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Chapter 419 – Give You A Mission

Fine, Ill make a phone call, you wait here! Tiandi started putting on airs again as he took his phone out. He dialed a number. Hello? Wang Bro? Im Zou Tiandi! Ive gotten into a car accident on Golden South Road, we were just about to settle it personally when a cop came over Yes, can you speak to her? Alright, Ill hand her the phone!

With that, Tiandi handed to phone to Lingshan, his voice emotionless. Take the phone?

Lingshan was a little amused as she looked at Tiandi. She took the phone. Hello? Im Song Lingshan, who are you?

C-Captain Song?? The person was just about to talk to her when the big name of Song Lingshan hit him, sending him jumping with a fright. Song Lingshan of the criminal police, a name everyone in the police world knew of! Nobody wanted to be pissing her off!

He was just a traffic police officer, he couldnt just give the captain of the criminal police a command, could he? This Zou Tiandi was being targeted by Lingshan, too- it could even be a big case he was involved in, perhaps something like illegal trafficking! He had to cut his connection with this Tiandi as soon as possible.

With that, Wang Bro of the traffic police spoke up. Its nothing, Captain Song Ill stop interrupting your case

Lingshan handed the phone back to Tiandi, who didnt hear what Wang Bro was saying on his side. All hed heard was Lingshans announcement of her name, so he thought everything had been settled. He was about to thank Wang Bro when he got hung up on.

Tiandi didnt think much of it- he assumed that he was busy, and had left after taking care of the problem. Wang Bro talked to you, right? You can leave now, young comrade- dont butt into other peoples business next time!

Dad Ruoguang was panicking as he pulled at Tiandi. Tiandi may not know who Lingshan was, but it was only natural that Ruoguang did! Hed be a really shitty gangster leader in the Northern district if he didnt even know the captain of the criminal police- he was absolutely paling at his fathers outrageous lecture he was throwing at LIngshan.

What are you doing? Tiandi glared at his son, dissatisfied. What is it, just get it out.

Dad, shes Captain Song, captain of the criminal police Ruogang spoke carefully.

Wha?! Tiandi froze that instant. She Shes the criminal police captain?

You going or not? You dont need me to help you, right? Lingshan took out her handcuffs and glared at Tiandi.

Ill Ill go Tiandi wasnt looking very well- he didnt think that hed actually piss off the captain of the criminal police If he still insisted on staying shed probably start pulling a gun out!

Im not involved, right I was just passing by Ruoguang didnt want to visit the police station.

You need to come along! Youre driving a plateless, modified motorcycle illegally, and Im suspecting you of coordinated criminal activity. Lingshan didnt give Ruoguang a chance to explain. I know who you are- you cant get out of this one. You could try to run, though

I wont run, haha Ill help with the investigation Ruoguang smiled bitterly, his face tragic.

Thanks, Miss Braindead. Lin Yi was actually quite grateful towards Lingshan getting him out of this trouble. Ruoguang showing up told him who exactly this Zou Tiandi was, and as easy as itd be to take care of them, Lingshan took care of things faster, so Lin Yi found himself taking a liking to her.

No!! Youre coming as well! Lingshan exploded. If the guy wanted to call her Miss Braindead couldnt he just settle with doing that in private? Calling her that in front of so many people, how could she just walk away from that? The frustration got to her and she decided to share some of that with Lin Yi.

Me too..? Lin Yi pointed at his nose, speechless. He was about to say something when Tang Yin spoke up.

Lets go for a bit. We need to cooperate with the investigation, its our civilian duty too Tang Yin was a good girl, and wouldnt turn down going to the police station for something like this. And its not our fault too, its theirs, so itll be fine if we clear things up with the police

Ah Alright. Lin Yi nodded, smiling bitterly. Tang Yin sure was a good girl. Hed actually planning on just ignoring Lingshan and driving off- he didnt think shed come capture him to bring back to the station.

Fuu Lingshan let out a breath of relief- shed said that because she was letting it get to her head, and she hadnt considered the consequences at all. Shed regretted it right after the words left her mouth- since when had Lin Yi bothered paying her respect? Her giving him an order like that would only bring humiliation to herself! If Lin Yi just turned and left then shed be in an even worse position in front of the Tiandi and Ruoguang, much worse than being publicly called Miss Braindead.

Now that Tang Yin had spoken up and offered to go to the police station, Lingshan couldnt help but find gratitude for her within her relief, but also troubled at the importance Lin Yi placed in Tang Yins words, along with how he pampered her. She wasnt worse than Tang Yin, was he? She had the looks, the same as Tang Yin did, and a body many times hotter and curvier than Tang Yins! What was wrong with this Lin Yi, was he blind? Why was he so rough with her?

Lingshan was getting more annoyed by the second. How come Lin Yi treated Tang Yin so gently and always gave her so much shit? Was she just that irritating to him? She even needed to call herself Miss Braindead just for him to give her a favor!

You people follow me in your own cars! Lingshan got in her police car and flashed her sirens, going straight to the police station with everyone behind her.

Tiandi wasnt sure what Lin Yis relationship with Lingshan was, but Lin Yi calling her Miss Braindead only brought him joy. Hed soon be entertained quite well by what would happen- Lin Yi would probably get put in his place later.

But Tiandi wasnt about to just let Lin Yi off the hook that easily- he called his younger son Zou Ruomings phone on the way to the station.

Hi, Ruoming? Still at school? Tiandi always wanted Ruoming to be properly studying at school, keeping him from participating in things like fighting, but this was a different case. He was simply too pissed off! His eldest son had no balls, and couldnt even teach someone a lesson! 

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But the younger son was different- he was someone with bravery, a savage character. He wanted him to be studying, but that didnt mean he wasnt aware of the type of person Ruoming was.

Dad, Im still at school, studying Ruoming had just finished his meeting with Xiaoxiao when his fathers call scared him. He wasnt checking if he was studying, was he? He tried to cover up with an explanation.

Alright, cut the crap! Tiandi scolded. You think I dont know what youre like? Heres a mission, go to your Uncle Yans villa in the Northern District, and tell him to block someone at the police station doors. Ill send you the persons details later!

Ah? Me?? Ruoming blinked, not expecting a mission coming from his father. Wasnt his brother the one who were usually given these missions? His father was giving him such a big mission, too, telling him to go to Uncle Yan for his first time!

He didnt even give his brother this sort of treatment! Uncle Yan was a golden class master! Just thinking about bringing a golden class master out gave him shivers!

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Chapter 419