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Chapter 393 – Wait A Minute

Pfft-!! Jianwen sprayed the vodka out just when it looked like he would finish chugging the bottle- he couldnt hold it in anymore and started coughing. Gack Gack

Jianwens tears were shooting out from the intensity of the vodka already- hed never chugged anything down so quickly before, and even with his tolerance his throat and stomach couldnt handle all that immediate volume.

Jianwens face was pale as he continued coughing, with Taizao and Ganglou patting his back continuously It wasnt a while later until Jianwens face looked healthy again.

But it was clear now he could no longer continue, considering the situation he was in! A hint of toxic rage flashed past Jianwens eyes as he looked at Lin Yi- this dude was hunting tigers in pigskin!! Hiding his drinking capability like that Jianwen wouldnt have employed this move if hed known sooner!

You alright there, An Bro? Shall we continue? Jianwen almost started coughing again from Lin Yis words!

Continue?! He didnt want to die!! 

Jianwen wasnt looking very happy that moment- he wanted to go up and strangle the life out of Lin Yi! What was wrong with him, asking to continue now that he was like this? Did he want him to drink himself to death??

At that moment, An Jianwen forgot that hed planned on making Lin Yi drink to death.

Jianwen was in a difficult position here- hed invited Lin Yi today to teach him a lesson, only to be faced with Lin Yi himself as an obstacle to that lesson! If he gave up now, itd be an utter disgrace for him, especially considering how Lin Yi had his phone out just now! Jianwen knew for sure that the guy had recorded the scene of him choking!

Humiliation, dissatisfaction, anger, hatred All those emotions went through his mind in an instant. He couldnt lose to Lin Yi here, he couldnt! Mengyao would laugh herself silly if he just left this as it was!

Hed planned on punishing Lin Yi, but he was the one getting punished! How was he supposed to live as one of the four Songshan Young Masters if word got out? It was especially so when this second time was supposed to be revenge for getting set up the first time!

How was he supposed to walk this second time off??

Let me do it! Taiwei could obviously tell from Jianwens changing expressions that the guy couldnt handle anymore- the best drinker here was Su Taiwei, and there wasnt anyone who could battle Lin Yi other than him at this point.

Hopefully Lin Yi would only be a fast drinker, but one with a lower drinking capacity than him. Taizao started thinking things through- he could take around five bottles- Surely Lin Yi wouldnt be able to do the same without anything happening to him!

Alright. Lin Yi answered crisply. Can you keep going?

Of course! Taiwei smiled coldly- the guy was getting too cocky. Did he think hed continue standing after five vodka bottles? Did he think he was one of those tumbler dolls???

(The pun on Weitais Wei Bro name came up again, and this time it didnt make sense and considering how last time it wasnt really funny I did some research- So apparently theres brand of a sex drug with the name Wei Bro Does It.)

Oh, Im sorry, I forgot youre Wei Bro. Of course you can keep going, youre Wei Bro, after all. Lin Yi opened the vodka bottle in front of him and waved it up and down in front of Taiwei.

FUCK! Taiwei cursed but took his own bottle, chugging it down with Lin Yi.

Fuu Taiwei breathed out slowly after finishing the second bottle- he felt his body heating up as if it were on fire. He was about to grab some vegetables from the dishes to contain it a little, but couldnt bring himself to do it!

This was because Lin Yi was still there, composed as ever, a faint smile on his lips as he recorded him with his phone!!

Taiwei held himself back- hed lose face if he went for the vegetables now.

Taiwei, why dont you have something to eat first? Werent you complaining about how hungry you were earlier- now that the dishes are here, eat them while theyre hot. Taizao had long since realized that his cousin wasnt in very good condition- he had to help him out here.

Taiwei quickly turned to Taizai. Thats right, I came here on an empty stomach! Well, Ill help myself then.

With that, Taiwei started stuffing food into his mouth

Lin Yi looked at the Su cousins little teamwork with disdain, but kept it to himself as he spoke faintly. Since Wei Bros gone soft- I mean hungry, would you like to take his place, brother Taizao?

Alright, Ill drink with you! Taizao nodded. But Im not a very good drinker, haha Here, why dont you take the bottle in one go, and Ill do it in two?

Taizao had seen how things ended with Jianwen- he wasnt as strong a drinker as Taiwei was, and was around the same level as Jianwen. Rather than embarrass himself by overflowing his mouth with alcohol, he might as well generously admit his lack of drinking capability, and down the bottle in two attempts.

Alright, no problem! It wouldve been fine if you just drank half of it! Lin Yi found these two cousins to be quite shameless indeed, but still decided to speak generously.

Taizao was bursting with regret at that statement- it was fine if he drank half?? Couldnt he had said so earlier, he wouldnt have to drink the whole bottle in two instances then! But as shameless as Taizao was, he was still reasonably shameless. There was no turning back at this point.

Lin Yi kept a straight face as he chugged down the vodka while Taizao took it in in two portions. He wasnt spraying the vodka out like Jianwen had, but he wasnt any better off.

With that, he stayed in his chair, unmoving, evidently choked by the vodka from how red his face was looking- his eyes were wet as well as he held the coughing in, sitting there quietly like a sculpture.

In actuality, Taizao wasnt moving because he feared the alcohol would come bursting out of his mouth if he did.

Wei Bro, your cousin doesnt look too good- youre still a lot more powerful than he is, Wei bro! How about it, shall we continue? Lin Yi looked at the Taiwei who was frantically taking the window of opportunity to eat.

Alright, lets continue! Taiwei nodded as he wiped his mouth- he was slightly more recovered now that hed eaten so much. He should be able to chug one more down, but one thing he understood now was that Lin Yis drinking capability was above his For the man had chugged down four bottles already!

Lin Yi drank his fifth bottle without a hitch, and Ganglou stepped up to the challenge with some shameless words as Taiwei rested himself. Ill drink half- Im not much of a drinker! Cheers!

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With that, Ganglou quickly raised his bottle and took half in, as if he were afraid that Lin Yi might not allow it

Wait a minute Lin Yi hadnt finished when Ganglou placed the bottle down, having finished his half already.

Oh? Whats wrong, lil bro Lin? Ganglou felt like hed dodged a bullet there- if hed been half a step slower Lin Yi wouldve went back on that offer! After all, what he said to Taizao earlier was just to piss him off, he wouldnt just let Taizao go like that!

And so, Ganglou was quite excited at his intelligence- that was what he was, after all, he was a military advisor, someone with brains! Now that he was finished there simply was nothing LIn Yi could do anymore, nothing he could say! Well? Well?!!

Man, I guess theres no point if youve finished drinking. Lin Yi sighed.

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Chapter 393