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Chapter 378 – Meeting A Fatty

But, just when Lin Yi was about to exit the ballroom, something else happened

Yixun and a middle-aged man were rushing into the ballroom just as Lin Yi was headed for the exit!

The middle-aged man was the owner of Moon on the Sea- Mister Tian. Hed originally come with Yixun to pay his respects- after all, he was the boss of the establishment where the celebration was being hosted.

But hed entered the ballroom to find, much to his surprise, people leaving the birthday feast already! It shouldve just begun, and the food hadnt even been served yet- why were there people leaving?

Yixun whispered in his year during his confusion. Mister Tian, this is Mister Lin.

Ah!! Mister Tian paused and took a closer look at Lin Yi- as expected, he looked the same as the photograph in the documents! He hadnt been paying attention before, but now that Yixun had brought his attention to it he started walking over with a kind smile on his face. Master Lin, are you leaving?

Ah Uncle Tian, right? Lin Yi guessed as the man walked over with Yixun. Im just attending my friends second grandpas birthday feast with him. Weve presented the gift, but it doesnt seem to be good enough for them- no point in staying and make a fool of ourselves.

Mister Tian frowned- Master Lins present, not good enough? Were those people out of their minds? 

But he didnt know if Lin Yi was on a mission or not- he didnt want to say too much, deciding to just nod instead. Then should I have someone accompany you to the exit?

Its alright, well go by ourselves. Lin Yi waved his hand and smiled.

Alright, call me or Li if you need anything. Mister Tian nodded.

The scene put the audience in even more of a shock- Mister Tian of Moon and the Sea was a celebrity in Donghais upper society, and here he was, being all respectful towards Lin Yi!

Just who in the world was this person?

A young master from a rich family? That seemed like the likely case

Miracle Doctor Kang, on the other hand, had the worst expression on his face- never would he have expected for Xiaobos friend to be someone of such background! He would never have let Zhaoming crush the pill if hed known Lin Yi were from a powerful family.

From the looks of it, that pill was authentic

Fuu Xiaobo let out a long breath after walking out the ballroom. He held his fists tightly- there was still adrenaline in him. Boss, that was the first time Ive felt something like that! I felt so proud! That look on my second grandpas face, and Kang Zhaoming! Their faces were all twisted, probably regretting crushing that Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing! What an idiot, hes in for it when he gets home!!

Haha Lin Yi patted Xiaobo on his shoulder. At the very least, Xiaobo had taken his first step today- hed become a true man!

Indeed, such a pity! If I had known that it was Mister Lin whod supplied the pill Id have run up and snatched it in front of everyone laughing! Tianyi said, clearly very regretful that the pill had to go down like that. What a crime it was, to waste something that heavenly!

Fen had been worried the whole time that Kang Zhaoming and his whole family would be shaming her with all their might, but it seemed that even someone like her got to look down on the Kangs from a higher ground!

When Xiaobo had spoken those cold words, too, telling Zhaoming that hed get him back for all the hurt hed caused Fen It moved her, excited her- Zhaoming couldnt even say anything, he just stood there blinking!

Thank you, Xiaobo Fen then turned to Lin Yi. Thank you Xiaobos boss

Haha, stop it. Lin Yi waved a hand. Were a family now, arent we! Xiaobo, the next thing Ill do is give you a stage for you to perform on. Youll be able to get on the same level as Miracle Doctor Kang, even go beyond him!

Really? Xiaobo froze, his eyes shining with hope. Hed never doubted Lin Yis words before- the really was but a mere expression of his shock. Boss, thank you! Trust me, I wont let you down

During Xiaobos excitement, a fatty came running out of the ballroom, puffing and panting as he made his way to the group. Bro Bro, wait Wait for me

Lin Yi looked at the panting fatty- what the hell? Whore you talking to?

Im talking to you, bro! The fatty ran up to Lin Yi and swooped down into a kneeling position. Bro, please! Sell me that Pill of Life Extension and Toxin Cleansing! Ill pay you anything! One hundred million- no, even five hundred million is fine!

…… Lin Yi didnt know what to say- what the hell was wrong with this fatty, charging out at him to purchase a pill? He thought it was real?

Bro, please, Im begging you! The fatty jumped onto Lin Yis leg and latched onto him after seeing his silence- he started sobbing and crying all of a sudden, tears and snot everywhere. Sell me one, please, Ill pay you anything Youll be the savior of this Fatty Lai if youre willing to sell me just one Im begging you

(In Chinese we can say I, Marcy, will or this Marcy here will in very smooth and natural ways.)

What the- just dont cry first! Lin Yi was at a loss for words- he wanted to ignore him, but this guy was crying out of nowhere! He looked really sad, too. He wasnt sure how to respond to a grown man crying and kneeling in front of him like that.

Bro, if you just promise me Ill stop crying Fatty Lai snorted his snot out- it dripped down Lin Yis pants, sending a chill down his spine.

Then why dont you cry to death. Lin Yi said, speechless.

Then if I stop crying youll sell it to me? Fatty Lai asked after abruptly stopping his sobbing.

Old Lai, what are you even doing? Just say what you need to say, whatre you doing crying like that? Tianyi spoke up, evidently an associate of the fatty.

Old Liu, Youre standing up straight without any hip pains, and youre dads all cured and healthy now Good for you, but my old mans still in a hospital bed Fatty Lai started sniffing and crying again at the topic. I asked you to tell me who the miracle doctor who cured your dad was but you wanted to keep it a secret! If I dont take this opportunity now Ill lose it again! You old fox!!!

Lin Yi understood what this was about now- this dude has a sick father as well, and had asked Tianyi who he knew about his father after learning of the cure Tianyi, not having Lin Yis permission, didnt dare just tell other people about him. This Fatty Lai must have quite a grudge against Tianyi because of that.

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But the fatty was no idiot- with only Xiaobos Pill of Life Extension and Toxic Cleansing and Lin Yis performance hed ascertained that Lin Yi was the one whod cured Liu Zhenhu!!

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