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Chapter 41 – The Legendary…

Song Lingshan smiled evilly as she looked at Lin Yi. Lin Yi, where did you get shot?

Left leg, the inner thigh! Lin Yi answered honestly, assuming that the questioning had already begun.

Oh, lemme see Is it here?! Lingshan rubbed at Lin Yis inner thigh, pretending to be inspecting the wound as she applied a great deal of pressure.

It felt amazing! Her face reddened excitedly- she could already imagine Lin Yi howling and crying from the pain! Family connections, huh? Looking at my chest, huh?! This is what you get!!

Gh- Lin Yi hissed a little. What the-? What the hells wrong with this lady, whys she pressing on my wound..? Isnt she pressing way too hard? Fortunately, Lin Yi had a high pain tolerance- hed have cried out in pain otherwise.

Lingshan, on the other hand, was disappointed- where was the howling and crying? Was she holding back too much? She had a rather kind heart, after all. With that, she increased the pressure.

Ah Aah..! Lin Yi cried out. He couldnt take it anymore, what the fuck? He was just about to start yelling at Lingshan when a gasp came from the door.

U-um Yao Yao What are they? Yushu asked, blushing very intensely.

Shu, we cant Well lose our purity again if we keep looking Mengyaos face was bright red, as well. They theyre doing something really vulgar

O-oh Naturally, Yushu caught on- she wasnt the dumb type. Woah Lingshan Sis doing that in a hospital..? Could this actually be… the legendary handjob.?

Song Lingshan was, at that moment, facing away from the door while her hand moved about the inner thigh of a moaning Lin Yi. It was only natural for the girls to misunderstand.

Her hand was blocked from Yushu and Mengyaos viewpoints, after all, and it was indeed very plausible to assume that a handjob was taking place.

Lingshan was confused about the conversation at first, but Yushu mentioning the legendary handjob sent a shock up her spine- one look at Lin Yis face was all it took. Of course theyd misunderstand! Her face flushed as red as the girls in a heartbeat, and she was just about to explain when she heard someone clear his throat.

It was Li Fu, whod walked in on them along with Mengyao and Yushu. Um, Officer Song Lin Yis still recovering, and were in a hospital Its not a very appropriate setting for something like this

I I wasnt Lingshan was speechless. How on earth was she supposed to get out of this mess now?

Its fine, well come back again later. Li Fu shook his head as he pulled the two girls out, contemplating on how things were in the new age. Im getting old, it seems Officer Song was always a traditional woman, when did she grow so open-minded? Was it love at first sight for Lin Yi? But even still

Yao Yao! That Song Lingshans making her move already!! Yushu said angrily as she exited the room, swinging her fist about.

Making her what? Mengyao blushed, her heart beating intensely as the scene flashed across her mind.

Lin Yis your shield, you know!! How can she just try to steal him away like that? Yushu gritted. Yao Yao! Youve got to stop her!!

Thats none of my business, okay!! Meng Yao replied with a hmph. Just when she was warming up to this Lin Yi!! It turned out that her first impression of him was right, after all! It was unforgivable- doing something so indecent in a hospital? Unforgivable!!

I wasnt expecting something like this at all! Even the cold beauty Song Lingshan, doing that! Famous for being cold, mind you! Love really does change a person, huh. Yushu was extremely displeased- she wouldnt be so angry if it was someone else, but that Song Lingshan!!

Chen Yushu grew up in the same compound as Song Lingshan, and the two were always the center of attention due to how beautiful they were. Lingshan was, however, one year older than her, and she had hit puberty earlier- it yielded her the favor of many boys.

In comparison, Yushu was more like a cute little girl, and the boys from the compound mostly treated her like they would an adorable baby sister while fawning all over Lingshan. Yushu didnt want them fawning over her, but the situation displeased her regardless.

And that was only the first thing. What really made Yushu hate her was the fact that the boys fawning over her included her own brother!! Shed never forget the degree of depression her brother went through after getting rejected by Lingshan.

Song Lingshan actually went and said that shed never accept a man weaker than her! This was also what moved Chen Yuming into joining the army; he wanted to become stronger, for that womans sake!

Shu, what are you getting so worked up for? Youre not in love with that Lin Yi are you?! Mengyao asked, full of suspicion. Shed had her mind preoccupied with the scene before, but there was clearly something wrong with Yushus rage.

Me? In love with him? No way, of course not! Yushu wanted to laugh- it was the most ridiculous thing shed heard all day!

Then stop bringing him up, if youre not!! Hes nothing but trouble! Mengyao didnt know what she was so fussed over, as well. Was it because of Lin Yis saliva? Or was it his penis? Or, was it because of how he was grabbing her hand, molesting her?

Yet all that seemed so far away It had lost its significance. Lin Yi pushing her down back in the bank- him saving her- eclipsed all the little things hed done to her.

Mengyao felt like there was a blockage in her heart, something she didnt understand. It made her very uncomfortable.

Lingshan still hadnt recovered from what just took place, her face still red from blushing. Perfect. Just perfect. And Yushu saw me, too!!! Lingshan didnt know how she could go back to the compound with her face raised, anymore.

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Yushu would probably make things worse with her side of the story- shed be a known slut from that point on!!

She flicked her head back at Lin Yi, who sat there like an idiot, as if he didnt do anything at all. She really wanted to blow a freaking hole in his head! Why, the hell, were you moaning?!! She gritted her teeth. What the hell were you planning, Lin Yi!! How am I supposed meet my friends and family after what you did?!

…Miss, I never believed that myth about girls with big boobs being stupid, but you Lin Yi said with a laugh.

What!!! What did you say!!! Lin Yis taunt hit her right in the mark, and Lingshan flamed up with rage, her boobs bouncing up as she stood. Her finger was stabbing out, pointing at Lin Yi the way Mengyaos finger would.

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