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Chapter 399 – Kang Zhaoming’s Vomiting and Diarrhea

The words coming out of Mr. Kangs mouth might be harsh, but the tone surprisingly wasnt.

There was a time when Mr. Kang himself was at Xiaobos age, looking into the far horizon all the same and seeing his second uncles prosperous days Unwilling to submit to that, he decided that hed fight and birth a business as well

But the years of tough living had long since dulled his blade- his fire to make a successful business was now reduced to just carefully and cautiously managing his little restaurant, turning him into a good guy who had to please everyone from all sides, risking pissing somebody off with just one misstep!

He didnt want his son to experience that transition from hope to disappointment, and so he had to make things clear- Having these thoughts was good and all, but actually executing them required practicality; it was realistically a difficult thing to do!

He took a mouthful of tea before continuing. I think you should focus on your studies, put the business stuff aside first. It wont be too late to pick them back up when a big company does ask for you

I wouldnt be buying these management books if it were a small company Xiaobo smiled bitterly. Boss is investing in a big one! Hes planning on starting a medicine company with Miracle Doctor Guan Xuemin, putting in an initial hundred million for the early stage

Pfft-!! Mr. Kang spat the tea water right out of his mouth. Gack What? Guan Xuemin? Hundred million??

Yeah, dad- whyd you think Im so stressed out! Sending a newbie like me to help manage a company that big, of course I need to study and prepare! Xiaobo found his dads reaction to be quite amusing, but it pleased him as well. Didnt his dad say that his son wasnt much? That didnt matter if he followed a boss that was something!

Oh my god, one hundred million? How much is that?? Mrs. Tangs eyes were wide open as well. That restaurant of your dads is at most a couple million, including the house!

Mr. Tang eyed his wife. A hundred million may be a lot to you, but its not much at all in my second uncles eyes! Their family business is at least worth one billion at this point. But, one hundred million in the initial stage Thats a big company for sure. Xiaobo, dont chew on something you cant swallow if you really cant do it- what if you mess up and lose all that money, what would you do then?

That second uncle of yours? Why dont you remember what kind of attitude he took with our Xiaobo today, what was that?! Mrs. Tang reminded. Xiaobo, you have moms support- since your boss trusts you so much, you have to repay him in full! Make the business into a success, and show your second grandpa what youre made of!

Yeah! I know! Xiaobo held a fist. Boss said that to me, too!

There wasnt much Mr. Kang could say at this point- he could only give his son mental support and his blessings now. Xiaobo, since youve decided on this, you need to see it to the end! Dont disappoint us!

Yes! Ill go back to my room then, with all thats happened to me today I need some time to digest the impact Feel like Im not even conscious anymore! Xiaobo said a little embarrassedly.

Mr. Kang nodded, a bitter smile on his face. Of course itd be big news for the kid, a man whod experienced the waves of life like himself was taken aback by the news, almost dropping the teacup from the shock

Mrs. Tangs face was full of excitement after Xiaobo left. See, I told you our sons something! Look, we can make a comeback now! Well see if that second uncle of you gets to look down on us then!! Miracle Doctor Guan Xuemin, hes a way better miracle doctor than that fake miracle doctor!

It hasnt even started yet, whyre you talking about all that? Also, you can support and encourage him but dont praise him! Kids get swayed by that sort of stuff easily, so if you pump him full of ego itll actually mess him up! Mr. Kang said solemnly. Dont talk about this in the future anymore- our role is to watch silently!

Alright, youre the boss. Mrs. Kang nodded, naturally understanding the point. Old Kang, why didnt you bring up that stuff with the Fen girl? You need to talk about that with your son, at least ask him whats going on!

Were not accepting or rejecting that relationship, so why bother so much? Mr. Kang shook his head. Think about it, I bet half of Xiaobos momentum and drive is because of that girl! Why should we intrude on that stuff? If Xiaobo really does succeed then Fens the hero, and at that point we cant let Xiaobo break up with her even if he wants to! On the other hand, if shes a weight in Xiaobos journey, then well have to split them up at all costs!

Youre making sense, as always- youre right, youre right. Mrs. Kang nodded. Well keep quiet, then!

It was nighttime when Kang Zhaoming made an amazing discovery- he started to have diarrhea and vomiting problems, horrifying the Kangs, who thought hed gotten poisoned!

Dad, I told you that Kang Xiaobo’s up to nothing good, hes sent us poison! Cuipus eyes were red as he watched his son suffer, filled with an urge to go murder Xiaobo that instant.

Miracle Doctor Kang frowned as he looked at Zhaoming in bed, confused. Had Xiaobo really thrown all considerations out the window and just walked up with poison disguised as a medicine gift?

Zhaoming, how do you feel? Do you need to go to the hospital? Miracle Doctor Kang asked, not unworried. He didnt love this younger grandson as much as the elder one, but he was still his grandson! It was only natural for the doctor to feel pain as Zhaoming suffered.

Grandpa Zhaoming squeezed out a smile on his pale face. …I feel like My bodys not mine anymore Like its floating If I die today Would I be considered the Kang houses hero..?

You cant die- youre already a hero of the family!! Miracle Doctor Kang exclaimed, moved. Whether or not this medicine proves effective Ill still reward you with a five percent share of the family business!!

Thanks grandpa But I might not need it anymore Give it to my dad Zhaomings sentences werent connected anymore.

Dont scare me, Zhaoming! What use are shares if youre dead?! Cuipu was nothing but frightened by the words- he pounced onto Zhaoming the next second. Zhaoming, lets go to the hospital! We cant let you go on like this!

Zhaoming only blinked at Cuipus panic. No I cant If I go to the hospital people will know I cant let them know about How we picked Kang Xiaobos pill back from the trash Theyll laugh at us I cant go to the hospital Even if I die We cant The Kang family cant be humiliated like that

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Zhaoming was actually feeling pretty uncomfortable, but he understood that he wasnt in any serious trouble at all- he felt like his body was floating, but the floating was actually a different kind, a pleasant one, as if the dirty stuff inside him had been expelled from his body It was a refreshing sort of floating!

5 percent shares, what the fuck

fluctuating around 2350


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