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Chapter 371 – Another Slap

That brat, he hit me! Take him to the security room and beat him up! Xiaozhang said incoherently as he held his cheek. Hes here to cause trouble!

Zhu Xiaozhang was pissed- hed been Zhaomings lackey all these years, and so far no one dared to hit him! As the saying went, you needed to look at the dogs owner before beating the dog up! Of course people had to know it was Kang Zhaoming they were dealing with!

He was no idiot, too- he only asked the security to take Lin Yi away, leaving Xiaobo out of it.

At the end of the day, Kang Xiaobo was a Kang- he could humiliate him, but beating him up? Thatd be big news, and itd be difficult when Miracle Doctor Kang himself got involved.

Everyone knew how Miracle Doctor Kang was about his reputation and everything- it didnt matter what he thought of Xiaobos family branch, the important thing was that it looked nice and healthy on the surface. He wouldnt be inviting all of Xiaobos family over for his birthday if it werent for that.

The captain Zhong Dingwei took a look at Lin Yi to size him up- the guys clothes were low-class, and he didnt look like he had any connections or background. He didnt need to tread lightly with this one. Causing trouble at Moon on the Sea, kid? Youve got guts. Come take a walk with us, why dont you!

Lin Yi Tang Yin was getting nervous- she held on to Lin Yis elbow, hoping he wouldnt have to go. Hed beaten all of the Big Four up at school, but that was school and this was real society! These guards were clearly a hostile party Would Lin Yi be able to return if he left with them?

Lin Yi squeezed Tang Yins hand softly and whispered in her ear. Its alright- dont forget that I know their boss.

Tang Yins soft whisper weakened Tang Yins ear- her face reddened as she looked at him accusingly. He was still doing stuff like that to her in a time like this!

She was worried, but Lin Yi was right- he knew the owner here. There was nothing to be afraid of at all.

Dingwei wasnt very pleased- his face darkened as he whispered into the girls ear, ignoring him. This was a provocation! He was provoking him!

Youre a big shot, arent you? Cant you hear me talking to you?! Dingwen went up to pull at Lin Yis clothes, but it was just swung aside.

What in the world are you barking about?! Are you retarded? Did you see me hitting him? He hit himself, Im telling you! Lin Yi smiled coldly, his eyes slowly moving to the first captains hiding spot. Right?

The captain wanted to see Dingwei embarrass himself, but he didnt expect Lin Yi to pull him in for testament! He started sweating- he didnt want to piss Lin Yi off, but he did take Xiaozhangs money

Yet continuing in silence would piss both sides off without pleasing anyone!

The captain made a decision- he had beef with this Zhong Dingwei in the first place, what was the harm in helping Lin Yi out? He stood up and pointed at Xiaozhang. I saw everything, he hit himself! Zhong Dingwei, youre the ballrooms security so whyre you here messing with my job on the outside?

Ah?! Dingwei paused- Xiaozhang hit himself? Seriously? 

He looked at Xiaozhangs poisonous eyes and understood immediately. Of course he didnt hit himself, whod do that for no reason?

Old Sui, this doesnt concern you, so do you wanna be witness? You know who Mister Zhu Xiaozhang is? Hes Master Kangs Dongwei hadnt finished when Lin Yi interrupted him.

Dog, right? Lin Yi curled his lips.

Hahahahaha Xiaobo started laughing- it felt really nice! Lin Yi was still joking around in a situation like this, it felt so good! Zhaoming had always been stepping on him, bullying him, but the tables have turned with Lin Yis presence! The most miraculous part was that witness over there!

Xiaozhangs face turned red like beef, and Zhaoming wasnt looking too good either. He didnt know who this Lin Yi person was- how did he get that security captain to his side? Hed taken their red packet money!

Who do you think you are!!! Im not letting you get out of Moon on the Sea, youre not getting away! Xiaozhang was going into a craze- when had he ever suffered humiliation like this??

He was here to humiliate Kang Xiaobo and Lan Fen, not get humiliated himself! How was he supposed to walk with his head raised in Moon on the Seas upper society if he didnt do anything about this?

Another crisp slap sounded, but no one saw Lin Yi make the move this time around- it was Xiaozhangs right cheek that was swollen now, and the palm mark showed that itd been a left hand!

Lin Yis left hand, however, was holding Tang Yins hand.

You You dare hit me again?! Captain Zhong, you saw that, right?! He hit me! Take him back, theres witnesses, hes not getting away with this! Xiaozhang danced around angrily. You guys make sure not to let him get away, Ill teach him a lesson after the party!

Yet neither Zhaoming or Shubin said anything this time around Dingwei, on the other hand, was quite stunned and at a loss as well- the first slap was from Lin Yi, but where did this second one come from?

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Lin Yis left hand was clearly holding Tang Yins hand, everyone saw that! No one saw him make the slap!

Whats with you guys? Xiaozhang felt that something was off- Dingwei wasnt doing anything, and both Zhaoming and Shubin werent saying anything, either!

You really are a dog after all- you have a dogs IQ. Lin Yi looked at Xiaozhang with pity. Youre having delusions already- no one here saw me hit you, youre the only one who believes that. I dont think theres hope for you anymore. I suggest you buy some retard pills- going retarded might actually increase your IQ.

HAHAHAHAHA!! Xiaobo started laughing out loud- hed never felt so good before! That look on Xiaozhangs face and the reactions of everyone else was an absolute relief for him! Even Fen started smiling as she wiped the tear stains off!

Only Tang Yins eyes had a stunned shock in them- she didnt catch Lin Yi doing anything with her eyes, but she was sure she felt Lin Yis hand loosen for an instant…

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