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Chapter 401 – Young Hipster Girl

Brother! Theres hope for dad! I found an elixir for him, lets give it to him right away! Fatty Lai was burning with excitement, the fat on his body wobbling about as he held in his hand a cigar box.

Changyi, whatre you talking about? What elixir? Chantian frowned. You didnt get scammed by some conman for a vigor pill or anything, did you?

Not a conman, and its not some vigor pill, either! Fatty Lai shook his head. It really is good stuff! Bro, hurry, get some warm water! Ill feed this to da!

Absurd! What if you get dad killed?! What on earth is that, anyway? Changtian hmphed and went for the cigar box right away.

The doctor decided not to get involved with this sibling quarrel- he was turning around to leave when Changtian called at him, no intention of letting him go whatsoever as he pointed his finger. The doctors here, you ask him if you can just feed some vigor pill to a patient!

I The doctor sweated, finding himself in a difficult position- this wasnt something he could just simply answer! A vigor pill with unknown origins, naturally, shouldnt be eaten, but what if this Fatty Lai had managed to get some miracle medicine from a renowned doctor??

And so he wasnt sure what to say- if he said no and it turned out that the pill was effective, then wouldnt he have to take responsibility! What if he said yes and the pill got the patient killed?!

And so, the doctor hesitated a while before speaking up. Theres a risk with everything Something like an elixir pill isnt always fake, it cold prove effective sometimes

The neutral statement pissed Changtian off- fuck, hed wasted that red packet money on the bastard!

Alright, you can leave now- dismissed! Changtian sent the doctor away with a wave of his hand.

The doctor took that opportunity and slipped out the room. Hed be better off distancing himself from sibling quarrels like this when it happened.

What exactly are you planning with that pill? You want dad to eat it so hed die right away?! Changtians eyes were wide open, a cold smile on his face. Dont think I dont know what youre planning, alright, you want dad to die as soon as possible so you can fight me for the electronic industrys rights! Ill tell you right now thats impossible! Ive shed too much blood for that, and Im five years older than you! Ive been working my life off in that industry since I was twenty, for twenty years! I wont just give it to you, so youd better just stop thinking about it! Even if dad wakes up its thirty percent shares max for you! The real estate and trade sales are yours, but you better stay away from the electronic industry!

I want dad to die? Hmph! Dont force me, there are some things Id rather not put out in the open! I heard everything you were saying with the doctor, you just want dad to wake up and write you a will! Fatty Lai smiled coldly as well. Since youve decided on breaking with me dont blame me for what Im gonna say! Im giving dad this pill purely because I want him to get better, and Im not interested in your electronic industry at all! I dont care! Just like what you said, thirty percent shares, real estate and trade sales department, Ill take those and split from the company!

Oh? Changtian was taken aback by the statement, but a trace of joy could be seen in his eyes a while after. Alright, words are air- were putting this on paper! Ill write this out and youll sign it, and you can feed dad whatever you want after that, I dont care!

Deal! A cold look flashed in Fatty Lais eyes, as well. This brother of his was a cruel man- he didnt care if his father lived or died at all, completely preoccupied with getting the rights for the electronic industry!

Changtian had had a solid idea for a contract a long time ago, so it didnt take long before he formed one. For a veteran businessman like him, preparing a proper contract in a short amount of time wasnt a difficult task at all.

Fatty Lai, on the other hand, was no rookie himself- he made sure to go through the contract his brother wrote him and only sign it after deeming it fine.

Alright, do what you want then! Changtians face was full of joy as he put the signed contract away.

Fatty Lai didnt care how cold blooded his brother was at this point. He quickly ran into the hospital room and carefully poured the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing into his fathers mouth before adding some hot water to complement it for his father to ingest.

Changtian stood at a side and silently recorded the scene with his phone, smiling coldly inside as he did so. If something bad were to happen to his dad, then this footage would be enough to prove that Fatty Lai was the murderer! Even if it wasnt on purpose, it was still a mistake of his responsibility! Fighting him for the inheritance? Fatty Lai would be lucky he wouldnt be jailed!

Truth be told, Lai Changtian was a cruel and dark man- he still wasnt reassured even after the contract, and made sure to get himself another playcard in case Fatty Lai went back on his word.

Fatty Lai waited quietly for the effects to take place after hed given Elder Lai the Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing, but the old man didnt seem to be reacting at all. 

Changtian, on the other hand, continued watching Fatty Lais every movement, a cold smile on his face.

Some shitty pill that came from nowhere How was that supposed to wake someone up from a coma? What a joke! Changtian wouldnt believe that something so retarded would be true at all! After all, hed forgotten just how much money hed spent to fix his dad after hed fallen unconscious, constantly to no avail He wasnt expecting a miracle anymore.

You continue staying here if you want to- Im leaving! Changtian had gotten the things he wanted- whether or not the old man woke up wasnt his concern anymore. If his guess was right, then this pill would either be ineffective or itd be damaging. He wouldnt be surprised if he was told his father was dead tomorrow.

It was Monday, and there were men lined up at the gates of Songshans First School, with Zhong Pinliang and Zou Ruoming within the ranks! From the looks of it, they were welcoming some sort of big shot But what sort of character could it be, that Pinliang and Ruoming would be greeting all line up?

Upon closer look, one would see that there were other bigshots in the group other than Pinliang and Ruoming. They werent on the level of a Songshan Big Four, but still characters with quite a name for themselves, like that twelfth grade fatty Yu Dafa who Xiaobo spilled a bucket of water on.

An Audi TT stopped at the school gates- the driver was a young girl, who wore a pair of sunglasses on her exquisite face, her hair swept to the side A girl of hipster design.

Welcome back, Feng Sis Except for Pinliang and Ruoming, every one of the students bowed respectfully upon seeing this girl in the Audi.

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The hipster girl frowned at what the group was calling her. Feng Sis? Dont call me something so awkward- call me Super Invincible Galaxy Big Sis of Smiles!!

what a name. Warm welcome to chap 401, Xiaoxiao! She’s the girl that blocked Lin Yi with her car, if you don’t remember.

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