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Chapter 402 – The Last of the Big Four

Yes Super Invincible Galaxy Big Sis of Smiles The group sweated, but repeated the name anyway.

(So turns out the smiles part is her name xiaoxiao, means laugh x2 or smile x2)

Lil sis Xiaoxiao youre back Ruoming and PInliang werent very keen on welcoming Feng Xiaoxiao back, but they had no choice, they didnt dare not to! Feng Xiaoxiao may have only been a middle schooler here for just more than a month, but her name had spread far and wide, to the point where even Ruoming and Pinliang didnt dare piss her off. After all, shed managed to leap into the position of the fourth of the Big Four as a girl!

As for why she was ranked the lowest Big Four, it wasnt because she wasnt strong She was actually a lot more merciless than Pinliang and Ruoming! Drinking, drifting since seventh grade, fighting with blades A violent miss like her was ranked last because she was the youngest!

Fortunately for Ruoming and Pinliang, Feng Xiaoxiao had transferred away and became a legend in the school The two of them would have to deal getting pressured by her if shed stayed! How embarrassing for them would it be, for a girl to be dominant over them?

They had the time of their lives during the short years the little violent Miss Feng left, and out came a Lin Yi pressing everyones heads down! Yet, it was precisely because of Lin Yis existence that Ruoming and Pinliang didnt actually mind Xiaoxiao returning!

They wanted to see how the violent miss matched up against that master Lin- how would that battle turn out? Would the violent miss just stab Lin Yi right away? Ruoming and Pinliang were quite looking forward to the entertainment.

Why is it still you people? Its been a couple years, did not even one strong person show up in the school? Xiaoxiao tested.

Theres one, a really violent man, but he doesnt care about us. To tell you the truth, lil sis Xiaoxiao, he messed Pinliang and me up- Songshans First School now basically belongs to him, and none of us can do anything about it. Even his only follower is at the sky high top position in the school! For the sake of pitting Xiaoxiao against Lin Yi, Ruoming decided to belittle himself and push Lin Yi up with praise. I told him to come greet lil sis Xiaoxiao, but the guys too busy with his girl and couldnt care less what we do!

Yu Dafa and the crowd despised Ruoming that instant- the guy didnt tell Lin Yi about it at all, he just wanted to heat things up for Lin Yi and Xiaoxiao to fight! Yet none of them dared stand up for Lin Yi here. While theyd get Lin Yis favor, theyd also piss Ruoming and Pinliang off at the same time for doing so!

Lin Yi? Xiaoxiao frowned and pulled out a small phone from her pocket. She opened an image and showed it to Ruoming. Is it this guy?

Hm? You know him, lil sis Xiaoxiao? Ruoming was quite taken aback at the image on the phone- it was Lin Yi!

So he is here! Xiaoxiao nodded, satisfied. Looks like I really did come to the right place

Shed been putting so much effort into locating Mengyao and Lin Yi and using her resources, only to have the answer come out where she wasnt expecting it, completely unrelated to that effort! 

Shed inadvertently showed her phone to a friend, who recognized Mengyao right away, the daughter of Pengzhan Industries chairman, currently enrolled at Songshans First School!

Xiaoxiao found herself quite speechless at the news- shed transferred out of Songshans First when she was in middle school, and never paused to consider that shed find who she was looking for here

But it was only natural, since Mengyao and Yushu werent studying in Songshans First School when they were still middle-schoolers. Pengzhan had feared that Mengyao at a young age couldnt discern good from bad- he was worried that shed develop one of those young mistress personalities in his own school, so hed sent her to a public middle school before enrolling her in Songshans First High School.

As a result, Xiaoxiao never met Mengyao and Yushu, let alone the newest transfer student Lin Yi.

To Pinliang and Ruoming, Xiaoxiaos words were like a ray of hope, the type of hope an oppressed immigrant would see in their darkest moments So Xiaoxiao was here to exact revenge on Lin Yi? That was brilliant news- they might not be able to do anything against Lin Yi, but Feng Xiaoxiao could!

Thats right, lil sis Xiaoxiao- do you have beef with him? Pinliang tested.

Beef? Xiaoxiao blinked- was there really beef between Lin Yi and her? Thered been a conflict, but it couldnt count a beef, really She wanted to see Lin Yi purely to race him! Shed just been feeling a little annoyed after Lin Yi looked down on her, but she supposed that that counted as beef I guess so

Pinliang and Ruoming couldnt hide the joy on their faces- now that Xiaoxiao was looking to battle Lin Yi, theyd only have to spectate it when the two tigers collided!

Xiaoxiao locked the car and strolled into the school with Ruoming, Pinliang, and the other delinquents walking behind her.

Tell me about Lin Yi. Busy with his girl? What kind of girl? Xiaoxiao asked to the Ruoming and Pinliang walking beside her.

Xiaoxiao was a little confused- wasnt he supposed to be Mengyaos bodyguard? Who could he be hitting on? Could it be that hed gotten together with Mengyao?

Hes getting really close with our schools commoner beauty Tang Yin. She wasnt here for middle school, but transferred over for high school. Pinliang explained. She was Ming Bros recent target, but Lin Yi stole her first.

Oh? Xiaoxiao blinked, not expecting Lin Yi to actually be hitting on someone here at school, on Ruomings target, no less. She couldnt help but look at Ruoming, wondering what hed say.

Dont look at me like that I cant handle him! Ruoming gritted. He was making himself look bad, but he didnt bother hiding it- only by doing so could he make Lin Yis tyrant position in this school evident, leading to Xiaoxiao putting him in his place.

Does anyone else at school know about this? Xiaoxiao asked.

Theres probably no one who doesnt at this point. He announced in front of the dean that Tang Yins his woman Lil sis Xiaoxiao, this Lin Yis guys a lot flashier than you were in the past! Pinliang said. The dean Mr. Wang didnt even say anything about it!

Oh? Whats his background? Xiaoxiao was puzzled- even if Mengyaos father was an investor of the school, Lin Yi was still a bodyguard- where did he get off being so cocky? And, since he was Mengyaos bodyguard, why did she allow him to go hit on girls, and even announce it of all things? Could his relationship with Mengyao be kept a secret..?

I dont know about his background, but I heard that hed transferred here from some faraway village school But it doesnt seem like thats the case anymore Pinliang shook his head. Hed be an idiot if he still believed Lin Yi to be some farmer village boy.

Is that so? I understand. Xiaoxiao nodded. It seemed like she needed to make some adjustments to her original plan. Shed wanted to get all flirty with Lin Yi in front of Mengyao to cause him some trouble, but it didnt look like thatd be effective anymore.

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After all, now that Mengyao had agreed to him getting with some commoner beauty Tang Yin, it was only natural that she wouldnt care if Xiaoxiao herself got intimate with him With how things stood, she needed something different to get Lin Yi to compromise with her…

23rd. Half-break ends. 😀


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Chapter 402