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Chapter 388 – Wishes of the Past

But I didnt mean to It wasnt my fault Lin Yi felt pretty wronged- why was this on him??

Accident? Who are you trying to trick! Mengyaos eyes were wide open. There was a lock on the chest, you had to unlock it to look inside!

Wha?! Lin Yis eyes went wide open as well as he turned to Mengyao. Chest? Youre talking about the chest?

What do you think, what could I possibly be talking about if not he chest? Mengyao wasnt pleased at Lin Yis act at all.

I thought You were talking about me seeing your thighs Lin Yi sweated.

Thighs? Mengyao blushed. Dont change the subject! That was just an accident, Im talking about why you broke the lock to the chest! Didnt you know how immoral it is to look at someones privacy??

Mengyao wouldve thought that someone had broken the lock if she werent dealing with Lin Yi- she knew exactly how easy it was for Lin Yi to break a small lock like that, especially considering how hed pulled open the gate near the villas storage when Yushu got stuck last time.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, was rejoicing- he breathed out in relief, thankful that it didnt look like Mengyao planned on tackling the subject. The lock she was talking about, however, wasnt something hed put on his mind at all. I wasnt the one who broke that lock, it corroded and broke because of how long itd been buried The chest could be opened directly

For real? Mengyao wasnt expecting that explanation.

Yeah You can go check if you dont believe me. Lin Yi smiled bitterly.

Ah?! Mengyao started panicking after Lin Yi explained himself, since there was no reason for him to lie, especially when this was something that could be verified by just walking outside.

Yushu ran out the villa before Mengyao could say anything, returning back with a broken lock a moment later. Yao Yao, look! The lock really is corroded, Shield Bro didnt do anything! See? I told you Shield Bros not that kind of guy!

Shu! Whose side are you on?! Mengyao wasnt too pleased with what Yushu was saying. Couldnt you have hidden that away? Thats evidence you couldve gotten rid of!

Oh. So should I throw it away now? Yushu asked weakly.

Mengyao realized that Lin Yi was still watching them after she said the words out of her panic and frustration- she couldnt help but blush in embarrassment. I wasnt serious! Come on, lets go upstairs!

Oh Okay Yushu nodded, giving Lin Yi a smile before running up with Mengyao.

Lin Yi was confused- was that really the end of the scolding? Had the Miss finished with him? Lin Yi sure wasnt expecting to get off this easily, what a surprise indeed.

Shu, you embarrassed me so much! You dummy! Tell me, are you helping Lin Yi on purpose! Mengyao was quite furious- how did things turn out this way, now it was her who wronged him! She lost everything she had to scold Lin Yi with just when she was about to!

No I mean, I was just telling the truth Yushu said innocently. Yao Yao, did you want me to lie? Didnt you always teach me that only bad girls lied when we were younger

…… Mengyao waved a hand helplessly at Yushus change of subject. Forget it. Lets go upstairs!

Okay, I wanna see what kind of wish I wrote down when I was a kid! I dont even remember anymore. Yushu danced around excitedly as she quickly made her way upstairs

Which one of these sachets is yours again? Mengyao didnt know which of the sachets belonged to whom anymore- itd been too many years. They wouldnt have forgotten where theyd buried the whole treasure chest otherwise.

I dont know. Lets just open one each- its been so long anyway, we can see what each others wishes were. Yushu said.

Okay then Mengyao nodded after some hesitation, even though she wasnt really keen on letting Yushu learn about this secret of hers- she couldnt be trusted at all! Who knew if shed just run up to announce it to Lin Yi right after? Thatd be so humiliating.

But after thinking about it, Mengyao thought that it didnt matter anymore- she didn’t even remember the wish shed written down, and even if Lin Yi found out about it, it was still a childhood dream. Itd been so long anyway.

And so, both Yushu and Mengyao picked one sachet up each. They were stitched shut, quite delicately, now that they thought about it.

Their current mood, however, didnt allow for a luxurious opening of the sachets- the impatient Yushu decided that shed just charge in with a pair of scissors, slicing the delicate stitching and exposing the sachets contents.

Hehe, I got it first! Lets see who this one belongs to Yushu spread open the wish note with a smile on her face. The paper was slightly yellowed already, and the writing was old, but the words were still clearly imprinted. My wish is to live together with Shu and stay happy forever

Evidently, the wish belonged to Mengyao, who was very surprised herself as Yushu read out the note. She didnt think shed been this close with Shu since they were kids?

Yao Yao Im so touched Yushu usually messed around all of the time, but the contents of that wish note reddened her eyes- she couldnt help herself as the tears edged.

Hah, so you finally know how nice I am to you? Mengyao took the pair of scissors and opened her sachet, which was now obviously Yushus. My wish is to get married to Yao Yao and spend my life with her forever Wha-?!

Mengyaos eyes were wide open after going through the note- Yushu wanted to marry her?! Could there be something wrong with her sexual orientation? Was she a lesbian?

Uh..? Yushu was taken aback as well- she wasnt expecting for a wish this powerful. Yao Yao, were we an item back then? Why are our wishes so similar?

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Theyre not similar at all! Mengyao said speechlessly. How are they similar, theyre miles apart! If were talking about being an item then thats you, not me! I wrote to live with you, like how sisters can live together! Look at what you wrote, you said you wanted to marry me! Whats with that??

Ah?! No way! Yushu found it quite logical now that she thought about it- did she have something weird with her sexual orientation back then? She didnt remember Did she not like boys? But it felt like she did Shed felt something in her heart every time Shield Bro did stuff to her, after all, like when he kissed her and touched her boobs…

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