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Chapter 398 – The Attitude of Xiaobo’s Parents

Jianwen and Taizao, and Ganglous phones had been swiped by Lin Yi earlier- they were currently fully isolated from the outside world, unable to contact anyone even if they wanted to.

Lin Yi didnt know if that weird medicine of theirs would be effective, but even if it wasnt the bastards should be in quite a fright at the whole situation.

Jianwens driver respectfully saw Lin Yi off, making sure hed safely entered the villa before departing.

Shield Bro, youre back! Hehe, Yao Yao missed you just now! Yushu moved over happily to greet Lin Yis return.

Shu, what are you saying? I would never miss him! Mengao frowned. I just asked you to make a phone call and see if he got beat up!

Ah So did you want me to get beat up? Lin Yi asked with a smile.

I Mengyao wanted to say of course she did- that was what she was thinking when she said yes to Lin Yi

s dinner with Jianwen, after all, hoping she could get back at Lin Yi through Jianwen. It was his own fault for peeking at Yushu and her wish notes!

But now that shed gotten over it, Mengyao didnt really hope for Lin Yi to be the sucker anymore Shed rather see how Lin Yi had messed with Jianwen.

What does it matter what I want if youre already home and clearly safe! Mengyao said faintly.

Haha Lin Yi had long since gotten used to the Miss being dishonest with her words- he left it at that with a smile. Heres a video for you guys- Im gonna go take a shower, wash off the alcohol stink those guys got on me.

Another video? Ooh, nice! I thought there wouldnt be one this time. Yushu excitedly took Lin Yis phone and started the most recent video in the file

Mengyao mightve seemed uninterested, but leaned her head over when Yushu played it anyway.

Lin Yi went back into his room for a shower as Mengyao and Yushu watched the video on the sofa- they could see Lin Yi in a beer battle with four other people, much to Yushus surprise. Woah, Yao Yao- Shield Bros so good! Look at how much hes drinking!

Whats so good about drinking? Mengyao curled her lips. Mom wouldnt have left us if dad didnt drink with his clients every night!

Come on, Yao Yao, its different Hehe, I think Shield Bro looks so cool, the way he drinks! Yushu disagreed.

Shu, youre so lustful! Mengyao scolded.

Nono, Im just saying Ha, just pointing that out, okay? Yushu said as she shook her flushed cheeks.

Mengyao wasnt showing it on her face, but Lin Yi messing with Jianwen, Taizao, and Ganglou like that made her want to smile- it was especially amusing when Taiwei spat out blood, it seemed to be straight out of a comedy, surprisingly funny instead of terrifying!

Yao Yao, I remember that one guy spitting blood out like that in Tang Bohu Lighting The Spring Incense, right? Yushu said after thinking about it.

Yeah, I think so! It was that advisor, right? This Yang Ganglous an advisor too, and Lin Yi got him so angry that he just fainted! Mengyao had to admit- Lin Yis words were quite hurtful, even if it only limited to those involved. Any outside spectators, however, would find it quite entertaining and satisfying.

Mengyao and Yushu were quite speechless when the blow up doll scene came up- This Jianwen and Taizao were too much 

But Mengyao felt surprisingly comfortable after Lin Yis departing line, saying that he was leaving the doll for them to use- it seemed like Lin Yi wasnt that big a pervert after all, being uninterested in blow up dolls and all

Yao Yao, what does a blow up doll look like? Ive never seen one, maybe we should go see for ourselves one day? Yushu suggested curiously.

Of course not, whatre you saying! Mengyao said speechlessly as she gave Yushu a glare. How are we supposed to go into those adult stores in the first place, arent you embarrassed?

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Oh Then lets have Shield Bro bring one home for us to study? Yushu said after some thought.

No way, what if he uses it when were not looking! Thatd be so disgusting! There was no way Mengyao would agree to that.

And that meant no blow up doll for Yushu- not much she could do about it.

Xiaobo headed back home feeling nervous, but what puzzled him was the calm in the house! Where was the storm that was supposed to be waiting for him? Hed been prepared for a scolding and lecture after getting back, after all.

Youre back, Xiaobo? Mr. and Mrs. Kang were both seated on the sofa- they had strict looks on their faces, but no anger at all, much to Xiaobos surprise.

Dad, mom, Im home Xiaobo nodded. Went to the bookstore, got lost in the books there, sorry Im late

Bookstore? What books did you buy? Mr. Kang asked after seeing the bag in Xiaobos hand.

Some books about business management Xiaobo didn’t plan on hiding it- this was stuff his parents would eventually have to know, might as well tell them beforehand in case they couldnt accept it in the future.

Business management? Mr. Kang couldnt help but frown at that. Whyre you buying books about business instead of school books? Arent you aiming too far? Did you get inspired today at the birthday feast and think you can start a career by doing business? You didnt even get into university yet, whyre you looking at business management, even? Even if you learn all that do you think youd get hired by a company? Even if a company did want to hire you youd still be a small staff member, and thats a position for college graduates- and youre not even in college yet!!

Mr. Kang owned a small restaurant- it wasnt doing too well or too bad, but from that he understood how hard it was to make a living. He had to give Xiaobo this lecture after hearing him talk about learning business management.

Thats right, Xiaobo- that stuff between you and that lady, dad and I arent accepting it but were not rejecting it either, so you dont have to rush into that mindset of starting a career to prove yourself. Mrs. Kang said a little worriedly.

Dad Mom I do have a company that wants me, but Im not good enough Xiaobo explained helplessly after seeing the misunderstood looks on his parents faces.

A company that wants you, but youre not good enough for? Mr. Kang blinked. Xiaobo, what do you mean? Why would a company want you when you dont know anything?

Yeah, my boss is starting a medicine company, and he asked me to go help him But I dont know anything, so I need to start learning! Xiaobo said, smiling bitterly with a wave of his hand.

Boss? Whos your boss, is it that kid who was with you today? Mr. Kang paused. He wants to start a company? What kind of company? You shouldnt charge into stuff like this blindly, how big could his company even be? Dont go for all that and ignore college- youll really regret it!

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