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Chapter 406 – You’re The One With AIDS

I see. Lin Yi didnt think Xiaoxiao would be so kind as to remind him to hydrate himself on a hot day- he didnt find that likely at all. Also, hed know if he was thirsty from the heat, he didnt need anyone reminding him!

But Xiaoxiaos words actually got Lin Yi a little thirsty. He reached his hand into his desk and pulled out an empty bottle of mineral water, one he finished drinking yesterday.

Here! Xiaoxiao quickly handed her own drink to Lin Yi, her eyes watching intently as Lin Yi accepted it.

? Lin Yi felt that something was up with this Xiaoxiao all of a sudden- always suspect someone who gives you benefits for nothing.

Uh Xiaoxiao found her actions way too passionate as well- of course Lin Yi would think something was up. She had no chance but to explain herself. Were neighbors in class, teachers always say that we should help one another.

Lin Yi would be an idiot if he believed her crap, but he was feeling rather thirsty. He was about to open Xiaoxiaos bottle of water when he realized itd been opened before.

Frowning, Lin Yi wondered if Xiaoxiao had done something to this bottle of water. She wouldnt do something so tasteless, would she?

Xiaoxiao blushed after seeing Lin Yis hesitation. I took a sip earlier this morning

Lin Yi didnt know what to say to that. So that explained the pre-opened lid.

Although, it wasnt that easy to poison him After hed trained his Art of Dragon Mastery, the Lin Yi already well-versed in medicine found his sense of smell and taste highly improved- he was able to detect the poison in poisoned food and water.

You dont have any diseases or anything, right? Like hepatitis or AIDS? Lin Yi asked after taking the drink.

…… Xiaoxiaos organs were bursting with rage- did this person seriously ask her if she had hepatitis or AIDS? What in the world..? She was a pretty girl, a young, pretty girl! A bottle her lips touched? People would be lining up for that sort of thing, and here Lin Yi was, nitpicking and asking if she had AIDS!!

Naturally, that was assuming that the people werent aware of Xiaoxiaos personality. Anyone with that understanding would never dare take a drink from her bottle- theyd just be asking to get beat up.

Youre the one with AIDS!! Xiaoxiao exploded. You illiterate man, dont you watch the science channel?? Even if I had hepatitis and AIDS it wouldnt spread to you through this!

Ah Lin Yi smiled faintly, thinking that this girl knew quite a bit. He opened the lid and secretly tasted it with his tongue, only starting drinking after hed determined if it was safe or not. After chugging down half of it he put it into his desk. You dont want it anymore after I drank it, right? Ill take the rest.

Xiaoxiao wasnt planning on taking back something Lin Yi had drunk- how could she possible drink it now that a boy had drank from it? But Lin Yis words were really pissing her off- the guy was talking so big after drinking her drink, and just claiming it like that was the most natural thing he was supposed to do! Did he have no shame??

No! Im still thirsty! Xiaoxiao didnt want Lin Yi to have things his way- she pulled the drink from out of his desk, opened it, and chugged the other half down into her stomach before glaring at Lin Yi as she caught her breath She almost choked herself on that water!

Lin Yi, on the other hand, was feeling quite helpless and speechless at this rebellious girl, but decided to not bother. She could drink it if she didnt mind, so long as she didnt cry and puke the way the Miss did

Xiaoxiao didnt feel too many emotions after drinking the drink, but she did start regretting it a little now that shed finished. How could she have drunk something Lin Yi had? Her first kiss Hmph!! You wait and see, Ill show you whos boss when you need to pee!

Xiaoxiaos personality was different to that of the Miss- as annoyed as she was, she wouldnt dwell on something like that other than just feel a little frustrated over it. She tossed the empty bottle at the trash can in the corner, but coincidentally hit it on Pinliangs head by accident

Ah! Pinliang cried out before standing up, cursing through gritted teeth. God fucking shit, who was that? You wanna die? Who threw that!

After Lin Yi forced him into changing his seat, Pinliang had to move to the right corner of the classroom, with the trash some distance behind him It was a trash can some of the more lazy students would throw their trash in without walking over.

Now that Pinliang was there, no one did so anymore. It wouldnt be a joke if they accidentally hit the third of the Big Four on the head.

Lin Yi did! Xiaoxiaos eyes lit up, and she pointed at Lin Yi.

She wanted to cause some conflict between Lin Yi and Pinliang, annoy Lin Yi with some trouble. After all, Pinliang would probably swallow that frustration if shed admitted to throwing the bottle.

Wha?! Pinliang froze as the rage on his face disappeared, putting him in an awkward position. Fight Lin Yi? That wasnt something hed dare do, not after some crazy strong guy like Heibao Bro got his ass disabled and handed to him by Lin Yi. His only hope now was Zhang Naipao, and before his return Pinliang would definitely avoid all conflict with Lin Yi. And so, Pinliang swallowed his rage and spoke a little awkwardly. Its nothing

He knew itd be a little embarrassing to just back off like that, but it beat getting pummeled by Lin Yi again. Now that Lin Yi had beaten him up a couple times, Pinliang didnt mind getting humiliated this one more instance. Hed lost his pride in front of his classmates long ago, anyway.

It wasnt me- If it were me I wouldve used something else to split your head instead of an empty bottle. Lin Yi said faintly.

Hm?? Pinliang froze yet again- Lin Yi was being really cocky, but Pinliang didnt doubt the claim at all! After all, there was no reason for Lin Yi to lie! 

Lin Yi had messed with him in many different situations, and he didnt need reasoning for those instances at all Like the one where he kicked him into the air, chair and all, for example.

And so, if Lin Yi said that it wasnt him who threw the bottle then that had to be the case. What could Pinliang possibly be afraid of if it wasnt Lin Yi, then? Flarming up once more, he stood up. Who? Who was it then? Get your ass out, or youre dead when I find out who you are!!

Pinliangs classmates found his behavior to be quite disdainful- the guy had chickened out when he heard it was Lin Yi who threw the bottle, but now that Lin Yi said it wasnt him hed sprung back up again, full of energy!

But even so, no one dared say anything about it. After all, just because Pinliang didnt dare do anything to Lin Yi it didnt mean hed treat everyone else the same!

Yao Yao, who was the one who threw that bottle? Was it you? Yushu spoke up all of a sudden, but made sure her voice was loud enough for Pinliang to hear.

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Wha?! Pinliang froze yet again- could it have been Mengyao? Why would Yushu ask that, then, if it werent her? Pinliang started sweating. He couldnt piss Lin Yi off, but that applied to Mengyao as well! He was still trying to make her his girlfriend, he couldnt just leave a bad impression on her!

I like how Pinliang always worries about leaving a bad impression.

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Chapter 406