he slammed a palm onto the coffee table and almost flipped everything over, demonstrating just how thrilled he currently was.

It really is identical! Weve gotten our hands on the component of the pill! Zhaolong said. Well be able to carry out clinical experiments soon!

Good, good! House Kangs future shines bright! Miracle Doctor Kang started laughing at the sky. Zhaolong, you and Zhaoming have made huge contributions! Hurry, as you stockpile on german shepherd poop, get some people to consume them and see what effects take place!

Grandpa, I I wouldnt suggest having outsiders test try the poop! Zhaolong shook his head. The Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing is still in an extreme confidential stage, and we shouldnt let other people know about it. Even if we dont tell them its dog poop theyre eating they might still be able to make a guess! I suggest we leave the testing to the people in the family.

Youre right- then call your father, second uncle, and Zhaoming over to discuss this! Miracle Doctor Kang quickly pulled closed the curtains. Zhaolong was right- this was a very important thing for the family, we shouldnt let outsiders be involved. The loss would be too immense if the recipe was exposed.

Miracle Doctor Kangs study was soon occupied by Kang Guifeng, Cuipu, Zhaolong, and Zhaoming, seated on the sofas as Miracle Doctor Kang sat in his rocking chair, eyes closed and deep in thought.

The group dared not interrupt him as they sat quietly and carefully, patiently waiting for the doctor to speak. It wasnt a long while until Miracle Doctor Kang opened his eyes. Regarding the dog poop Its now the highest priority and confidential secret in the Kang house. Only the people in this room should be aware of it- it shouldnt be exposed to the outside, and this includes your wives and future wives!

Understood! Guifeng understood just how important this confidentiality was- should this Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing succeed, the Kangs would be in a position levels beyond the one they were at. As such, the secret must never be exposed.

Cuipu and Zhaolong nodded as well- even Zhaoming understood the importance of the situation as he made his promise to keep it secret. Dont worry, grandpa- we wont say anything!

Hm. Next, lets talk about the clinical experiments. Zhaoming had went through the strenuous test already, so Zhaoming wont be participating this time. Miracle Doctor Kang said. This time itll be me, Guifeng, Cuipu, and Zhaolong testing the medicine!

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I can do it, grandpa! Its no problem! Zhaoming was full of energy every day after consuming the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing- he wanted to participate now that hed experienced the pill.

If thats what you want then you can join. Dog poop, after all, wouldnt kill you or enhance you too much. Miracle Doctor Kang nodded, not insisting on leaving Zhaoming out. Ill take in the other half of the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing- you guys split this dog poop here.

Miracle Doctor Kang pointed at the two boxes on the coffee table. He wasnt stupid- as things stood, dog shit was the same as the Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing, but there was no guarantee that both were same pure poop. He decided to take the half of the original pill.

Zhaoming actually wanted the half of the original pill, but now that his grandfather took it, he couldnt really fight for it. He nodded in response.

And so, the elders and youngsters of the Kang family sat around and started cutting the dog poop into separate portions, filling the room with a horrendous, choking, smell…

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