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Chapter 394 – How Do You Want It?

Is that so Its alright, lil bro Lin, just say it- Ill keep that in mind next time! Ganglou was quite pleased with himself- so even Lin Yi knew it was pointless? Certainly, it was too late!!

I was gonna say that you should drink less if its too much- you didnt have to drink half, just a third was enough Lin Yi said.

Wha?! Ganglou was so pissed the alcohol started rushing along with the blood up into his head, almost making him faint- one third? One third?! Why couldnt he have said so earlier, why couldnt he have told him from the start why

Jianwen, Taizao, and Taiwei, on the other hand, were feeling both compassionate and irritated. Lin Yi definitely had the time to say that, he couldve very well have said it as Ganglou was in the middle of drinking, too, instead of waiting for him to finish. He was being slow on purpose!

What was for sure was that Lin Yi was messing with Ganglou! It didnt matter how much Ganglou drank, hed still say something to get to him and piss him off!

As the saying went, the observers had a clearer view compared to the participants! It was something that even Jianwen could see, and Ganglou, despite being a military strategist, couldnt! He kept thinking that he was a military advisor, someone with more brains than the commoners, born to be setting traps and messing with people But here came a day where he failed to be one step above Lin Yi- the experience definitely hit him hard.

Hed drank a whole half bottle when he didnt need to, like a total idiot- and he dared call himself a strategist?! Ganglous eyes started fading as the rage and alcohol hit his head, making  him fall right onto the table, unconscious.

Jianwen only frowned at that- wasnt this guys mental fortitude way too weak..? How was he supposed to be a military advisor with that level of mental strength?

Yet, even with everyone taking turns drinking with Lin Yi, the guy was still absolutely unfazed after even six bottles of vodka! Was he raised in a pool of alcohol?? 

But Jianwen wasnt planning on giving up that fast- now that theyd gotten into it, there was no way hed stop here, itd be like admitting defeat to Lin Yi!

Fuck! If no one would learn of this defeat, he really might as well just take it and deny it should it be brought up in the future, but that Lin Yi was waving his phone around, most likely recording everything that was taking place! His image would collapse completely by the time Mengyao saw the footage!

Lets continue! Taiwei gritted his teeth- the Sus werent as strong as the Ans, and he had a lot of things he needed to rely on An Jianwen for in terms of business His own cousin was one of the Four Young Masters of Songhan, but his influence was still far from the An familys, who had reach even in the entire province! The Su familys influence was only limited in Songshan alone!

And so, one look at that hesitant and troubled look in Jianwens eyes, and Taiwei decided to grit his teeth and toughen up.

Haha, I was hoping thered still be a contender! Lin Yi looked at Taiwei, thinking that the guy sure was putting himself on the line.

Taiwei opened a new Maotai bottle, but hesitated for a while. One third

His limit was five bottles, but that only applied to slower drinking speeds, the way normal people drank! He wouldnt last long chugging vodka down like that, especially when his stomach was hurting- he had to show his weakness at this point, and decided to ask if it was alright if he drank by the one third method Lin Yi had mentioned earlier

But Lin Yi didnt give him that chance to speak. Youre good, Wei Bro, unlike that weakling- who faints after half a bottle?! Youre different, Wei Bro, youre a real fighter, chugging from the lid! Of course youre Wei Bro, youd be Weak Bro if you couldnt do that much, am I right?

I Taiweis face went green- could the fucking shit wait until he finished talking?! Could! He! Fucking! Wait?!!! Taiwei wanted to curse, but Lin Yis stimulating words had gotten to his head already- there was no way hed talk about the one third thing now, thatd make him Weak Bro! Without much of a choice left, he took on a challenge. Alright, but I might not be able to drink it as fast- I hope youll understand!

Haha, its fine! Lin Yi laughed and gulped his vodka bottle down.

With a sigh, Taiwei followed suit, raising the vodka bottle to his lips and drinking it mouth by mouth, even taking a couple of breathers in between until he finally finished the whole thing He was almost at his limit already.

He looked at Lin Yi to see him still completely unaffected, not a hint of red or fatigue in his face, much to Taiweis dismay. Whyd he pick a fight with this pervert, the guy was sick!! Beer battle? Hed rather battle eating shit at this point if hed know what the hell he was up against!

Are we still continuing..? Taiwei couldnt really take it anymore- hed drunk four bottles already, and while five was his limit, hitting that limit resulted in him vomiting. He couldnt go there yet- he still had to hold it in.

Nope, were not. Lin Yi shook his head, much to Taiweis relief. Jianwen and Taizao let out a breath of relief as well, but found it curious- why was Lin Yi stopping here? Could he also be at his limit? Was that even possible? But they couldnt care about that anymore, as long as they got to stop! Who gave a shit if hed reached his limit or if hed learned to be kind all of a sudden!

Thats a good idea, beer battles like this is pretty meaningless- chugging bottle by bottle, how boring is that? Taiwei chimed in.

Thats true, its boring- thats why I decided to stop. Lin Yi smiled. Why dont we play something more interesting?

What What would that be? Taiwei felt something off upon seeing that sunny smile on Lin Yis face- had he fallen into a trap? What did Lin Yi want?

Waiter, get us some red wine! Lin Yi shouted to outside the room.

Oh? Red wine? Taiwei blinked, surprised but overjoyed- Red wine had a much lower concentration than vodka! Hed be able to hold out a while longer if they battled red wine.

Taiwei was thinking that Lin Yi was almost at his limit, as well- hed drunk four, but Lin Yi had gulped down seven! That was a lethal number, the guy was fortunate to still be standing!

Perhaps Lin Yi was better at hiding it, making people think he was fine when he actually wasnt? Why would he ask for a sudden change for red wine if that werent the case? Worried Lin Yi might change his mind, he quickly called out to the waiter. Waiter! Hurry up with that red wine!

Yes, coming! The waiter came into the room with a crate of red wine right from the get-go, since hed been asked for crates with the vodka and beer as well.

Jianwen and Taizao breathed out in relief as well- theyd been pretty worried that Taiwei couldnt go on and even faint, but all that was fine now that they were battling red wine. Taiwei would definitely still be able to hold on for a while.

Jianwen placed two bottles of red wine on the table, one for Lin Yi, and the other in front of Taiwei.

So tell us, how do you want to drink it! Taiwei was being pretty bold this time around- red wine was nothing concerning to him at all, he could still take two of those, let alone one! He was feeling pretty confident about this second round.

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Chapter 394