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Chapter 416 – About Lin Yi

Cousin, let me help you take a look! Zhaoming edged over curiously, interested to see what his future sis-in-law looked like- he took one look and it was obvious to him that his brother had hit the jackpot! It sure was unfortunate that he wasnt the one doing the marriage! Bro, youre really lucky! Ive been with countless women in my life, and this here is a top tier girl! Among the girls I know only that Tang Yins on her level, except that Xiaobos friend got to her before I did, damn!

The whole family knew what sort of person Zhaoming was- they only smiled at his comments. Zhaolong, on the other hand, was extremely happy! If even this playboy cousin of his was saying that then this was a goddess he was looking at!

Dont worry, well find you someone good too one day! Zhaolong said to Zhaoming. But you have it better than I do- Im sticking with just this one for the rest of my life, but youve had so many already!

Haha, thats true Zhaomings smile was full of pride instead of shame.

But Zhaomings playboy behavior wasnt anything much anymore compared to his contributions to the family- neither Miracle Doctor Kang nor the rest of the family felt that this was a problem anymore! After all, Zhaoming was young, and full of energy this was only natural!

Zhaolong was a model student, and Zhaoming was a charismatic playboy- an interesting addition to the family indeed.

Feng Xiaoxiao charged into the clothing store soaked- people looked at her oddly as she bought herself an entire set of clothes before driving to the nearest hotel for a hot shower. She changed into the new clothes and went back to school, very pissed off.

Everything had went south on her first day, and that upsetted her. She didnt want to spare Lin Yi, but it was a fact that she had no idea of what his capabilities were. He seemed to be quite fit, and his reaction time was extremely fast as well- hed also noticed her when she was sneaking up on him!

This explained why both Ruoming and Pinliang couldnt handle him.

It was evident from his status as Mengyaos bodyguard, too- he had to be good for Pengzhan to hire him as bodyguard.

As things stood, she need to understand Lin Yi completely before making the next move, or shed just get her ass handed to her again! At that thought she decided to go ask Ruoming and Pinliang about Lin Yi.

Both Pinliang and Xiaofu had just changed into new clothes after Xiaoxiao returned- theyd been kneeling in the bathroom all day, and their pants were terribly dirty.

Lil sis Xiaoxiao As unwilling as Pinliang was, hed bumped into Xiaoxiao at the school gate- he couldnt just pretend he didnt see her, as things would just get worse.

The two of you come over here! Xiaoxiao pointed at Pinliang, her tone cold.

Pinliang and Xiaofus hearts tensed up- did Lin Yi break the promise and tell Xiaoxiao everything? The possibility horrified the duo as they carefully walked up to Xiaoxiao, trying their best to smile. Lil sis Xiaoxiao, how can we help? What happened earlier, its not our fault We wouldnt know that Lin Yi would turn around all of a sudden

Im not here to talk about that! Xiaoxiao frowned, displeased. She was trying not to bring this up, but this Pinliang wasnt doing that! What was he trying to do, was he trying to shame her?

Uh Then what are you here to talk about, lil sis Xiaoxiao Pinliang let out a breath of relief after Xiaoxiaos words, but was still terrified nonetheless. Hed messed up and mentioned Xiaoxiaos embarrassing moment, something he shouldnt handle so irresponsibly. Of course shed get pissed off if he brought that up!

Go call Ruoming over, I have something to talk to you about! Xiaoxiao ordered.

Uh Alright, Ill go get him now! Xiaofu volunteered bravely. He was Pinliangs lackey, his runner- this wasnt an errand Pinliang should be doing himself!

Ruoming was actually quite easy to locate- he was almost always playing basketball in the field, and Xiaofu spotted him immediately.

Ming Bro! Ming Bro, over here! Xiaofu called out to Ruoming.

What is it? Ruoming was about to make a slam dunk when Xiaofu surprised him, making him lose grip of the ball. He wasnt too pleased. Whats so important, cant it wait until I finish this game?

Lil sis Xiaoxiaos looking for you Xiaofu said.

Fuck, why didnt you say so! Ruoming ran over right away, his face tense. You two idiots, after pissing lil sis Xiaoxiao off youre dragging me along with you into that mess! What kind of brothers are you?

Ruoming was aware of Xiaoxiaos little misfortune that morning- Pinliang didnt give too many details, but it was quite evident that Xiaoxiao had been the one to suffer. Ruoming wasnt too keen on meeting Xiaoxiao with that information in mind.

Its fine, lil sis Xiaoxiao isnt talking about that. Dont bring it up, too! I think she just wants to ask us about Lin Yi, youll understand if you come. Xiaofu said. Lets go, dont keep lil sis Xiaoxiao waiting!

Alright, lets go! Ruoming nodded and headed to the school gate with Xiaofu.

Xiaoxiao brought the group to a cafe near the school. She spared the bullshit and got right into the main topic. Why dont you guys tell me about Lin Yi? You should be aware of my loss to him this morning- he doesnt seem like an ordinary guy, does he?

Uh Ruoming looked at Pinliang and Xiaofu. Naturally, the varying degrees of humiliation and nightmares Lin Yi had unleashed upon them werent things they were very keen on sharing.

What, you dont wanna share? Xiaoxiao frowned.

N-No! Thats not it Pinliang and Xiaoxiao were in the same class, and theyd always see each other- he had to tread lightly here. Ill talk, Ill speak first. Lin Yis first day at school he kicked me into the ground, and I got pissed so I wanted revenge But

And so, Pinliang started telling Xiaoxiao about his story with Lin Yi, about how Heibao came to school and got stepped on by Lin Yi

So youre saying even a real gangster isnt a match for him? Xiaoxiao was surprised- shed guessed that Lin Yi was strong just from him pushing a car with one arm, but she wasnt expecting a level of strength thatd even wreck an armed gangster like that.

Naturally, Pinliang didnt mention Heibaos golden class experience- shed be even more shocked if he told her how Heibao still couldnt stand up to Lin Yi after that power up.

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Thats right, thats why Im in such a pinch! When you said it was him who threw the bottle I shut up right away, and I had to! Id be lucky if Lin Yi didnt come mess with me, let alone me pissing him off! Often hed just come and give me a kick when he feels like it; its so frustrating! Pinliang said helplessly.

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