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Chapter 372 – Nothing To Be Done

Tang Yin thought shed imagined it, but as things stood that was clearly not the case. Lin Yi was the one whod hit him, but his hand was simply too fast and deft- no one saw him move.

Tang Yin was both shocked and delighted- Lin Yi was so evil! There was nothing Xiaozhang could do about the slap!

Its you, youre behind this! Xiaozhang was convinced that Lin Yi had hit him- his two swollen cheeks were proof of that! Captain Zhong! The tapes, check the tapes and see if its him!

Xiaozhang wasnt too dumb- as angry as he was, he still managed to remember the cameras.

Im sorry, but Im in charge of the gate security- I must reject your request! Old Sui had already decided to stick with Lin Yis side- he had to commit to that decision. Everyone here was watching, no one saw this mister hit you! Your request is very unreasonable. Are you saying that all of us are blind?!

I Xiaozhang wasnt saying that- he wouldnt say that aloud even if he did think that. He suspected that Lin Yi had used some method to catch their attention so as to cover his slap

Old Sui so youre gonna help these people cause trouble? Dingwei didnt have evidence, but he couldnt just let be what was happening here. He needed a different approach.

Im just telling the facts. I didnt see anything- neither did you, right? Old Sui said faintly.

Alright, Old Sui- did you know that Mister Zhu and Master Kang are both VIPs of our resort? Li Bro himself told us to keep them safe! Something happened to Xiaozhang Bro on your territory, so lets see what Li Bro has to say! Dingwei pulled out a walkie talkie and dialed in some numbers.

He was the same rank as Old Sui- both security captains. Dingwei had to get someone from the upper ranks to pressure Old Sui at this point.

Do what you want. Old Sui was nothing but overjoyed- this was the best possible scenario! Itd be a lot easier if Li Yixun came over.

Dingwei assumed that Old Sui was trying to act tough- he smiled coldly as he spoke into the walkie talkie. Li Bro, we have a problem at the ballroom entrance- someones attacked our VIP guest, and Captain Sui is defending the offender Alright, Ill wait for you!

Dingwei looked at Old Sui gleefully, thinking he was fucked.

Yixun got on a scooter and started heading to the location immediately- a beating was something serious, after all.

But he spotted Lin Yi on the way- after some hesitation he decided to give Lin Yi a greeting first.

This was a man Mister Tian solemnly reminded him to take care of multiple times- that could only mean two things: he was either a really important person, or someone extremely close to Mister Tian.

Mister Lin, what a coincidence! Yixun walked over with quick steps, his tone polite as he held out a hand.

Lin Yi accepted the handshake casually. Im attending my bros second grandpas birthday feast with him.

Yixun nodded, his tone still polite as he spoke. Alright then, Mister Lin- do just give me a call if you have any instructions!

Yixun assumed that Lin Yi was just passing by and headed for the ballroom- he didnt think much of it, but everyone present only stared blankly, Captain Zhong Dingwei included.

He now understood why Old Sui was blindly and blatantly on Lin Yis side- hed known all along that Lin Yi was the real VIP of Yixun!

It was clear as day what the situation was from the tone Yixun was using with Lin Yi- Dingwen looked at that wide smile at Old Suis face, very pissed off. Hed been set up!

Hed pleased Zhu Xiaozhang, but pissed Li Yixun off! Not a good trade in the slightest!

Whats the matter, Lil Zhong? Whos the attacker? Yixun turned to Dingwei after greeting Lin Yi.

Ah, Li Bro, so this what happened- this Zhu Xiaozhang guy or whatever said that I hit him, but I didnt, everyone here is a witness. But that Captain Zhongs saying that I did hit Zhu Xiaozhang. Lin Yi said faintly.

Oh? Yixun paused- he didnt expect for Lin Yi to be involved.

I can testify for Mister Lins words- everyone here was present. Li Bro, you can ask them yourself! Old Sui said confidently.

Lin Yi did slap him the first time around, but there werent a lot of people at the ballroom entrance, and Dingwei hadnt been there yet. No one would or could say anything as long as Lin Yi himself denied it!

But this second slap was different- there were other people spectating when everything went down, including Dingwei. Everyone could testify for Lin Yi- he never hit Zhu Xiaozhang!

Zhong, whats the meaning of this? Li Bros face darkened- something felt off, but Old Suis words were very believable. Nobody from the crowd was saying anything, as well- it seemed like Dingwei was lying.

I I Maybe I saw it wrongly There was no way Dingwei would still help Xiaozhang in a situation like this- itd be crossing Yixun!

Zhong Dingwei, I fucking gave you two thousand kuai! Saw it wrongly my ass! Xiaozhang exploded- his cheeks were fucking dumplings and still nobody believed him! Was there anything more painful than this? Was there??? Was there?!!

Ooh Laughter could be heard coming from the crowd- things wouldve been a lot better off if Xiaozhang hadnt blurted that out, since his face did look very swollen even if no one saw Lin Yi hit him.

Some were still suspicious of Lin Yi, but all that was gone the moment Xiaozhang revealed the bribe- it was now a fact that hed bought Dingwei with money before slapping himself, so as to frame Lin Yi together!

Yixuns eyes were frozen on Dingweis face. Go back to the security room and write down what you did wrong. Get out of my sight!

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Dingwei ran off with his tail between his legs, leaving a furious Zhu Xiaozhang alone.

Zhaoming wasnt expecting Lin Yi to have a background like this- him knowing Li Yixun was completely out of his expectations! Everyone in Donghais upper society knew who Li Yixun was- he may just be Boss Tians representative, but there was weight to his words.


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