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Chapter 370 – A Slap

Be it Kang Zhaoming, Zhu Xiaozhang, or Wang Shubin- all of them thought that Fen had come here by some sort of mistake, that she didnt know Zhaoming would be here.

The most surprising of all- Fen seemed to be Xiaobos girlfriend right now!

Fens whole body trembled in anger- she held on to Xiaobos hand tightly, her eyes filled with hostility and spirit.

Zhu Xiaozhang- Fen knew him, he was one of Zhaomings lackeys. Hed always be walking behind her when she was still with Zhaoming, calling her sis-in-law and talking sweetly to her Yet here he was, calling her a bitch!

I dont know you- who are you? Fen understood Zhaomings intentions right away after what Xiaozhang said- she now had absolutely no feelings left for Zhaoming!

Even if Zhaoming had just one slight shred of care for their relationship, he wouldnt have let Xiaozhang talk like that- his face as Xiaozhang spoke was concrete testament that Zhaoming never liked her in the first place- hed just been playing with her feelings! 

It hurt, but shed completely realized the situation- he was no lover of hers. He was a demon.

She never believed those rumors about Zhaoming changing his girls like he changed his clothes, but that expression on his face didnt give her a choice anymore.

Hoh? You trying to look high-class by denying everything that happened? Xiaozhang turned to Xiaobo. Kid, shes tricked you, hasnt she? Dont you know shes second-hand? Do you really want to take home something that our Master Kangs grown tired of playing with?

Thats right, Xiaobo- this is a woman Ive finished with, why would you pick her up? Itd be really embarrassing if uncle finds out! Zhaoming put on a kind look as he walked over. Dont be fooled by that pure look on her face, dont get caught in her net!

Kang Zhaoming, you shameless bastard!! Fen pointed a finger at Zhaoming, absolutely frustrated- she never expected for the guy to be this shameless! He was shaming her even after dumping her!

Shameless? Me? I disagree. Zhaoming shrugged. Some sluts just like to throw themselves at someone to be played with, hows the blame on me? Im just reminding my brother to be careful of sluts like that.

Enough! Xiaobo yelled- Fen was on the verge of tears already! Kang Zhaoming, youre the fucking worst! How could you talk about Fen like that, you were her first love! She gave you her love, everything, and look at what the hell youre talking about! Have some shame!

Hoh? So youre not even calling me cousin or bro anymore? For that slut? Zhaoming smiled coldly. First love? So what, its her fault for jumping in herself like an idiot, of course Id dump her after getting bored. Should I have continued feeding her? My familys rich but if I keep every one of the hundred girls I dump to feed, Ill go bankrupt!

Fen couldnt keep her tears back anymore- Zhaoming was too much, how could he say something like that? 

The last sliver of hope had been snuffed out. Even if hed told her that he didnt like her anymore, that they should break up, itd still be acceptable but

He called her an idiot for doing everything she did for him! The sadness overwhelmed Fen that instant.

Whats wrong with you, why would you talk like that? I knew you were a problem, I shouldve pulled you two apart from the start! Tang Yin was very angry herself. You have no morals!

Hoh? Whos this, isnt this Tang Yin?! Its been a couple of years, youve gotten even prettier! Whats this, your boyfriend? Wow Zhaoming looked at Lin Yi, a hint of jealousy flashing past his eyes. Hed went after Fen as an alternative after failing to get Tang Yin- his failure was something hed always been salty about. Look at that car hes driving! You sure got downgraded, Tang Yin. I didnt expect you to have such bad taste.

Thats right, why dont you come with Master Kang? Hell get you a two hundred thousand car tomorrow! Xiaozhang jumped out and started making promises. Theres no way youll have a future with that fuckface!

Lin Yi didnt want to involve himself with Xiaobos family affairs- it was his business, after all, and letting him handle it himself was the best route of action. Lin Yi was but a bystander who made sure Fens sickness didnt act up.

But that Zhu Xiaozhang was churning him into the problem and stepping onto his face! fuckface? Lin Yi wouldnt be Lin Yi anymore if he took shit like that to his face.

A crisp slap went across Xiaozhangs cheek, flipping him to the ground the next instant.

Xiaozhang cried out in a howl and tumbled on the ground after three spins before spitting two bloody teeth out, his cheek all swollen up like a dumpling.

Security! Security! Take them! Xiaozhang called out after snapping back to his senses- Lin Yi actually hit him!

The guard captain was currently far away, enjoying the drama between the two Kang parties when Lin Yi slapped Xiaozhang across the face! The problem here was Xiaozhangs cries for security

The captain was in a difficult position as he regretted not moving farther away from the chaos. He was at an impasse- him butting in would piss Lin Yi off, and he still didnt know what kind of relationship he had with Li Yixun It wouldnt end well, that was for sure.

Yet he couldnt just ignore Zhu Xiaozhang Hed just taken a couple of hundred kuai from him, so just breaking with them now wouldnt be right at all!

Xiaozhang was looking right at them, too! They were the resorts security, there was no way they could just ignore this.

Just when the captain was pondering his next action, another team of security came over- the leader was a fat captain. Xiaozhang Bro, whats wrong?

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The fat man was Zhong Dingwei, a security captain in charge of the lounge. Hed received a two thousand kuai red packet from the Kang family earlier, and served them the best he could.

The first security guard breathed out in relief as Dingwei came into the scene- he was actually pretty pleased with how things were turning out! He was never on good terms with that Dingwei Itd be pretty entertaining to see how Dingweis asskissing would turn out.

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