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Chapter 403 – I’m Here To See Lin Yi

At the end of the day, Xiaoxiao was out here looking for Lin Yi so she could get back at him! Who did the guy think he was, he was just a bodyguard! All she wanted was to race with him a little, but the guy just pushed her car aside without one shred of care for her It was an absolute disgrace to the big sis name of Feng Xiaoxiao.

Wang Zhifeng had jumped in fright when Xiaoxiao went to the office to make the enrollment preparations- hed been notified by the principal Ding Binggong, saying that someone had called for them to greet and arrange for an incoming student Never would Zhifeng had expected it to be Feng Xiaoxiao!

He was very much aware of the misdeeds of Xiaoxiao- the girl was just fresh into seventh grade when she crushed the balls of a rich kid who tried to tease her, and a while after that, stabbed a gangster who walked in the school, sending him to the hospital!

She wasnt the one who started the trouble, but while the two incidents werent Xiaoxiaos fault, it was still big news. If Binggong hadnt told him about the higher-ups protecting her, Xiaoxiao wouldve been expelled right away.

Fortunately, the girl found it to be quite boring staying here in the school, since there werent any who could call themselves her opponents. She may have transferred away after a few days, but the strength of her name stayed.

Neither Ruoming or Pinliang, who themselves were serious Big Four members, were on the same level as Xiaoxiaos mercilessness. A girl brave enough to be stabbing someone with a knife- that wasnt something logical

And the girl seemed to have some background, as well, not getting expelled even after the two incidents she was involved in. No one dared cross her after understanding that.

Zhifeng felt like he was getting a headache- this Feng Xiaoxiao wasnt someone he could handle at all. The deans power had no influence when dealing with her whatsoever, and he had his hands full enough with Lin Yi as it was! Fortunately for him, Lin Yi wasnt much of a troublemaker, only maybe holding hands with his girlfriend in front of him That made the addition of Xiaoxiao more tolerable at least, but Xiaoxiao herself was someone who dared to stab someone in front of him

What sort of dean was he, anyway? Might as well have Xiaoxiao be the dean, since the students were far more fearful of her than they were of him!

Welcome back, Feng Xiaoxiao Zhifeng said helplessly. Now that even the principal had spoken, what else could a dean like him do other than pretend he welcomed her back?

Mister Wang, from your face it feels like you dont really want me back? Xiaoxiao looked at Zhifeng, a smile on her face.

Ugh I Of course not! Zhifeng smiled bitterly at his failure as a dean.

Hehe, dont worry, Mister Wang- Im here to look for someone, I wont be causing you trouble! Xiaoxiao explained reassuringly after seeing that bitter look on his face.

Oh Looking for someone. Alright, which class do you want to go to? Zhifeng breathed out in relief, thinking that itd be easy if she was just looking for someone.

Class? I dont know Ah, do you know what class Lin Yi is in? Xiaoxiao asked suddenly.

Lin Lin Yi..? Zhifeng froze. Thats the person youre looking for?

Yeah, is there a problem? Xiaoxiao nodded before she started nagging like a housewife. Im here for him. Hmph, now that Ive caught him Ill show him whos boss!

It was only natural that Xiaoxiao would be excited- shed looked all around Songshan, only to find that Lin Yi was in her old school all along

Uh Zhifeng almost fainted after hearing Lin Yis name. Youre here for Lin Yi?

Yeah, whats wrong? Xiaoxiao asked.

Nothing Zhifeng sighed weakly with a wave of his hand as he continued the enrollment procedure, all the while wondering why Xiaoxiao was looking for him. From her expression it seemed like shed gotten dumped by Lin Yi She wasnt here to get back with him, was she?

But what about Tang Yin? Could this be the legendary love triangle? Zhifeng felt his head throb as he understood the troubles that would soon come Lin Yi and Feng Xiaoxiao, together? It seemed like hed have to wait and see what fate had in store for him!

After finishing the procedure, Zhifeng brought Xiaoxiao to the twelfth grade fifth class, giving the homeroom teacher Ms. Liu a nod before personally walking in with Xiaoxiao. Allow me to introduce a new student, Feng Xiaoxiao! Everybody please welcome her with a round of applause!

Other than Pinliang and Gao Xiaofu, no one seemed to know about Feng Xiaoxiao. After all, the age of Feng Xiaoxiao was simply too long ago, and the current students, who were mostly only here after high school, didnt know who Xiaoxiao was.

But the boys in the class were heating up as they looked at this newcomer- truth be told, Xiaoxiaos sweet and exquisite appearance was quite misleading One would find her to be an extremely adorable girl if they didnt know about the terrors that came with her name

She was definitely a potential bearer of the title school beauty, walking on the same level as Chu Mengyao, Chen Yushu, and Tang Yin- this was the boys first impression of the girl!

Hello everyone! Ill be in your care! Xiaoxiao smiled sweetly.

Pinliang felt goosebumps all over his body- that smile and those words werent cute at all for him Xiaoxiao was a pretty girl, but Pinliang wasnt having any romantic thoughts for her at all! Getting your balls crushed wasnt a joke, and something hed definitely want to avoid.

Feng Xiaoxiao, you can sit at Ms. Liu was thinking of getting Xiaoxiao a front seat, since she wasnt very tall.

The students who transferred here around this time usually came to study, too, making the final burst of preparations for the final exams. This Xiaoxiao girl had been personally introduced by the dean, too- she had to have some sort of background.

Its fine, Ill look for my own seat! Xiaoxiao walked her way to the final row in the class before the teacher even finished speaking.

Lin Yi frowned- he kept thinking that this Xiaoxiao girl looked familiar Now that she was walking towards him he recalled something! This girl, wasnt she that hipster girl with the Audi TT he met at the food stall street the other day?

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She wasnt all fully dressed up like she was that day, and looked a lot cuter now, but one close look and he could still recognize her!

Fuck! Lin Yi guessed that there was an eighty percent chance that this girl was coming straight at him for trouble- was this yet another troublemaker in his life??

All the boys in the class looked in envy as Xiaoxiao walked over to the last row and seated herself in the empty seat beside Lin Yi, except for Pinliang, his eyes full of cold malice as he looked at Lin Yi. Youre gonna get whats coming to you soon, Lin Yi..! Shell fuck you up!

Lin Yi, we meet again! The sweet, pretty girl bared her fangs instantly right after sitting down, a smile on her face as she glared at Lin Yi. You thought I wouldnt be able to find you, right?

Whatre you talking about, are you retarded? Do I know you? Lin Yi raised his eyes lazily to look at Xiaoxiao, not trying to be polite at all.

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