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Chapter 437 – Catching the Laborer

Pinliang was thinking of avoiding Mengyao himself and talk to Yushu about tonights Firetree Silverflower plans- there were some things he didnt really want to mention in front of Mengyao.

He was worried that Mengyao might reject him right away without any concern for his reputation- thatd make Pinliang look pretty pathetic, and itd have an irreversible effect, too.

So Pinliang decided to go talk to Yushu about it first. As long as Yushu was willing to help persuade Mengyao into watching his Firetree Silverflower performance, then he was sure Mengyao would show up. Naturally, the performance would move her, and that might even make her fall for him

Shu is right, Yao Yao! You go take a break first, dont overwork yourself! Pinliang said, following Yushus lead.

Mengyao couldnt be happier that Pinliang wasnt bothering her- now that hed asked her to leave shed never reject it.

Yushu blinked at Pinliang after Mengyao had walked away. You need my help, right, Liangy? What is it!

Ugh How did you know? Pinliang paused, thinking that this Yushu was pretty smart.

Every time you come looking for me its to ask me to help you. Yushu handed her shovel to Pinliang, a smile on her face. Here, help me dig the holes and tell me what it is. Well talk about it after I know what you need.

Alright! Pinliang quickly took the shovel, looking at Yushu very gratefully. Every time he went to her for help shed always cause trouble, but she sure was being understanding today!

Mengyao would probably faint from shock if she were here- Yushu hadnt even promised Pinliang anything! She was just being a little nicer, and that was enough to get Pinliang to labor for her for nothing, for free! Only Pinliang was dumb enough to fall for something like that.

Im thirsty- tell your follower to get some cold drinks. Yushu seated herself on a soil pack, hugging her legs as she talked to Pinliang.

Sure thing! Pinliang quickly turned to call out to Xiaofu, who was some distance away. Xiaofu! Go buy some drinks, cold ones! Hurry!

Pinliang waited until Xiaofu had left for the drinks before speaking to Yushu. Shu I actually do have something I need you to help with

Oh. Tell me- Ill see if I can do it. Yushu nodded half-heartedly, a little displeased that Pinliang had stopped digging. Ill dig the holes if you dont want to- tell me what it is after I finish digging.

Ill dig the holes I wouldnt let you dig them, obviously Pinliang gulped as he quickly resumed the digging. Ill tell you what it is as I dig, okay? So heres the thing. Theres this tree called an Eskimo tree, and I heard its symbolic for love. According to legend, if you confess to a girl under this tree youll be able to win her heart

Youre not trying to tell me you have an Eskimo tree, right? Yushu wondered how stupid could someone get- did Pinliang reallly believe in such an unfounded legend?

Yeah, I have an Eskimo tree thats being shipped over by plane. I asked Xiaofu to go write some confession notes already for me to hang on the tree. Pinliang said.

Is that so? Yushu said faintly as she busied herself with her phone.

Yeah, but thats not the main event tonight! Its a little something I call Firetree Silverflower- Ill be lighting up the sky with fireworks on the tree, writing Yao Yaos name with those fireworks in the sky! Itll be a huge confession. Pinliang didn’t know if Yushu was even listening, but as frustrating as it was he didnt dare lose his temper.

Oh, fireworks? Sounds fun. Ill go take a look, so dont worry- Yao Yao will be coming with me too. Naturally, Yushu wouldnt want to miss a large-scale fireworks show like that.

Thats great! Pinliang exclaimed happily as he increased his digging speed. It wasnt a while until a huge hole was made. Shu, is this okay?

Yeah. Dig one more beside it. Yushu nodded, satisfied.

Again? Pinliang made a bitter face in response- it was hard enough just digging one now he had to dig another?

This ones mine, and the next holes Yao Yao, but if you dont want to its alright, Ill just tell Yao Yao that you want her to dig it herself. Yushu stood up to call out to Mengyao.

N-No! Dont Pinliang wanted to tear up- all that work and he wasnt even doing it for Mengyao? If Yushu said that to Mengyao right now then his previous efforts would be wasted, and Yushu might even cause some trouble to ruin his surprise tonight! He gritted his teeth, deciding it was not something he could risk. Ill keep digging Cant let you and Yao Yao do this kind of work, right? Leave it to the boys!

You keep digging then- Yao Yao did say that she likes stronger boys. Yushu sat down again.

Im strong! Look, Im not even tired yet, that was just thirty percent of my strength! I can go even faster! Pinliang quickly said in response.

A while later and Xiaofu returned with some drinks. Im back, Liang Bro! Are these enough?

Yeah, thats enough! Pinliang gestured for Xiaofu to leave and handed two of them to Yushu. Can you get one to Yao Yao?

Sure. Im going then, you keep at the digging! Call me when youre done. Yushu took the drinks and started walking to where Mengyao was after giving Pinliang some instructions.

Pinliang let his sweat drip down as he gave the digging his all- he wanted to portray just how strong it was, gritting through the exhausting work as he kept a smile on his face

Yao Yao, here! Yushu handed Mengyao a drink.

Im fine- you drink it. Mengyao shook her head. She was an attentive person when it came to Pinliang- she didnt want to give him any opportunities, especially when it came to taking stuff from him.

Ill drink it myself then! Yushu didnt care- shed gotten used to conning Pinliang a long time ago.

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Did you tell him I wanted him to dig the holes? Mengyao frowned at how passionate Pinliang was digging the hole.

Nope! I just said that Yao Yao likes strong boys. Hes trying to impress you with his strength, hehe. Yushu smiled.

Since when did I like strong boys..? Mengyao blinked, not expecting Yushu coming up with an excuse like that to get Pinliang to work.

Shield Bros strong, isnt he? Dont you like him? Yushu asked.

Why are we talking about him again? Do you think Ill ever like someone so blind! Id never bother with him. Mengyao uttered with one look at where Lin Yi was, annoyed.

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