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Chapter 390 – Getting Drunk Tonight

We didnt get to have fun last time- there was a small interruption, but this times different! This time were getting drunk tonight! Jianwen said as he pointed at a black Rolls-Royce. Please, get in!

Lin Yi nodded and seated himself in the car, and the driver waited for Jianwen to get in himself before starting it. It seemed like Jianwen had decided on and booked a place already, leaving only Lin Yi to say yes.

The destination this time was Starlight Hotel as well- Jianwen apparently wanted to get up where he fell down.

It was the same private room as last time, only housing more people today. Other than that Su Taizao was the feminine man, along with a Maitreya-looking fatty beside him. All three of them stood up upon Jianwens entrance, evidently looking to him as the leader figure in their group.

Mister Lin, youre here! Taizao came over and shook Lin Yis hands passionately, but a quick flash of toxic rage could be seen in his eyes. He mustve been finding it hard to swallow the rage from getting beat up with Jianwen before.

Haha, whats wrong with your forehead, Su Bro? Hm? I saw a plaster on An Bros forehead earlier too You guys werent playing some headbutting game, were you? Lin Yi was starting to talk like Yushu, now that hed spent so much time with her. Even he himself sweated at his creativity He could imagine the two charging up with their backs bent and butting their heads together

Taizao sweated at that as well, but was more pissed off than speechless- what kind of idiot would bump his head against another head for fun? The guy obviously knew what caused the plasters!

But theyd invited Lin Yi here today to drink- this wasnt the time to be breaking with him, and Taizao could only press down his anger with a smile. Hit it on a door accidentally, haha Lets not talk about that- Come, Mister Lin, get seated! Ill introduce you to these two bros!

Lin Yi nodded and sat himself down as Taizao introduced the fat Maitreya and the feminine man. The feminine man was called Yang Ganglou, and the fat Maitreya was Su Taiwei. Ganglous family did foreign trade, while Taiwei was Taizaos younger cousin.

Im really happy to meet you today, Mister Lin! Taiwei said. I heard youre Jianwen Bros savior, too- Im a bit older than you so I hope you dont mind if I call you lil bro Lin! So, lil bro Lin, how about getting drunk with us tonight?

Sure. Lin Yi nodded.

Ah? Taiwei blinked. According to Jianwen and Taizaos planning, itd unfortunately take some effort to fool Lin Yi, since they were now enemies- he wouldnt just go get drunk with his enemies out of nowhere!

And so Taiwei had prepared a ton of persuasion words for Lin Yi while Jianwen and Ganglou helped. Yang Ganglou was the military advisor for the younger Su generation, after all, and was pretty smart. Getting Lin Yis stomach upset today was his idea.

The group had decided to use the drinking as a gateway to get Lin Yi hospitalized; if it werent serious enough to get him to the hospital they decided to have some exciting events planned for him

But those were all plots hidden in the shadows- in other words, it wasnt an official revenge. 

As a result, even if Mengyaos side found out about this, nothing would be said at all. Jianwen was quite confident with his plot today.

But Lin Yis reaction took everyone by surprise- it took just one word from Taizao and Lin Yi agreed instantly! No one was expecting that at all.

Taiwei felt like he had a fish bone in his throat- all of his preparations had gone to waste, it was a huge pity! He had planned on throwing mountains of rhetoric at Lin Yi after his refusal, but none of that had any use anymore.

Lin Yi only smiled at everyones stunned expressions. Haha, as you all know, Im the Miss follower- I dont get to drink in the house most of the time, so Im kinda itching for it a little

Lin Yis words enlightened the group- so thats what it was! It was true now that they thought about it. Lin Yi was hired as Mengyaos follower and given a salary by Chu Pengzhan! He couldnt just drink all day, thatd be ridiculous.

It was natural then that Lin Yi would grab this rare opportunity! With that explained, the group relaxed, assuming that Lin Yi really planned on drinking himself drunk tonight, and that he wasnt planning anything.

Ganglou, go get some crates of beer for us to quench our thirst- bring the vodka right after that! Jianwen ordered Ganglou.

Drinking beer and vodka together got one drunk really easily- it was really damaging to the stomach as well, to the point where it could even cause internal bleeding and hemorrhaging. One had to admit that Jianwen was quite black-hearted to order a couple crates of beer to quench our thirst.

But Jianwens objective here was to make Lin Yi drink himself to death! If not death, then he had to at least get him drunk enough for some other plans! Lin Yi looked like he was quite a drinker, but that didnt worry Jianwen one bit. 

After all, Taizao, Ganglou, and Jianwen were all killer drinkers of alcohol! It was simply the case for the Songshan Young Masters; all of them had stunning tolerances!

The military advisor Yang Ganglou, as well- no one had to tell him to drink; hed do it all the time when at home on his own! Hed always drunk a tall bottle of highly concentrated vodka before thinking up plots and schemes against other people, too.

A drunkard like that was simply abnormal.

Of course, if even the three of them failed to outlast Lin Yi, there was still the final line of defense, an ultimate killer- Su Taiwei! He was an abnormality of the Sus, an absolute alcohol tank! He had more than just a high tolerance going for him- hed mastered a ton of dangerous drinking methods, like comboing wine with sprite, whiskey with cold red tea, beer with coke, or even wine, vodka, and beer all in one The list went on to prove that these lethal combos had no effect on the monster!

Other people would probably be finished after attempting the combos, but not Su Taiwei- the guy had practically been raised in a wine tank! His own father was in charge of the Sus wine business, so it was only natural that Taiwei would be so accustomed to it.

What did Jianwen have to fear with a trump card like Taiwei on his side?

It wasnt long before Ganglou came back with a couple of waiters, who placed crates of beer on the floor that had foreign letters printed on them.

Lin Yi took one look and got a little angry- werent these guys going too far? Theyd brought in highly concentrated beer! If some other less knowledgeable person had been in his position theyd be sent to the hospital after tonight!

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Jianwen called for some thirst quenchers, but the ones the waiters brought in with Ganglou were Tactical Nuclear Penguins! They were highly concentrated alcohol!

Tactical Nuclear Penguins had six times the concentration of average beer, and while it wasnt much to Lin Yi, it was more than ample to get a regular person wasted!


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