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Do you only pick on girls?! Lin Yis lips twitched as he looked at Baldy. I say, you guys arent after the bank at all, are you? It was just to cover you kidnapping Chu Mengyao!

Hmph, so what? Youre tied up in my car, you cant do shit! Baldy didnt see the need to hide anything at this point- to him, Lin Yi was just some ballsy guy under his mercy, he could very well do whatever he wanted to him! It didnt matter in the least that his objective was exposed.

You guys wont get far. The cops are gonna tail you, and youll all get screwed. Lin Yi explained to Baldy, a slight pity in his tone.

Yeah right, I have backup plans prepared! Baldy retorted gleefully. The cops are probably spinning around their heels right about now, tracking down the wrong cars, heh.

Is that so? Lin Yi was a little impressed. The guy had some brains, apparently- he wasnt a complete idiot. His biggest mistake, however, was his decision to pull Lin Yi along. Their operation now had no chance of success at all.

Song Lingshan, on the other hand, busied herself with maintaining contact with the other squads.

Team S, this is Liu Wangli of Team C1! The SUV has been spotted, licence plate A74110! Awaiting orders!

Trail them, and make sure they dont see you!


Song Lingshan let out a breath of relief. Hmph, think youre so smart. Didnt expect us to have officers stationed at all the junctions now did you? Lets see you get away now. Lingshan was quite pleased with herself, when a new report came in.

Team S, this is Zhang Xiaohang of Team C2! The SUV has been spotted, licence plate A74110! Awaiting orders!

What? Song Lingshan froze. Where did you see the SUV?

Center Ring Road! Awaiting orders! Zhang Xiaohang replied.

Center Ring..? Thats not right, C1s Liu Wangli reported it to be on the Peoples Road!! Lingshan was starting to get confused- what were these robbers doing, driving around in circles? Despite that, she issued the same order she did Team C1. Follow them, and make sure not to get spotted!


Team S, this is Sun Jiaxia of Team C3! The SUV has been spotted, licence plate A74110! Awaiting orders!

Again?? It was clear to Lingshan by that point- shed probably been had. Chances were, the enemy had multiple A74110 licence plates and SUVs prepared. Song Lingshan was not pleased.

How humiliating was it for her to have fallen for a trick like this? If only Captain Yang were here- hed have seen through the trap right from the start, while she walked straight into it!

At that moment, Team C4 called in for a report as well, only to be interrupted by Lingshan before he even got a word in. Did you guys spot the A74110 SUV too?

Affirmative! Weve spotted the SUV, what are your orders, Team S?

Tail it. Song Lingshan fell into despair- the other SUVs had served their purpose, and the real one was most likely far, far away by now.

Why are you kidnapping her? Lin Yi narrowed his eyes, curious. Money didnt seem to be the issue here, since these guys probably got themselves at least a million kuai from the heist.earlier. Were they unsatisfied, hoping for a larger fortune from Chu Pengzhan? Itd put them back in a risky position, should that be the plan.

Why? Good question! Baldy smiled as he pointed at the bags of cash near him. Its simple For money!!

Money? Lin Yi frowned. Kidnapping Mengyao, and using her to ransom the chairman for money?

Thats not your problem, is it? Baldy didnt like how Lin Yi was spitting questions at him.

Its the same, isnt it? Cant I at least die knowing whats going on? Lin Yis curiosity was backed by an innocent face- a face no one could refuse.

Baldy looked at Lin Yi. Perhaps he could let the kid in on what they were up to- hes a dead man anyway. Weve been paid to kidnap this Missy here!

What are you going to do with her?

Dunno, waiting for the phone call.

Who was the guy that paid you?

Dunno, Cihua Bro introduced him to us.

Whos this Cihua Bro?

Fuck! Shut the fuck up! Jesus, Ill kill you if you ask again!! Baldy had had enough of Lin Yis barrage.

Oh, okay. Then Ill kill you if you move again. Lin Yi said as he pressed a gun to Baldys temple.

Wh-?! Y-you. Baldys eyes were wide open- what the fucking hell was this? Wasnt the kid tied? And where the fuck did that gun come from?

The other robbers in the SUV were stunned as well- why was the kid pointing a gun at their boss?

H-how did you free yourself? Baldy didnt understand. Yes, he didnt understand! Werent both Lin Yis hands tied up?

Oh, you see, I was a bit of a dumb kid, and Id always tangle myself in rope when trying rope knots. I started to learn how to get myself out of those ropes after a long time of accidentally tying myself up. Lin Yi explained.

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…… Baldys jaw dropped. What the fuck? Trying out rope knots? Then Why do you have a gun..?

Its from that Ma Liu guy. Lin Yi pointed at Ma Liu, who was the closest to him.

Ma Liu patted his pocket- his gun was missing, and it was in Lin Yis hands.

Baldy went completely silent at that point- what the fuck was even happening? This kid was ridiculous! He then proceeded to curse Ma Liu and his ancestors.

Okay, okay, nobody move. I wouldnt wanna ruin your boss shiny head. Lin Yi said casually as Baldy sweated.

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