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Chapter 418 – Afraid To Do Anything

Ha Lin Yi shrugged. Im just fixing the dent in my vans metal, hows that supposed to scare you?

Just you wait! Stay where you are if you have the balls! Tiandi hmphed and pulled his phone out. Ruoguang, where are you? Im in the northern district on Golden South Road! Someone hit my car and the kid wont pay up, even using his fist to scare me! Alright, Ill wait for you, hurry!

Lin Yi frowned. If the bastard insisted on taking things so far then he might as well settle the issue. He took his phone out and called Lingshan.

Lingshan found Lin Yis phone call to be a pleasant surprise- she didnt think that Lin Yi wouldve been able to come up with a solution that fast! Delighted, she picked it up. Lin Yi? Have you thought of something?

No. Someone was going the wrong direction on my lane and hit me, come over for a second Lin Yi said faintly.

Hit you? Are you okay? Lingshan paused- she had something to ask of Lin Yi, so if something happened to him now she wouldnt be able to save that person!

Im fine, but the guys trying to con me. Hes even calling someone to come threaten me. Lin Yi said.

Why do you even need me for this? Wouldnt you be able take care of it yourself? Lingshan was both a little annoyed and amused- why would Lin Yi need her for something so trivial? Wasnt he hot stuff?

Alright then. Ill just crush his car a bit and beat him up. Lin Yi said.

Ah? Lingshan smiled bitterly at the comment. Fine, wait for me, Ill head over now

Lin Yi would only be getting himself sent to the police station if he did those things- itd cause her trouble, so in the end she might as well help him and avoid it.

Golden South Road. Lin Yi smiled. If the other guys backup arrives before you do Ill have to fight it out.

Fine, fine, I get it!! Lingshan hmphed. Worried that Lin Yi would get into trouble for the sake of messing with her, Lingshan helplessly added something more pleasing for his ears. Calm down first, Miss Braindeads coming

(I guess Miss Braindead sounds a little sweeter in Chinese Its not that serious a nickname. Then again I guess the english version is kinda fun too.)

Ah, okay. Lin Yi finally discovered the cute side of Song Lingshan, the girl who was all brawn and no brain, a violent little savage. So she wasnt completely void of redeemable characteristics.

It doesnt matter who you bring, let me tell you that youre fucked today! Without that one hundred thousand youre not leaving! Tiandi pointed his finger, threatening rather confidently.

This was his new BMW, less than half a month new! Lin Yi hitting it and breaking the lights hurt him too much, and he needed to get back at him by making him suffer!

A roaring engine filled the sky, followed by low DJ music playing as a motorbike zoomed over, screeching to a stop between the BMW and the van.

Tiandi was joyed- his son was here, and the guy whod hit his car was nothing but fucked. Absolutely fucked!!!

Dad, whats wrong? Who hit you? Ruoguang jumped off his motorcycle, his voice raised. Crashing into someone and not paying up? Ill fuck him up!

Its that little bastard! Beat him up first before crushing his car! Make him pay up, one hundred thousand! Tiandi smiled coldly as he gave the command, his finger still pointed at Lin Yi.

Tiandi was furious!! This was his new BMW, a BMW with a stunning licence plate! If hed just let this shitty van go after itd ruined everything he wouldnt be able to contain his anger for days!

Tiandi hadnt been in a good mood these last two days, too- hed had his eyes set on a young girl in his company, and was inches away from claiming her when her boyfriend jumped out to mess everything up!

Who? Which fuc- Wha?! Ruoguong was about to teach this bastard a serious lesson when he saw Lin Yi, completely taken aback.

Ruoguang had better eyes that his old man Zou Tiandi- Tiandi couldnt tell that this was Lin Yi, but Ruoguang could see who he was dealing with right upon laying eyes on him! How How come its you..?

Without waiting for a reply, Ruoguang pulled his fathers arm and went to a side, whispering to him. Dad, whyd you piss him off? Im trying to hide from him and you pissed him off again! Were just looking for trouble like this!

Who? You know the kid? Tiandi paused, along with the lackeys who had come with Ruoguang. They werent sure why he was saying something like that.

Hes the guy who tossed you out from the hospital room! Ruoguang smiled bitterly. Dad, just apologize to the guy, its not worth it! Hes too much trouble, and strong!

Apologize? That cant do! He only has two hands, hows he supposed to fend off this many people? Look at the manpower we have with us, whyre we scared of him?? Tiandi frowned. He was a celebrity, at the very least! Getting his new car ruined by someone on the streets and apologizing to some kid for it?! If word got out hed have to hide in a hole! Itd be absolutely humiliating!

Then youll need to get someone else, dad- I dont wanna die yet! Ruoguang shook his head- Lin Yi had left him with a trauma after last time, and even mustering the thought of crossing LIn Yi couldnt come up.

You fucking dirt! Trash! Tiandi hmphed. Your brothers got more balls than you! Ill ask your little brother to bring men over and take care of this next time!

…… Ruoguang only kept quiet, his head lowered. He really didnt dare do anything to Lin Yi- it wasnt a joke, he simply was just too afraid to mess with Lin Yi. As a result, he ignored everything Tiandi was saying to him right now.

Trash!! Tiandi was furious! He was about to say something else when a police siren sounded some distance away, followed by a police car that stopped with a creak beside the BMW, sirens flashing.

Lingshan let out a breath of relief- everyone involved were still unharmed. Shed barged past all red lights on her way here, worried that Lin Yi would go and cause trouble for her! Fortunately, it didnt seem like Lin YI had done anything yet.

Everyone to the police station! Lingshan had been anxious the whole trip, so all this was starting to turn into fiery frustration. She pointed at everyone to get that frustration out a little.

Tiandi frowned at the sudden appearance of a cop- he hadnt called the police, so why was this cop here? Passing by? She sure was butting into other people’s business!

I say, young comrade, I have friends in the traffic police- you can move on now, well settle this on our own! Tiandi pointed a straight finger right at Lingshans face, waving her away. From what he could see, Lingshan was really young, and a female cop, too- she had to be a new recruit without influence, and that meant he didnt need to treat her seriously.

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She was rather pretty, though, and that figure But Tiandi wasnt so stupid that hed hit on a policewoman- he didnt want to have his meals in prison.

You going, or not? Lingshan asked, not interested in what Tiandi was saying.

let’s… start strong! okay?


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