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Chapter 407 – Caught In A Difficult Position

Pinliang went silent awkwardly, his face mopey. It was Yao Yao? Its nothing then

Everyone else were looking down on Pinliang once more- so it was nothing if it was Mengyao, too? Why was this person so shameless, he was just yelling about making the bottle-thrower pay!

It wasnt me, I didnt even finish my drink yet! Mengyao frowned, obviously aware that Yushu was trying to mess with Pinliang- Even then, Mengyao didnt want to get misunderstood like that for nothing! Her, throwing a bottle at Pinliang? She would never bother hitting him, who did he think he was!

With that, Mengyao pulled her drink out from her desk and waved it in front of Yushu. Would it kill you so stop causing trouble?? Dont make me pull your tongue out again!

Ugh Ill stop, but you wont trick me into opening my mouth again..! Yushu closed her mouth shut with her hands.

Meanwhile, Pinliang flared with rage- Yushu was clearly messing with him, but there was nothing he could do about that at all- he couldnt cross Chen Yushu! 

Putting her brother aside, there was still the fact that she was Mengyaos best friend, her soulmate He wouldnt really dare piss her off in the first place.

His insides were bursting with frustration- he had to channel this out on someone else! Im gonna count to three! The one who threw the bottle, you better show yourself or youll regret it!

Pinliang was really raging at this point- after multiple instances of suppressing that rage, it was now erupting in its entirety!

Fine, fine! I threw it! Xiaoxiao wasnt expecting Pinliang to be this worked up over something like that, and Lin Yi was looking at her vaguely, too. She decided to just admit to the bottle-throwing since Lin Yi would expose her even if she didnt.

That was incorrect, however, for Lin Yi didnt give two shits about something as trivial as this, especially when it was Pinliang who got hit on the head. He wouldnt care even if Pinliang died from it.

Ah?! Pinliang never thought that Xiaoxiao would be the one responsible! His face subtly twisted in agony as he considered his current position.

He didnt dare piss Lin Yi off, and he couldnt do anything to Mengyao or Yushu But it was even more so when it was Xiaoxiao!

Ah lil sis Xiaoxiao, its nothing Ha Pinliang pressed his frustration down as he seated himself, almost trembling at all the pent up rage- one touch would explode him. 

Yet he had no other options- if he couldnt go against these people, then hed have to hide from them.

This little episode had cost him a lot of his honor and pride- all his classmates wanted to laugh, but tried their best to hold it in out of fear, much to Pinliangs frustration. He wouldnt have stood up in the first place if hed known this was gonna happen! All three times he backed off with his tail between his legs!

Fuck! Ever since Lin Yi came to our class nothing goes my way! Pinliang angrily slammed a fist against the wall, the only target for him to vent his frustrations on.

Hold it in, Liang Bro! The moment Pao comes back from the mountain itll be Lin Yis execution day! Xiaofu had learned of Zhang Naipaos whereabouts at this point- he was quite excited himself for Naipaos return from the training.

Yeah, but by the time he comes back itll only be harder for me to get with Mengyao. Look at how ruined my relationship with her is right now! Pinliang said angrily.

Uh But all those strategies didnt work Xiaofu might be a petty military strategist, but strategist he was- he specialized in shameless attacks. But Liang Bro, you need to hurry up! Were graduating soon, and itll be really hard by the time youre a college student Youd have trouble just meeting her if you end up in a different department!

Youre right, I need to hurry! Pinliang nodded. You have any ideas?

The ideas I have now dont work, and Ill need time before I can come up with a doable one! Xiaofu shook his head in response.

Then forget it, well keep thinking! Pinliang was at a loss himself.

The last morning class ended, and Lin Yi finally stood up from his desk to exit to classroom before lunch, much to Xiaoxiaos delight. She quickly gestured to Pinliang and called him. You go first and clear the bathroom of other boys! I dont wanna see anyone peeing in there when I go in!

Having received the instructions, Pinliang rushed to the washroom with Xiaofu- they had to clear the place of people before Lin Yi arrived! Xiaoxiao would definitely be displeased if she came in to see anyone else in there.

Get out, get out! Everybody get the hell out! Pinliang didnt dare do anything to Lin Yi, but these students were but fodder to him- he didnt need to say much to get everyone running out the bathroom

But life was full of exceptions. A boy with a cigarette in his mouth came walking out from one of the stalls, his eyes glaring at Pinliang. I say, Liangy, youre being pretty cocky arent you? Kicking me out when Im smoking here?

It was Zou Ruoming. Others may fear the name of Zhong Pinliang, but not him- he was but annoyed that Pinliang was interrupting his smoking session.

Under normal circumstances, Pinliang really wouldnt want to get into a head-on confrontation with Ruoming, but today was different. He curled his lips after Ruoming finished talking. Ming Bro, Xiaoxiaos got something to do here, dont say I didnt warn you- if you wanna stay here and interrupt her then carry on.

Ah? Xiaoxiaos coming here? Ruoming blinked, his cigarette dropping down onto the floor with a pop. He didnt care. Why didnt you say so earlier?

With that, he ran out the washroom without bothering with Pinliang.

Pinliang smiled proudly as Ruoming ran out the room, not remembering that he was running from someone else. Having completely cleared the bathroom up, Pinliang stood guard with Xiaofu outside, sentrying both sides of the bathroom door like guards, stopping anyone who tried to enter.

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Lin Yi walked up to the washroom and saw the two standing at the sides of the entrance, confused. Whatre you two doing?

Its nothing, its nothing, were just waiting for somebody Pinliang explained flatteringly. Boss Lin, you wanted to use the washroom? Please, enter!

Lin Yi frowned. What the hell was up with these two idiots? He walked inside anyway to find that there wasnt anyone in there, prompting Lin Yi to heighten his awareness Both Pinliang and Xiaofu were pieces of shit- something had to be up with them standing guard outside like that.

Yo, what happened? Is he inside? Xiaoxiao had been tracing Lin Yi step for step, but kept her distance in fear that Lin Yi would spot her- she didnt see if Lin Yi entered the washroom or not.

Hes inside, lil sis Xiaoxiao, and the whole place is clear. You can go in rest assured that us two will stand guard for you! Pinliang promised with a pat on his chest. 

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