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Chapter 434 – Five Hundred Thousand Isn’t Enough

Mengyao only sat on the side, her face cold as she chatted with Jianwen out of courtesy.

Lin Yi, hes here for you. Come talk to him. Mengyao sighed in relief when she saw Lin Yi walk over. She made her escape and walked upstairs.

Jianwen smiled bitterly at that. Hed come here for Lin Yi, but he wanted to get closer to Mengyao, too- now it felt like he was personally visiting Lin Yi, and Mengyao didnt seem too passionate for him either.

Jianwen didnt understand what hed done wrong, either. It felt like his relationship with Mengyao was getting worse.

Lil bro Lin! Come, come sit! Jianwen greeted warmly. Its been a couple of days, I really missed you!

Lin Yi felt disgusted by that- this Jianwen hadnt become gay because of that drugs properties last time, had he? He walked over and sat on a sofa one meter away from where Jianwen was sitting. What do you need, Master An? How was that blow-up doll?

Uh Jianwens face changed instantly- he wasnt expecting Lin Yi to be prepared to break with him right away! 

But Jianwen hadnt come here today to go to war with him, he was here to befriend Lin Yi! He pressed his rage down, trying to control it. Haha, stop joking around, we were only messing with you! That blowup doll wasnt bad, it felt like a real person. Do you want to try, lil bro Lin?

Ill pass, you guys have fun with it. Lin Yi shook his head as he wondered what this guy was planning again. If Jianwen were to tell him that he didnt mind what happened at all Lin Yi would never believe it- no way Jianwen would have a heart that big. Something was up, that was for sure. The guy had something prepared for him, and Lin Yi raised his alertness in response to that.

Haha, alright. You have a beautiful girlfriend, lil bro Lin, you wont need stuff like this, haha! I heard its one of the school beauties in Songshans First School? Same as lil sis Yao Yao? Jianwen said with a laugh.

What do you want? Lin Yis face darkened along with his attitude- was the bastard planning to do something to Tang Yin? Then hed show him no mercy- hed have to pay for real if he ever did anything to her. Im poor, and I dont like giving gifts, but I dont mind giving you a coffin.

Jianwen was a little angered by Lin Yis threat, but remembering the two tragic deaths of Cihuas golden class masters stabilized his emotions instantly. He wasnt worth shit compared to those two golden class masters! Threatening Lin Yi would only lead to his death.

You misunderstand, lil bro Lin! Im just congratulating you for bringing home a beauty, thats all, really! Jianwen explained hastily, glad that hed talked to Cihua first before actually doing anything to Tang YIn. Hed be fucked otherwise.

Oh. Lin Yi nodded faintly, not quite understanding what Jianwen meant by that.

Heres the thing. Lil bro Lin, you have a girl at home already, but this bro heres still alone! Jianwen said. Youre always by lil sis Yao Yaos side, arent you? Youre updated on everything about her firsthand, right?

And? Lin Yi asked.

I feel like lil sis Yao Yaos treating me a lot colder now. Does she have a boyfriend, or maybe someone she likes? Do you know anything about that? Jianwen asked.

How am I supposed to know? Lin Yi shook his head. Why would I go investigate stuff like that?

Thats right, I guess you dont have to trouble yourself with that kind of stuff now that you have a girlfriend, but Im still single! All those years chasing Chu Mengyao, to no avail A man with a full belly wouldnt understand a starving man! Jianwen said heavily. Ive wronged you before, but that was because I thought you were Chu Mengyaos boyfriend! Now that I know its not the case there really isnt any beef between us at all! Its still completely possible for us to be friends.

Well, I wouldve been in trouble if I werent careful. Lin Yi didnt pity the guy one bit- what the hell did it matter to him whether he managed to get Mengyao to like him or not? Putting that aside, the guy was too dangerous for Lin Yi to let near Mengyao in the first place, anyway.

Haha Jianwen laughed a little awkwardly. Its alright if we started out as enemies, weve bonded differently, thats all. And its not like youve lost anything or suffered, right?

So what do you want me to do? Lin Yi didnt want to talk about this anymore- he decided to just get Jianwens purpose out from him.

Lil bro Lin, youre always seeing Chu Mengyao at school and at home. Can you help me see if theres any boys particularly close to her, or anything of the sort? Can you call me and tell me information like that? Jianwen said.

You want me to be a spy? Lin Yi understood what he was getting at.

Yeah, something like that. Jianwen nodded.

Thats not an easy job. You know how Im employed by Mister Chu Pengzhan- I cant just turn on them and spy for someone else. Lin Yi eyed Jianwen.

Well, I wouldnt let you do it for free! Theres something in it for you. Jianwen thought that there was still a chance- Lin Yi hadnt cut the discussion off yet. Ill give you compensation

Oh, sure. Ill help you for five hundred thousand a month. That should cover it- barely, though. Lin Yi said.

Five hundred thousand Jianwen paused- Hed planned on giving around one hundred thousand or eighty thousand, but he wasnt expecting Lin Yi to say five hundred right from the get-go! This was a monthly salary, too!

If its too much then forget it- Dont really wanna do something so dangerous. Its not worth risking my current job for that bit of money. Lin Yi said faintly.

Five hundred thousand was a bit of money? Jianwen need a while to take that in, but after considering that Lin Yi was a late phase golden class master it didnt seem odd anymore. It had to be expensive hiring a golden class of Lin Yis calibre, that would only make sense- the early phase golden class master Jianwens elder brother had with him was given a five million salary yearly, and Lin Yi was a late phase golden class!

Jianwen felt a lot more at peace after thinking with that angle- after all, five hundred thousand was just one kidney. Itd be fine if he thought about it that way.

Alright, five hundred thousand! Ill leave it to you then, lil bro Lin! Jianwen said. Give me a bank account number, Ill send it to you directly.

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Lin Yi told Jianwen his bank account number and was finally rid of him. After hed left, Yushu poked her head out from the bathroom. Shield Bro, whyd you only ask for five hundred thousand Thats a bit too little, isnt it

Ah Im not gonna help him in the first place, so that five hundred thousands free money anyway. Lin Yi smiled- hed known that Yushu had sneaked into the bathroom to eavesdrop.

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