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Chapter 392 – Drinking Right From the Bottle

Ugh Ganglou wasnt expecting that from Lin Yi- he looked to Jianwen, unsure of what he should do.

Jianwen wasnt concerned- he still had Taiwei as a trump card, and there was simply nothing for him to be afraid of! What he should be afraid of was that Lin Yi wasnt drinking, but now that that wasnt the case he had all he needed to get Lin Yi in the hospital!

So thats why lil bro Lin didnt drink much last time- the red wine just wasnt concentrated enough! Jianwen was enlightened- so that was why Lin Yi was unhappy, the guy was pissed at Jianwen for not letting him drink to his hearts content!

Jianwen had been trying to figure out time after time again- why did Lin Yi set him up? He had no qualms with him, so why would he do that in the first place? He was Mengyaos bodyguard, not her boyfriend Pengzhan hired him to make sure Mengyao was safe from harm, so why should he care if Jianwen was chasing her or not?

A preconceived grudge? That was even less likely- if that were the case Lin Yi wouldnt even have saved him in the theme park! 

Jianwen, as a result, couldnt understand why Lin Yi would want to set him up at all! This was the only plausible explanation.

After all, Lin Yi had accepted the invitation as a savior- it was only natural hed grow a grudge if Jianwen limited his drinking pleasure, that was why hed tried relieving some of that frustration!

There were a lot of coincidental factors last time, too. Firstly, Lin Yi wouldnt have known about Cihuas presence in the building, nor was he aware of their plans of getting him some sex workers beforehand Everything had happened suddenly, with no planning or design whatsoever- it was especially so that Lin Yi never plotted the setup, that it was all something that came to mind that very night!

Naturally, Jianwen was very heavily underestimating Lin Yi- the guy didnt need to plan anything when killing, let alone setting someone up for a beatdown.

Hah Lin Yi laughed faintly, his face telling Jianwen that hed finally figured it out.

Jianwen was then convinced that hed come to the correct conclusion after seeing that face- Lin Yi hadnt experienced the proper drinking hed come for last time!

Ganglou, the vodka! Jianwen ordered.

Alright, An Bro! Ganglou sped out the room and gave some orders to the waiter- he didnt have to say much since everything had been planned out already.

Right after Ganglou returned, a waiter followed with three bottles of Maotai alcohol, along with some dishes Everything was evidently prepared beforehand.

Lin Yi felt that this Jianwen had malicious intents because of that- there hadnt been a single dish when the beer was served, and while hed called it quenching their thirst, drinking beer on an empty stomach was the most damaging to the body and also the easiest way to get drunk!

Lin Yi guessed that he was the only one here who hadnt had anything to eat beforehand.

He smiled coldly at that. It seemed like these bastards wanted more than just getting him drunk- they wanted him to drink himself to death! Lin Yi decided to respond by getting them to drink themselves to death first.

Three Maotais? Thats not enough to split, is it? Lin Yi said as he eyed the alcohol in the waiters hands.

Oh? Jianwen blinked- hed been worried that too many would frighten Lin Yi, since vodka was different from beer After all, people drank beer by crates, but who the hell would do that with vodka? However, now that Lin Yi had spoken, Jianwen naturally wanted to go with his will. Another crate!

The waiter quickly nodded and went for more vodka.

Ganglou was just about to get glasses for the vodka that had just come on when Lin Yi stopped him with a wave of his hand. Pouring it out is a lot of trouble- lets just drink right from the bottles!

From the bottles..? Jianwen and the group didnt know what to say- theyd never heard of drinking vodka right from the bottle, despite being veterans in this field! Theyd been in their share of beer battles before, but a battle that intense was admittedly a little scary.

Yet just because Jianwen, Taizao, and Ganglou havent heard it didnt mean Taiwei hadnt as well- his family ran an alcohol business, and hed met and interacted with fellow businessmen of the same industry who were as veteran as they got. It wasnt uncommon for people like that to show off drinking directly from the beer container at food stalls.

Taiwei had to go out with these businessmen and join them in events, including food stalls at one of them.

Looks like youre a master yourself, lil bro Lin! Taiwei wasnt too surprised at the statement- while it did make him treat Lin Yi more seriously, it still wasnt something thatd concern him.

All those businessmen were well versed in alcohol- all of them were masters and veterans of drinking! Thered been so many contracts signed on the drinking table with Taiwei, and it was because of that that he treated Lin Yi with just a tad bit more respect.

Alright, looks like Wei Bros a fellow fighter! Cheers to you! Lin Yi took the initiative this time, opening the lid of the Maotai vodka and gulping it down right away!

Wha-?!!! Not only Jianwen- even Taiwei himself was taken aback!! Making a toast and chugging down an entire vodka bottle? Wasnt that going a little overboard?

Taiwei had done the same thing with those businessmen and clients before, drinking right from the bottle, but They didnt gulp down the whole thing! They only chugged it after the many drinks that had emptied most of the bottle! Chugging a vodka bottle from the get-go was something Taiwei had never experienced before.

Yet, even so, a unyielding fire flared up within Taiwei- in the circle of Songshans young masters he was publicly recognized as the god of alcohol- this challenge from this nameless and unknown person wasnt something he could just let pass, especially when hed been ordered by Jianwen to get him hospitalized! Hed be letting the guy step on him if he didnt do something about this.

He chuckled coldly- a bottle of vodka wasnt much to him at all; his limit was around five bottles, and while chugging one down right away was a bit rushed, it was something Taiwei could very well take.

Taiwei boldly opened the lid of the vodka bottle and chugged it down the way Lin Yi did- as rushed as it had been, it didnt affect him much, his face returning to normal right after a brief moment of reddening.

But that was all on the surface- he was feeling pretty uncomfortable in his stomach. After all, anyone, veteran or not, would suffer from instantly taking an entire vodka bottle down. They were still human guts taking the brunt of the alcohol.

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Quality vodka. Lets go another round. Lin Yi tossed the empty bottle aside and held up a new one.

Ugh Taiwei wasnt expecting Lin Yi to resume the battle right after chugging a bottle down without so much as resting! He couldnt help himself from looking a little pale.

Ill do it! Jianwen frowned, not expecting Lin Yi to be a total alcohol tank. It seemed like todays plan wasnt that feasible anymore- just as the saying went, one would know an expert once the expertise was revealed!

Lin Yi remaining completely unfazed after chugging one vodka bottle down was proof enough- Jianwen now understood that Lin Yi was a true drinker!

Jianwen had the capacity for around two vodka bottles, but it was still a first to be chugging right from the bottle He toughened himself up as he put the opened bottle to his mouth…

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Chapter 392