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Chapter 432 – Little Bodyguard

Ah? Youre Professor Guans granddaughter! Thats perfect, do you know Miracle Doctor Lin Yis phone number? Im looking for him Fatty Lai started crying again. My dad has uremia, and hes dying Miracle Doctor Lins able to cure him, but Professor Guan wouldnt give me his phone number.

Youre looking for Lin Yi? Guan Xin blinked. One look at that sad face and she decided to help him. Maybe I can tell you. If he scolds you then tell him Im the one who gave the number

Guan Xin had a kind heart- she couldnt bear seeing this fatty crying as he knelt in front of their door. 

Thank you, thank you! Miss Guan, you have a really kind heart You must be Miracle Doctor Lins girlfriend, right? Fatty Lai may be a crybaby, but he was still a seasoned veteran in the business world- he had very extraordinary observation ability, and that unconscious blush on Guan Xins face when he mentioned Lin Yi told him that their relationship should be a little special.

So that was why Lin Yi and Xuemin were so close- it was because of her! Fatty Lai had wondered why Lin Yi wanted to start a medicine company with Xuemin before, not understanding how he trusted Xuemin so much when he was much more of a miracle doctor than the professor was!

So there was another factor at play here!

N-No Were just good friends Guan Xin stuttered a little from the embarrassment Fatty Lai was causing her- despite the blush she was actually really happy to hear what he said. The fatty may be a crybaby, but he sure spoke sweetly She didnt give him Lin Yis number for nothing.

Haha, Ill leave you then, Miss Guan! Ill go make the phone call! Fatty Lai wanted to be associated with Lin Yi as soon as possible.

Guan Xin was getting pretty embarrassed, so she was relieved that Fatty Lai was saying goodbye as she ran into the villa.

Lin Yi remembered that Tang Yin would be at the tree-planting event tomorrow after reaching home- he wondered if she had a sapling already. He took his phone out to make a call when it rang all of a sudden- he thought it was Tang Yin, but it turned out to be an unknown number.

Hello? Lin Yi picked it up.

Is this Miracle Doctor Lin? Fatty Lai said happily.

Miracle Doctor Lin? Who are you? Lin Yi paused.

The phone calls he received recently were all weird- there was one looking for Grand Thief Lin, and now another looking for Miracle Doctor Lin

Miracle Doctor Lin, it really is you! Im Lai Changyi! Fatty Lai introduced quickly.

Lai Changyi? I dont know you! Lin Yi said as he prepared to hang up.

Waah M Miracle Doctor Lin, you dont remember me anymore? Waah Waah Fatty Lai started crying again.

I remember! Lin Yi recognized the crying right away. Youre that crybaby fatty, arent you?

Yes, yes! Thats me, Miracle Doctor Lin! Do you remember? Fatty Lai was surprised and joyed.

I do. What do you need? Lin Yi asked.

Alright, so the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing is really effective! Im just calling to make sure I pay you the medical fees- would you like it transferred? Fatty Lai asked.

Oh, that. Its okay, I said Id give it to you. Lin Yi rejected Fatty Lais intentions. One hundred million was a huge sum, and he himself needed the money, but this was a pill that had been stained with dog shit, a pill that Zhaoming threw away Lin Yi couldnt really accept payment for something like that.

That wont do! You need to accept the money, else itll be hard on my conscience Waah… Fatty Lai started crying once more.

Huh?? Lin Yi was speechless. Whats wrong with saving you money?

What about this then! Miracle Doctor Lin, youre starting a medicine company, arent you? What do you think of an office as a gift? Ive just had a skyscraper built, Im planning on moving the company Im in charge of in there but I dont need that much space, a couple floors will do. I wanted to rent the rest of the place out but how about I just give it to you? Fatty Lai asked.

If you really want to, then alright. Lin Yi didnt reject the offer after hearing it was somewhere for his office- itd save him the trouble to locate and buy one.

Alright, Ill write your name on the deed? Fatty Lai said happily now that Lin Yi had said yes.

Write Grandpa Guans Lin Yi wanted to give Fatty Lai Xuemins name when he thought about it- Xuemin probably wouldnt agree to this. Actually, no- write Guan Xins.

Alright, I got it. Fatty Lai nodded quickly. Lin Yi sure had a deep relationship going on with Guan Xin- his guess was most likely correct.

Is there anything else? Lin Yi was waiting to give Tang Yin a phone call, and wasnt in the mood for all this.

Um About that Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing Is it okay if you sell me another one Fatty Lai asked, revealing his intention.

Oh. Well, your old man wont be dying for a while. Lin Yi said. After a couple days, if everything with the company starts successfully Ill auction some of those pills. You can go buy it then.

Okay, okay! As long as youre selling it! Fatty Lai didnt lack money- he didnt mind it being an auction. Waah Im so happy

Lin Yi hung up and breathed out slowly- the guy was way too naggy, he couldnt take much more of that. He shook his head and called Tang Yin.

Hello? Lin Yi? Whats up? Tang Yin was just coming back from the hospital when she received the call.

Were planting trees at school tomorrow- do you have your sapling? Lin Yi asked.

Yeah, do you want one? I have a lot in the yard. Tang Yin said. You can just come take a couple saplings if you want.

Ohh Lin Yi slapped his head- hed forgotten that Tang Yin lived in a flat house in the slums, so there was a yard with tons of wild saplings there. No, I was just thinking that Id buy you some if you didnt have any

Its alright, haha Tang Yin was evidently really happy to hear that, all warm and fuzzy and sweet for Lin Yi. Shed finally realized what love was like- it was a very pleasant experience Shed always pushed stuff like that aside, but now that she really did fall in love it couldnt be stopped at all

Alright, see you tomorrow. They chatted for a bit until Mrs. Tang called Tang Yin over for dinner.

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In the Floating Cloud Bar was An Jianwen, his face solemn and dark as he sat beside Li Cihua. You need to help me this time, Cihua Bro- send some powerful people to teach that kid a lesson! He really messed me and Taizao up this time!!

Cihua Bro sighed, but didnt say anything in response.

Cihua Bro, the master of the Firewolves is with my older brother right now, and there arent any new masters yet, you know this- I wouldn’t be asking for this favor otherwise! Jianwen started panicking a little at Cihuas silence.

Masters What level are they? Cihua finally spoke after sighing again.

Early phase golden stage! He was supposed to be by my side, but my brother has no class- he took him away! Jianwens eyes were full of toxicity. If he hadnt done that I wouldnt be here enduring this humiliation from some little bodyguard!

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Chapter 432